The Evernote Ecosystem at ETC: Partners That Make Your Evernote Experience Better.

Posted by Mie Yaginuma on 22 Aug 2012

Posted by Mie Yaginuma on 22 Aug 2012

The theme of this year’s Evernote Trunk Conference is all about helping you become Better with Evernote. The one-day conference is filled with talks and presentations aimed at helping users and developers get the most out of their Evernote experience.

The Evernote ecosystem is an important part of being Better with Evernote. Our thousands of partners have created apps and services that integrate with Evernote to help you go paperless, enjoy a better reading experience, manage your expenses, and much, much more. For those of you attending ETC, we encourage you to check out some of the partners who will be showcasing their products and highlighting great ways to use Evernote. Even if you’re not attending, be sure to take a look at some of the apps and services that allow you to get even more out of Evernote.

Scanners and eReaders

Fujitsu helps you achieve a paperless lifestyle by making scanning documents to Evernote simple and easy. Fujitsu ScanSnap scanners provide a seamless Evernote integration to help users cut down on clutter and digitize important information with the click of a button. Once saved in Evernote, all of your documents become searchable and accessible from any computer or mobile device.

If you’re participating in the 30 Day Paperless Challenge, you might want to give the ScanSnap scanner a try!

Sony just launched their new Reader that comes with Evernote built right in to give you an optimal reading experience for your notes. For those who use Evernote Clearly to read and save Web pages, you’ll appreciate the Reader’s crisp display; it does a beautiful job rendering pages saved from Clearly. Save things you want to read in Evernote, and enjoy them on this powerful device.

Ideapaint and DocScanner to capture

Ideapaint and DocScanner are great examples of two products that work together to offer you an even more powerful solution. IdeaPaint is a special paint that transforms any surface into a whiteboard, while DocScanner automatically optimizes images. Together, the two let you brainstorm and save your notes and doodles to your Evernote account. When you snap a picture of your markups on an IdeaPaint wall, DocScanner saves the image as a PDF document that becomes searchable in your Evernote account.

Remember everything at ETC with Shoeboxed

We want to make it easy to remember everything at ETC, so we’ve invited Shoeboxed, a service that digitizes your paper documents for you, to provide attendees with a specially-designed Shoeboxed envelope, created just for Evernote users. Put all of your ETC documents and business cards in this envelope, sign up for Shoeboxed’s Evernote Plan, drop the envelope in the mail, and wait for your documents to magically appear in your Evernote account!

Additional partners to help you get more out of Evernote

Whether you’re a small business owner or a working professional, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with these companies that offer business-related apps and services that make you more productive and effective at the office and on the go. Here are just a few of our Trunk partners who will have a presence at ETC:

  • Meshin lets you keep track of your meetings and notes in one place by connecting your Evernote account with your calendar (s).
  • UberConference takes out any frustrations you encounter with conference calls by visually displaying attendees as they join your call and allowing you to pull in notes from your Evernote account. All call summaries are saved to Evernote.
  • Calltrunk saves telephone call transcripts to Evernote and also lets you search for words in recordings to quickly find exact points of conversations you need to refer to later.
  • FileThisFetch automatically retrieves statements — such as those from banks or utilities — and sends them to your Evernote account. You’ll never have to file or scan another statement.
  • Expensify makes expense reports a piece of cake. Save receipts in an Expensify notebook in your Evernote account, and pull together your expense report in a snap. Once completed, reports are saved in Evernote for future reference.

For educators using Evernote, ImprovElectronics are showcasing their cost-effective Boogie Board Rip, a small tablet that saves handwritten notes to Evernote and is easy and fun for any student to use.

ETC will have something for everyone, so explore the possibilities and discover some time-saving and fun new ways to use Evernote in conjunction with one of our many partner products. See you on Friday!


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