Congratulations to EverClip, the 2012 Devcup Gold Winner

Posted by Rafe Needleman on 07 Sep 2012

Posted by Rafe Needleman on 07 Sep 2012

Everyone who’s seen and used the EverClip iOS app will understand why this product won the Gold medal in our Devcup competition (see the finalists) at the Evernote Trunk Conference. This little utility makes it easy to gather up all the things you see on your iPhone or iPad that you want to save into your Evernote account. All you have to do is copy items to the clipboard. The background app collects them for you, and makes it a one-button step to zap them over to Evernote. It’s like having an Evernote Web Clipper in iOS.

Based on a combination of votes from Evernote employees (who universally find EverClip impressive) and our global user community, EverClip won our competition for the best apps submitted this year. We were happy to award the $20,000 gold medal prize to the EverClip team at Ignition Soft, an app building company from Hong Kong.

EverClip wins the Devcup Gold. Left to right: Phil Libin, Francis Chong, Rafe Needleman, Seth Hitchings.

Shortly after handing Ignition co-founder Francis Chong his ginormous novelty check (good luck getting that in the overhead bin on your flight back home), I caught up with him to talk a bit about the project. Chong told me that EverClip was built because he, and his partners, “really needed it.” That, he says, is the key to building a good and popular app. But you do have to, “share it with your friends to see if it really works.”

EverClip can collect clippings from all your apps and send them to Evernote.

EverClip started as a project to help smartphone users clip and share content easily, Chong said. Evernote entered the picture since, “we wanted to save the time of building a full backend. Evernote was a good place to begin.”

I asked Chong what his biggest challenges were. Obviously there were technical issues, like, “converting the pasteboard content from different apps to Evernote’s XHTML dialect,” he said.

Design was even more important, though. “We had to design the simplest interface that worked, and also keep the app functional.” Here at Evernote, we’ve found the app, indeed, simple and fun to use. When you copy something to the clipboard with the app running, your phone buzzes briefly to let you know you’ve saved the item. Once you’ve copied all the items you want, from whatever apps you want, you can head over to the EverClip app to shoot the clips into Evernote. Since EverClip stores your items while you work, you don’t have the clipboard anxiety that you might have when items are only temporarily kept in your device’s clipboard buffer.

Chong told me the work his team has put into the app has been worth it. “The first week we launched generated enough sales to pay us back for the 300 or so hours of work we put in to building the app. And since the Devcup success, we can arrange to put more time in to it, to bring out new features, and bring in more users.”

About those new features: Chong says a future update of the app will see smarter clipping. If you just clip the URL, you’ll get the page’s content, too, rendered using the Readability content extractor. Also look for an in-app browser to get layered in.

We like EverClip a great deal and think you will, too. If you’re an iPhone user, check out the $1.99 app in the Evernote Trunk or get it directly from Apple’s App Store.

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    everclip////////gonna get it

  • Tim Lennon

    The idea is great. I’m less impressed that it crashes every single time my phone locks.

  • Elliot

    When do you think it will come out for android?

  • Hobbes

    You don’t need an extra app for such a basic feature. In Android you can just share an article or a website and it’s done. Like the moleskine notebook this is just making money for nothing.

  • Janet Veasey

    When will there be a version of this app for the ipad ?

  • GT

    How about an android version?

  • jj gerdes

    From iPhone this just transfers URL, not text/pix. No different then emailing to Evernote. Don’t bother with this.

  • Lisa

    For two bucks, I might just continue to either take a “picture” of the websites I want to reference, or just bookmark them.

  • melinda moses

    cool! Droid too?

  • Alan Fairweather

    It will be good when it works on my iPhone. I am a big fan of Evernote, but this really is annoying. I can’t log in, but I can to everything else including Evernote.

  • Robert Hills

    It does not seem to be available for the I Pad which I think would be more practible

  • Dmitry Pashkevich

    I want EverClip for Android!

  • Phil

    I don’t actually see the point of this app. I can copy and paste directly from a web page or whatever in to Evernote already. unfortunately the original site’s URL doesn’t copy using my method though.

  • Kate Parker

    Wow. Can’t wait to download this…where has it been all my life? (Oh okay, since I’ve had an ipad…can’t remember life without Evernote ;))

    PS. Mr Hobbes, sharing is not really what we’re talking about. At least that’s not what I use Evernote for.

  • Tana

    There is a way to clip faster from Safari on iPad. Actually, i could not find an iPad version of this app. Ended up buying iPhone version which is very overpriced for what it is.

  • Jason

    Lots of negativity towards this selection, but no alternative winners mentioned? The DevCup had quite a few participants this year. Which other one should have won?

    Stupid question aside, I’ve been using Evernote to keep track of web articles for a few years … sort of like a poor-man’s Instapaper. What I do is email an RSS entry right from Byline (on my iDevice) to Evernote. Text, images, and anything else (including ads, unfortunately) are sent to Evernote where I can then make some edits to keep the article easily searchable going forward. Tags. Author name. Source URL. Very useful, but wish I had an easier way to do it … maybe I’ll make one.

  • Pierre


    EverClip is a great paid app.

    I had the opportunity to do a Skype interview with Alex Hui for The Elephant Channel to talk about EverClip, how it was developped, what are their plans for the future.

    Link to the interview:



  • Douglas

    Sorry, to find that the app which has hung since first purchased, is a award winner! I have to question that award. I now need to chase around to find out why it never works.
    Ios6 on iPhone 4S and iPad 3