The All New Skitch 2.0 for iPhone, Mac, iPad and iPod Touch


The All New Skitch 2.0 for iPhone, Mac, iPad and iPod Touch

Posted by on 19 Sep 2012

Posted by on 19 Sep 2012

A little over a year ago, we announced our acquisition of Skitch, the app that helps you get your point across with beautifully simple shapes and annotations. Twelve months ago, Skitch was two people, a Mac app and around 300,000 downloads.

What a difference a year makes.

In that time, we’ve grown the Skitch team from two people to twenty, opened a studio in Austin, Texas and took that app from 300,000 downloads to ten million!

We also made a promise that Skitch would get the full Evernote treatment: multi-platform availability with full synchronization. Today, we’re taking a big step towards making that a reality.

Say hello to the all new Skitch, now available on Mac, iPad and, for the first time ever, iPhone and iPod Touch.

Get Skitch for Mac »
Get Skitch for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch »

Completely New Designs

The new Skitch design embodies the application’s purpose of helping you communicate your ideas quickly and easily. We focused on making things simpler, highlighting exactly the shapes, colors and options you need in order to get things done. It’s this restraint that makes Skitch so easy to use, and so deceptively powerful.

We pared the application down to it’s most-loved, most-used, most-essential features, then made those features as great as they could be. We also focused on creating a unified experience across all platforms. So, whether you’re using Skitch on your desktop or mobile phone, you’ll know exactly what to do.

Synchronization, Sharing and Search

Skitch is now a full-fledged member of the Evernote family, which means that everything you do in Skitch is synchronized with your Evernote account. Annotate a photo using Skitch for Mac and in seconds, it shows up in Skitch for iPad. Mark up a map in Skitch for iPhone, and it shows up in Evernote on your Mac.

Like you would expect, sharing your Skitch notes is incredibly simple. Click on the share arrow and you can choose to share your annotations via Facebook, Twitter and email. You can also place the link to the shared note into your clipboard to paste into IM, or other apps. Now that all sharing in Skitch goes through Evernote we’ve also been able to make shared Skitch Notes look beautiful. Take a look for yourself.

On iPhone, enable sharing to Twitter and Facebook by tapping on the account icon in the top left corner of the screen.

Not only does Skitch now have the sync and sharing features of Evernote, but it also gets Evernote magic image recognition that makes text within images searchable. This even works on images containing handwriting. Now, not only are your images safe and sound forever, but they’re also easy to find any time.

Sign in to get more
You will need to sign into Evernote in order to take advantage of all the cool new synchronization features. If you don’t have an Evernote account, we let you bypass the sign-in step and use Skitch without registering. Of course, doing this means that you won’t get any of the sync, sharing and search functionality. When you’re ready, just create a free Evernote account, and you’re good to go.

New Tools. New Features.

Those that have used Skitch before will find the new interface cleaner and easier than ever. The core tool palate is the same as always, and is available on all devices: the iconic arrows, familiar text, simple shapes, freehand lines and colors. On desktop, you’ll find the Drag Me tab along the bottom of the window. Grab it to bring your Skitch Notes into an email or desktop folder. On the new iPhone version, you’ll find a sliding Annotation Menu. Select a tool, then move your finger across the screen to use it.

In addition, there are a few cool new capabilities that are worth pointing out:

The Pixelate tool allows you to easily obscure parts of an image. This is great for hiding personal information in documents that you need to share with others. To use it, simply select the tool, then drag a box around the area you want to pixelate.

That alternate marker tool is a highlighter, use it to create transparent freehand strokes to highlight areas of photos or screenshots.

Create. Edit. Re-edit.

When you take the creation and annotation features of Skitch and combine them with Evernote’s synchronization, you get a pretty powerful app. But there’s one more amazing thing about the new Skitch: you can fully edit and manipulate annotated images across all the devices that you use.

Say you annotate a screenshot for a Web design project in Skitch on your desktop. You save it and head to lunch. While you’re out, you have an idea, so you launch Skitch on your phone, move all the arrows around, change the colors and then share the new image with your designer. With the new Skitch, no matter where you are, you can always keep working.

Getting Started Guide

To introduce you to the new Skitch, we developed Getting Started Guides for Mac and iOS full of useful tips and walkthroughs:

Note to existing Skitch users

To make the transition to Skitch 2.0 easy for existing users, we let you bring as many of your old images over as you’d like using some handy import options:

  • On Mac: Click the action drop down and select the Open 1.x Skitch Document
  • On iPad: You will be prompted to import old Skitch image on the home screen

So many new things. So much more to come.

