Evernote for iOS Update Makes Editing Notes Easier


Evernote for iOS Update Makes Editing Notes Easier

Posted by on 07 Aug 2012

Posted by on 07 Aug 2012

Evernote for iOS got a great new update. You can now edit a note just by tapping into the note’s body. The feature keeps track of where you tap in the note and places the cursor in the right spot. When you’re done editing, tap on the keyboard icon and the keyboard will slide away.

It may seem small, but it actually makes using the app much more efficient. Enjoy.

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  • Tim

    Awesome, this was a feature I was wishing for just yesterday! Thanks!!

    Any time frame on when we might get Stacks on the iPad?

  • Kaimana

    Finally. Keep up the good work. Love Evernote!

  • SavoryLife

    How about you buy Swype and bring it to iOS? Now that would make life easier!

  • eilonwy926

    Hallelujah! I’m so happy about this!

  • Michael Cayley


  • Erik

    Thank You!!!!

  • Chris

    Great update! Now please do something about the frequent crashing. I’ve had to delete and reinstall 5 or 6 times just to get it to load notes in tags.

    Is it an iOS version issue? Any idea what’s causing all the problems?

  • Dave

    I like it as I still use the ipad from time to time with Evernote. I would still love to see a push though to make the iOS version similar to that of Droid if its even possible.

    To me its a cleaner easier look to use Evernote.

  • JamesTCarpenter

    Thanks so much for this improvement! This is exactly what I have been hoping would arrive on iOS. Please try to add “page up” and “Page down” navigation at some point — hat would be “nice to have” — but not as great as this improvement.
    Thanks from a paying customer!

  • Lin

    After I installed the updates of Evernote on my iPhone yesterday, one of my notes that I extensively edited on my macbook did not sync with the iPhone. Even worse, seconds later, the extensively edited note on my macbook synced with the previous un-edited version of such note on my phone! I am sure you can imagine my frustration when I lost a whole day of work that way. At the time, I struggled to exit the “edit” mode and go back to “view” mode. Now after reading the blog, I realized this is exactly the update. I must have entered into the edit mode before the phone synced, which then somehow synced and erased the contents on my computer.

    I guess it would be nice if there is a pop up window to explain the changes after each update is installed too. Moreover, it would be great to have a “sync” button or some kind of indication of whether it is sync-ed on the iphone app to avoid confusion too.

    I have really loved using Evernote, as it has been very reliable. I have also got many poeple at work to start using Evernote as their working journals. Knowing this syncing problem now, I am scared to use my Evernote on my iPhone again. I would also start to export my notes regularly to avoid this situation. But it would be nice to have some kind of “fail safe” where data dont just get lost like that.

  • JB

    This latest update is soooooo buggy. It crashes on my iphone 4 every time I try to sync, or open a note, or edit the few notes that it will open. It doesn’t display all of the notes in my folders. I’ve had to just resort to using it online or my computer. The IOS version right now is basically unusable. Would love if this gets resolved.

  • Anton Watanabe

    I left Evernote a while back because of how unstable it was. Just downloaded this version and love the improvements. Still challenged with stability. Please fix stability issues please!

  • Ted W

    The App Store comments for this update have more than 50 reports of crashes and worse. Andrew, Andrew, what in the world is wrong? Please give us a response. PLRASE!

  • David

    I updated Evernote and it crashed 3 times just trying to edit a simple note on my iPad. No problems so far on the iPhone. Evernotes app store ratings have plummeted due to all the crashing. What is happening?!?!

  • Ulrich

    After the update I could not exit Edit mode (the top bar was missing). After shutting down the programm I can’t start again. It crashes instantly. Hope you fix this soon with an update.

  • Ulrich

    After sending the comment about the crashing app I got lots of PHP Errors :-). Aiaiaia

  • bobby

    trust me this is not a small update, this is the biggest and most useful ios app update ever that has been asked and wanted for since day 1.

    please upgrade the upload allowance from 1gb to at least 5gb for premium users, as

    as services like day one does similar things but syncs to dropbox and has no upload limit.

  • Joe Burdo

    I can’t view PDF file content natively in Evernote after the update. i can see the text in the preview window as normal, but when I select the pdf in the note, it doesn’t open the file automatically like it used to. Now I only get an option to open the file in Files Pro or Dropbox. In addition to this problem, I’m not getting iAnnotate as an option to open the pdf, even though I have it installed.

