Trunk Spotlight: Add Electronic Signatures To Your Notes and Attachments With RightSignature

Posted by Mie Yaginuma on 25 Jul 2012

Posted by Mie Yaginuma on 25 Jul 2012

  • App/developer name: RightSignature
  • Platform: Web, iPhone, iPad
  • Price: Personal: $14/month, Business: $49/month
  • Type: Electronic Signatures

Mailing and faxing documents that require a signature often delays important decisions and requires you to either have access to a fax machine or have to make a trip to the post office. Services such as RightSignature make capturing electronic signatures a snap, and together with Evernote, let you create a paperless workflow that is efficient and effective. This integration makes it easy to get any note or document you have saved in Evernote signed and saved right back into your account, where you can access it from any device you happen to have on hand.

How it works

Quickly turn a note or document from your Evernote account into a signable form, send it for signature and save a copy to your account for your records. Here’s how:

  • Create an account in RightSignature and be sure to authorize your Evernote account.
  • Click Send a Document.
  • To choose a note you composed or a document you saved in your Evernote account, select Evernote from among the options.
  • Click on the Evernote icon. You’ll see all of your notebooks in a list.
  • Find the note or document you want signed and click to select.
  • Enter names and emails of the people you’d like signatures from in the People Involved section. You have the option of adding a description and instructions to accompany the email that will go out to your recipients.
  • Drag and drop fields for signatures, initials, checkboxes, or notes, as needed, right onto the note or document to create a signable form.

After you click Send for Signature, your recipients will receive a link to the form by email. After clicking the link, your recipients will be able to sign it using their mouse (from a desktop), or by touching the screen of an iPhone or iPad. You can send forms off for signature to anyone you wish, regardless of whether they have a RightSignature account or not.

Creating a paperless archive

All outstanding documents are saved as PDFs and visible from your RightSignature dashboard, where you can review their status. Once a document has been signed and sent back to you, your dashboard will be updated to reflect the action and a PDF copy of the document will automatically be saved to your Evernote account.

Having a record of signed documents in your Evernote account is helpful for a range of professionals including real estate agents, contractors, small business owners, and anyone working in sales. Not to mention, if you’re the kind of person that’s trying to cut down on the clutter of paper, using RightSignature and Evernote together helps you save the environment by printing out fewer documents, and make room in your office for things other than filing cabinets and boxes.

Have you tried using this integration? Let us know how it’s coming in handy in the comments.


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  • Dana

    This sounds like a great tool for teachers. I teach high school and have forms, permission slips, contracts, etc needing signing by students and parents. Only problem is the price, since the funds would need to come out of my pocket. Any possibility of having an educators price?

    • Julie McCann

      Hi Dana,

      Absolutely! Please email or call our support team to learn more: or 800.921.4250×2.

  • Dave Kennedy

    Monthly? You have *got* to be kidding. A one-time price in these ranges for personal and business software is reasonable, but monthly?

    There is no indication in either their FAQ or their Security page what happens when you stop paying? Will the document even be readable? Can the document’s signature still be validated after expiration of the signing account? Will the document continue to indicate it’s signed but if tampered with, will the signature also indicate it’s no longer valid?

    Companies come and go. What happens if RightSignature is purchased by another company and it decides to discontinue support for this implementation?

    These are pretty basic e-signature questions and one has to consider why have they not been anticipated and answered in the FAQ.

    GPG is a free alternative but requires a moderate degree of technical skill.

    • Julie McCann

      Hi Dave,

      Currently when you quit the service you retain access to your secure archive of all documents. All Evernote notes are also stored back in Evernote automatically. The Signature Certificate complete with audit trail still exists attached to the document and it is still one hundred percent legally-binding, just like a wet signature. The document is still secure and cannot be altered in any way from the moment it is signed thereafter.

      Please let us know if you have more questions as we are happy to answer all of them and show you a demo. Plus, sign up for a free, no obligation trial and you will see the true benefits of RightSignature…