Get into the Olympic Spirit with Evernote


Get into the Olympic Spirit with Evernote

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 26 Jul 2012

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 26 Jul 2012

The Summer Games are about to start, and we’re pretty excited to take in some of our favorite sports. No matter who you’ll be cheering for, or where you’ll be watching, you can get into the spirit with Evernote.

Here are a few tips to be a better Olympic fan with Evernote:

  1. Know the schedule. Don’t miss your favorite event by clipping the Olympic schedule to your Evernote account, where you can access it using any computer or mobile device.
  2. Keep track of the medal count. Following your country’s standings? Create a New Note and update it with the latest medal count.
  3. Organize a viewing party. Get all of your friends and family together to catch a big event. Use Evernote to create a guest list, clip recipe ideas, as well as inspiration for decorations. Check out our guide to planning an event with Evernote.
  4. Follow your favorite athletes and remember the big moments. It’s likely that records will be broken and once-in-a-lifetime stories will unfold. Capture the memories of these games by using the Evernote Web Clipper and Evernote Clearly to clip memorable articles to your Evernote account so you can relive them in the future. Small Business Ambassador Lindsey Holmes is using Evernote to capture various Olympics-related articles already! You can also use the Evernote Web Clipper and Evernote Clearly to clip bios and stats to your Evernote account.
  5. Get involved. In London for the games? Use Evernote to plan your daily itinerary. Don’t forget about using Evernote Hello to remember people you meet and the experiences you share together, and Evernote Food to capture the tasty food you eat along the way.
  6. Capture the sounds. Got tickets to a game? Pull out your phone and use Evernote’s audio feature to record some of the sounds of the games.
  7. Share your memories with friends around the world. Make a public London 2012 notebook. Fill it with your thoughts and share it with friends in other countries.

How are you using Evernote to get into the Olympic spirit?


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  • Chris Layne

    Hey I like the look of that schedule shown in the picture. What’s the source website for that?

    • Christopher Mayo

      Hi Chris. I think that schedule comes from the official Olympic site at

      If anyone creates a shared notebook, please let me (!/UffishMonkey) and Lindsey know (!/lindseycholmes) so that we can spread the word about your shared notebook. I’ve got a collection of these ( and would like to include some Olympic-related notebooks!

      Also, you might want to drop by the Evernote user forums to share how you are using Evernote with the Olympics (

  • yagendra meher bajracharya

    Im tryin this side