    • Joe Burdo

      When I do send the pdf (and several others that I tried) to Files Pro or Dropbox, it’s being recognized as a binary file, not a pdf. Before the update I could view it as a pdf without a problem.

      • Joe Burdo

        So I deleted and reinstalled the app, and now it crashes every time it starts up. C’mon guys, the fall semester is just around the corner, I need your A game right now!

    • Niek

      Same problems: impossible to open pdf’s (all my businesscards are in it) + crashes all the time. And when I write this it is 23/8. When will there be an update?

  • Sanjay

    The new updates are buggy- keeps crashing. Have tried uninstalling and reinstalling- seems to stable since that on the iPhone. On the Mac there are still some sync issues.
    Come on guys- why release updates before ensuring things are stable? It was awesome before and updates are causing problems- perhaps you should stop fiddling with the product and take it a little easy with the updating!

  • Diane

    It was a great app till I updated yesterday, now will not run on my iPhone – hope you can resolve this issue!

  • Earthworm

    How is it that I can hand write on the Evernote desktop client using my mouse, but I hand write notes in the iPad app? Would love to see that on iOS.

  • Bob Cohen

    Whats the status on fixing the latest update that was supposed to fix the last update to ios? Evernote still crashes on launch and is unusable on iOS for me.

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

      Hi Bob, we did release an update so be sure to upgrade to the latest version!

  • Mike Sutcliffe

    The new version will not stay open on my iPhone 3gs running ios 5. Crashes within seconds of opening. The app is no longer usable on my phone.

  • Marthe

    Just today Evernote started crashing on my iPhone every time I just try to use it

  • Adolph vega

    Today it crashes instantly !! Fix this ap cuz it’s worthless now

  • Rob

    With the new update my PDF files won’t open in a note on my ipad. It just gives me the option to open in dropbox or box. Hope this is correct soon.

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

      Rob, we’re aware that this is an issue for certain iPad users and are working to address it.

  • Cerise

    I haven’t had problems with crashing, strangely. Unfortunately, I am -still- waiting for Stacks on iOS. Or at least a nested view like Android has. Come on, your iOS users feel really shafted in this area 🙁

  • Ted W

    I find it incredible that a company that’s usually as forward-thinking as Evernote has remained virtually silent (just one brief comment above) about what is clearly a MAJOR problem for many users — with many, many more complaints voiced on the App Store. An acknowledgment of the problem, a statement about how you are handling it, and maybe even an apology, would go a long way toward reassuring those of us who pay you $40 a year, and others who might, that you care about us. Instead of the frequent glitzy Evernote blog posts that are often irrelevant, how about some frank talk that shows us that real human beings (who can make mistakes and acknowledge them), are running the show? PR 101 teaches that, I believe. Thanks.

  • Joe Ramsay

    I would like to add to the litany of complaint that Evernote 4.3.1 on iPad will no longer display pdf file, nor will it open the file in any pdf app. This is CLEARLY because the OS is not recognizing the file type. It sees it as an unknown file type and offers opening the file in any installed file handler (dropbox, FileApp, etc). This is a huge problem that clearly outweigh any benefits with 4.3.1, since most of us use Evernote to handle storing and viewing pdfs. This is a fix that should have been corrected within a few hours of release. The kind of bug that kept everybody at the office around the clock until fixed. My support for Evernote has dropped 90%. Not because of the bug, but because an acknowledgement and fix-time estimate was not immediately sent. I am currently at a convention that happens once every three years, and all my documents needed during the 8 day meeting are on my iPad in Evernote, in pdf. You can imagine how annoyed I am.

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

      Hi Joe, we’re aware that this is an issue for some iPad users and are working on a solution!

  • Lee Nyberg

    I, too, am unable to use evernote on my iphone since it crashes before I can even touch the screen. This has been going on since I updated. Please fix this.

  • Diane

    It appears the latest update will allow either snaps on the camera or attachments from the iPad camera roll.

    I use a doxie go and import the JPGEGs onto the iPad, so they’re in last imported. It appears you can’t select the album other than camera roll, so this update is an annoying backwards step.

    Please fix this!

  • Kurt

    After this last update, I can make changes on my laptop. The updates will show in the summary for notes on my iPhone 4S but when I click into the note on the iPhone none of the updates are there.

