Evernote for Mac Gets Account Switching for Premium Accounts and More


Evernote for Mac Gets Account Switching for Premium Accounts and More

Posted by on 02 Aug 2012

Posted by on 02 Aug 2012

Today, Evernote for Mac (3.3) gets a bunch of new features, including a brand new Premium-only feature: account switching. Let’s take a look at all the new stuff.

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New Premium Feature: Account Switching

Evernote for Mac now lets Premium users quickly switch between different accounts without having to sign out and sign back in. You’ll find the Add Account… feature under the Evernote menu.

As a Premium user, you’ll be able to switch between one Free account and as many Premium accounts as you like. Whenever you switch from one account to another, the Evernote app screen reloads and displays the other account with all the notes that had synched the last time you viewed it. There’s even a keyboard shortcut CMD+CTRL+A to quickly switch accounts.

After the first time you sign in, Evernote won’t ask you to enter your password. If you want, you can always sign out of your account once you’re done using it. This feature is great for families and classrooms where a single computer is shared among several people.

LinkedIn sharing

We’ve added a new option when sharing a single note. You can now post a note to LinkedIn. Access the LinkedIn integration from the sharing arrow in the note panel.

New keyboard shortcuts

We’ve added one new keyboard shortcut and made another one more useful.

  • CMD+CTRL+K: This shortcut adds text strikethrough
  • CMD+Shift+D: This shortcut adds a date into the body of a note, and now also into the title

Checkbox improvements

You can now turn a bunch of lines into checkboxes at once. To do this, select all of the lines that you want to become checkboxes, then click on the checkbox option in the formatting toolbar.

And much more…

That’s not all. Here are even more features and capabilities that make this app a pleasure to use.

  • The List View now has a tag column
  • Activity Stream items are easier to click
  • Numerous stability improvements for Snow Leopard and Mountain Lion

All of these improvements are in addition to loads of fixes and improvements. Let us know what you think.

Two notes to Mac App Store users

If you get your Evernote updates through the Mac App Store, then you’re getting two updates in one today. Check out all the other great features that are included in your update in our recent Mac update post.

Also, the Mac App Store version of Evernote complies with new Apple sandboxing requirements that change the way apps work with other installed applications and core system functions. We have been able to test a variety of scenarios, but it is possible that users on older versions of Mac OS X will experience changes in functionality. If you have questions, please contact our support team.


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  • Chip

    Fantastic work on the updates! Hey, I just wanted to thank you for making such a phenomenal product. Evernote is literally changing the way we do business completely–making everything quicker, easier and much more effective. I’m even using it personally to make “shared notebooks,” with my family–and this has improved my time and teaching with them. I know you may not get to really interact with a lot of folks that use Evernote–but I really want you to know that we, the users, really appreciate what you do in putting together such a life-changing application. Thank you for what you do!

  • Sherry


    I could not agree more! Use it for business, personal, and trying to get all my friends and co-workers using it as well.

  • Richard

    Tag column for list view – awesome!!!!!

    • Mark Johannsen

      Agreed! That is great and long time in coming.

  • PrayerTime

    That’s a great update and thank you for that…I really wish Evernote bumps up closer to Google Docs in terms of letting us create a document or a spreadsheet. Many times I felt having a spreadsheet capability within Evernote would be quite handy. Right now I’ve been switching to Google Docs for my spreadsheet needs and I hate the overall experience of switching back and forth.

  • Rich

    Love love love this feature, but need to see it on iPad and iPhone too for it to be truly useful!

  • Brian

    Tags have their own column!!! Excellent, that alone makes this a must have download.

  • Ian Livesey

    Account switching? Goodbye every other note taking app I use.

  • Sandra

    Can Evernote for Mac work with Mountain Lion? I just upgraded from Lion.

  • Anubha

    Wow! Account switching, at last!!! Amazing feature…Thanks for bringing this in! I am not waiting for this to be integrated in the Windows Client as well….Evernote rocks! Great work guys! 🙂

    • Anubha

      I meant **now**, instead of “not”…
      Lolz 😀

  • Mark Goodson

    Well done! For me the best feature is the tag column in list view. This has been a long time coming… but it’s much appreciated. Almost sneaked in there with no fanfare!

  • JD Francis

    Seriously. You should have just called this the “list view tag column” update. Yay!

  • Pascal M.

    Will definitely subscribe to a second Evernote Premium account when this feature will be available on the iOS app as well.

  • dave

    When is a global news alert stream coming like drop box has. Showing somebody has made comments in a note so you know to look

  • Vincent Tendayi

    Do you have something which works like microsoft projects to be used on project management and program setting

  • Vincent Tendayi

    Do you have something which works like microsoft projects to be used on project management .

  • Rich


    Love Evernote, been using it over 2 years (roughly when the iPad came out), one for private and one for work. Irony is, although I’ve often thought about it have never upgraded because even the free Evernote is already so good. But account switching has me really thinking though, premium really offers some cool features now, which are quite justified being premium only. I think it’s time to try it out 🙂

    Just an aside; I often wonder who these people are and where exactly they come from who heavily rely on Evernote for it’s collaborative purposes. At work we use version control (git) for project files, a well known cloud service for less critical doc/file sharing needs and classic bug tracking system (Redmine) for issues and documentation (Wiki). If I suggested using Evernote for team use the immediate answer would be “What for?”. Yes, I know perfectly well myself what possibilities Evernote would open up (so nobody needs to tell me here), my point is that Evernote is widely known but, in my world at least, still a long way from being commonplace work practice – in contrast to other services e.g. Skype or Dropbox. So the question that often bugs me is simply, which world are you people living in, where all your friends and colleagues and even (it seems at times) the pet dog use Evernote and all collaborate together?

    The very idea of suggesting to my wife that she signs up to Evernote so that we can plan events, save recipes, keep a shopping list, etc. is for me laughable. She’d look at me like I haven’t got away from the computer for too long and seen the real world 😉

  • Kurt S

    If this is what I think it is, we’ll, it’s huge! I have been wanting an easy way to use two separate accounts almost since the day I originally became an EN user. All I ever heard from various Evangelists were reasons why I DIDN’T need two accounts (but, indeed, I do – accept it!) or the ominous advice that I’d be waiting a long, long time for an upgrade like that. I did wait a long time but I’m happy to see that EN listened. Thank you and, oh by the way, you’ve just earned yourself another Premium account subscriber.

  • anne

    today is november 17, 2014. is there still no way to toggle between two evernote accounts on the iphone app? still?