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Friday Quick Tip: Single Note View and Side-by-Side Notes

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 10 Aug 2012

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 10 Aug 2012

Ever find yourself working in Evernote and wish you could enjoy a more focused view of one or two notes? Try opening a note, or several notes, in Single Note View using Evernote on your desktop.

Whether you’re using a Mac or Windows machine, simply double click on the note you’d like to get a closer look at in the note list view and drag to expand the window to your preferred size. You can also right-click and select to Open Note in a Separate Window (on Mac) or Open Note (on Windows) and take advantage of Single Note View in Evernote Web by right-clicking on the note (s) and selecting the option open in a separate window.

When Single Note View comes in handy

  • When doing online research. If you’re in the middle of a big research project, bring up one note in Single Note View while you’re reading content online, or copying and pasting information from documents, spreadsheets or emails.
  • When you’re cooking. If you’re the type to bring your laptop into the kitchen while you cook, bring up the recipes you’re making on your screen in Single Note View so you can easily see next steps and larger pictures.
  • When comparing notes. If you want to closely compare two notes from your account, open each one in Single Note View, then drag them until they fit side by side on your screen.

Have you used Single Note View? How has this feature been helpful? Let us know in the comments.


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  • Michael Cogliano

    I use this feature regularly when preparing in advance for meetings. I create a new note for that meeting, open it as a single note, and put it on one of my main montor. I then have Evernote up on my secondary monitor and can easily copy note links, drag agendas, etc from the main program to my prep note. Saves a lot of flipping back-and-forth.

    Also, thanks for the lastest IOS update. The ability to edit with just a tap of a note is priceless.

  • Evernote user

    One word: Tabs.

  • Dmitriy Goldner

    Also, in Windows 7 you can use Windows Key + Left or Right Arrow to arrange two single view notes windows side by side like you can with any other windows. No Dragging need it.

  • gewappnet

    Please find a way to make this work in the iOS version! It is really a pain in meetings to switch between douments and the current notes document on the iPad. That is currently the main problem for me in using Evernote.

    • Ravi Desai

      I agree, having this feature in IOS would be really handy – prior to the recent 5 upgrade, I thought I saw a feature, where you could review other notes, and then go back to the note that you are working on – ie it wasn’t tying up the application completely, but with the recent upgrade; looks like that feature (??) is gone

  • Lena R

    I use this feature at least 20 times a day.

    I keep my weekly / daily to-do list in Excel and hyperlink any complex task to an Evernote note. In Evernote: right click and use Copy Note Link. In Excel, either paste that content directly into a cell (to generate a hyperlink in which the note’s title is hyperlinked to that note), or if you’d rather use the text that’s already inside a cell, use Ctrl-K to paste only the note’s hyperlink into that cell.

    Within the GTD framework (my system is a hybrid of many!), I keep a project list in MindManager. Each area of my life has a different mindmap. I create “Project Notes” in Evernote, each of which contains links to other notes notes comprising “next actions,” support notes, contact info, the works.

    To link individual notes to a MindManager mindmap, use exactly the same procedure as in Excel.

    So, I have visual representations of what’s on my plate actively (Excel) and what’s about to be on my plate (MindManager). If you’re not into mindmapping, a project list can easily be kept in Excel. Or Word. Or even a notepad application that accepts hyperlinks. (Probably in Outlook too… might enable notes attached to projects to be searchable in a different way. I don’t use Outlook but perhaps someone could try that.)

    What enables this system to work is the fact that when I click on any of these links — in Excel or in MindManager — a single note pops up. What would be nice to support this way of working even further would be the capability to have not only CopyURL as a toolbar choice, but also CopyNoteLink. Right clicking or typing Alt-N-L all the time can get obnoxious if I’m mousing… as I am when compiling these graphical “command centers.”

  • Stephen

    I’ve been using Evernote for years, and liken myself to a power user, yet still didn’t know about note links.

    With this knowledge, I can now use Windows program AutoHotKey to map specific notes to system-wide keyboard shortcuts, so I can open commonly accessed ones quickly. Say I want to open a note by pressing Alt-E:

    Run link-text

  • Justin

    Always learning something new with this app…love it.

  • adrian

    I Love your products but I hate your invasion and Facebook’s of my privacy. So in the legendary words of EASTWOOD … go do unto yourself what you probably can’t.

  • Evernote user

    It’d be great if the desktop version single note view was as nice as the Web version’s distraction free editor view. That’s beautiful, functional and emotionally intelligent design that I wish was ported to the desktop version. (I’m on the PC version specifically.)