    Please fix. I’m a huge fan of evernote but this bug makes both the laptop and iOS versions unusable.

  • Dawn

    App is now pretty much worthless after upgrade. I can’t edit notes at all. Tapping, press and hold, swipe, nothing allows to edit. I use this app daily and if not fixed quickly I’ll be finding another alternative. Please fix, I love the old Evernote.

  • Tim

    This update completely ruined my confidence in Evernote! I’ve just lost an important note because of this “easy editing” feature

    What happened in short: I created a note with a snapshot on an iPad. When a day later I opened Evernote on an iPhone the note and a picture preview appeared so I opened the note but the picture was not there, maybe it was still downloading or from the cache, I am not sure. Then I might have tapped on the empty body of the note accidentaly. It is very difficult not to tap there actually because the note’s body takes almost entire screen. Then I went back to the main screen and noticed that the note is UPLOADING now. Before I could do anything Evernote synced the EMPTY body to the server and when I opened Evernote on the iPad it wiped out the note there.

    Thank you very much guys for a great half baked feature… tap anywhere in the note and kiss goodbye to its content…

  • sal

    Evernote Users are tired of their restrictions on the ios devices

    no offline

    and crash ever time

  • Paul Cormier

    This update crashes like crazy. I have been using EN for a year… just removed it from my iPhone. ‘Bout to migrate to another app if this doesn’t get fixed soon. Thanks for a great product, sorry this version is such a disaster.

  • Phil

    I agree. Latest update crashes on 4s every time I open it. Will definitely have to move to a new service if there is not a timely fix.

  • Elizabeth

    Could the company please acknowledge and/or explain the technical glitches with the new update? Surely someone at Evernote is aware of the fact that Evernote constantly crashes (or perhaps the Evernote software engineers don’t have access to their notes, either, due to the constant crashes??). This is very poor PR. I’m a huge fan of Evernote, but with 2+ weeks of radio silence from the company, I’m going to have to consider making a switch. I use (or at least used to use) this App everyday!

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

      Elizabeth, we are aware of an incompatibility issue some of our users are experiencing on the latest version of our iOS applications. We have submitted a fix to Apple and are awaiting release from the Appstore. The only workaround we officially endorse for users experiencing this issue is to use Evernote Web from their affected mobile device ( https://www.evernote.com/m) until the patch has been released.

  • Warranty Software

    This is a keeper! Good info! You put a nice twist to it. Well put Andrew.

  • Tim

    Hi there,

    What i Really miss in all Evernote apps is a possibility to link out not only a single or couple of notes but a tag or even better a saved search in the same style You can link to to notes. That would create a bunch of new possibilities especially to other apps like calendars to use the en infrastructure.

  • Bradley Waddell

    terrible feature – how can you remove the cancel button and the sync button and call it an improvement? there is no way to sync contents of a note you are viewing now – there is no way to avoid saving a blank note now – there is no way to cancel edits to a note now and not save them – who thinks of this stuff? terrible ideas one and all – add features – don’t take them away please!!

  • raj goel

    had to delete evernote from iphone because of this update.

    even opening notes causes them to “edit” and replace the current version if they were a previous version. have lost many note changes because of this update. finally gave up and can no longer use evernote on iphone.

  • Johnathan

    Since this update, changes to notes have not been saving, or in some cases, the entire note is wiped out.

    I’ve had to reconstruct about 10 notes in the last month from memory (if the note is wiped out by iphone before the server stores the history snapshot).

    I don’t want to remove Evernote from iPhone, but having an “edit” button in the previous version made it easier to avoid:
    * accidental edits
    * saving blank notes

    I use to have an unshaken trust in Evernote’s reliability and advocate it to my friends regularly. Since this update, I’ve been asking for Evernote alternatives that are equivalent to older versions of Evernote which are write-once-and-forget

  • Valerie Beeby

    Since the update I am unable to edit notes on my Mac, and the response is very very very slow and sticky. I was liking Evernote but have now decided not to use it.

  • Toni

    As noted by @Dawn in August, a glitch in the App doesn’t let me edit notes (keyboard doesn’t show; I’m running iOS5). Will this be fixed soon?

  • marquismark1973

    I believe the secret to editing on iPhone is this: Sync then edit. If you just wrote a note and you go back into it with your Evernote App, not having synced with the cloud yet, then it will have a hard time letting you in; bring up the keyboard.

    Sync and you’re in.