We’re not done yet. The new Skitch is coming to more platforms soon. This is just the beginning. Let us know what you think.

Get Skitch for Mac »
Get Skitch for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch »


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  • Keson

    Not yet in app store – cant wait to get it!

  • David Chartier

    Looks like Skitch 2.0 isn’t in the Mac App Store yet. It still reports 1.0.12.

  • Norm

    Excited to try it! The mac app store link seems to point to the older version. Can we get an updated link?

  • kmf

    When will this be available for Android?

  • That Guy

    Good job on ruining Skitch completely!

  • Mike

    Can we get the same instant and automatic sync to evernote for Penultimate?

  • Matthijs

    So no more FTP sharing? Sad to see Skitch go from my workflow after 5 years of daily use

  • SteveBob

    no more upload via ftp?

  • Carsten

    Shouldn’t you start to prefer Android now? I mean – Apple WILL fail as it did before and Android IS already more common than iOS. So why still treating iOS first?

  • Dennis

    In the Mac App we don’t have the option to keep it in the menu bar in this new version ¡

    Thanks God I made a copy of the old version , for me the old one has a better interface .

  • Robin Moffatt

    Looks nice – but I can’t find where to change to a custom colour or font. Please say that this hasn’t been removed in the name of simplicity?

  • JS

    … So I guess this is the end of the menu bar quick access, right?

  • JT

    How can I get the menu bar item mode instead of a dock icon?

  • James Medlin

    The following two links on the bottom of the page are wrong. The same two links earlier in the page are right (at least the one for iphone works).

    Get Skitch for Mac »
    Get Skitch for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch »

  • dany

    Nice update, but BUT :

    How can we choose the format to export ?
    jpg (quality), pdf, jpg, gif, etc …

    How can we keep Skitch on the MenuBar and NOT on the Dock ?

  • f1oren

    Perhaps a Windows version ?

    • Beavenour

      +1 PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Gary P

        *pleasepleaseplease* a Windows 7 version

  • Darryl

    How about a new Android version?

    • Jason

      Android is always the red headed step child. I may move to Catch or Springpad at some point as they seem to be working harder to make the Android people happy. I hope I never have to make that decision as I love Evernote but I pay for the service and would like to see some of the great features to come to my ecosystem.

      • Lauren

        You’re complaining about Droid being the unloved child when what was originally nothing but a Mac app only just now got ported to iPhone/iPod? Seriously?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      The new Skitch will be coming to Android very soon.

  • Nancy

    a huge improvement.. very clean and easy to use. thanks evernote and skitch!

  • murphy

    One question: What about the Skitch Plus users? Do they get Evernote? I got an account till 2014 and i don’t even can import my old data in Skitch now…

  • someguy

    Why did you remove great features such as SFTP upload and format choosing right next to the drag-button?

  • Eric

    More importantly, how do you change the hotkey for the screen capture? You are killing me here

  • Ben Hockey

    where did SFTP sharing go?

  • bnwklr

    Congrats on the Evernote integration! This kind of version jump is a huge step–right now it feels to me like Final Cut Pro X, where a bunch of features were stripped way in order to make the whole thing much simpler. The resize-annotation-by-pulling-blue-dot feature is particularly nice. But I’m hoping that now you bring back the features I already miss!

    * can’t change fonts
    * can’t add additional white space to sides of an image (I used to do this all the time by dragging from outside corner)
    * have to click the resize/crop tool in order to resize or crop… I *loved* the corner-drag interface!
    * can’t click and drag to create a box and select multiple objects at once in order to copy or move them; have to hold shift and click one after another
    * can’t flip horizontally
    * can’t choose whether to export full size
    * can’t wipe all annotations from an image, unless I’m missing something
    * can’t hold down a key to force oval into circle shape, or rectangle into square
    * lots of things now require two clicks: choosing a pen tool, accessing the annotation resizer slider, etc (though the keyboard shortcuts are great)
    * and per Dany above — I can’t export in multiple formats. Losing that functionality is really painful!

    Please tell us that you’ll be iterating rapidly to restore functionality power users dearly love, and you’ll have us all cheering.

    • bnwklr

      The other thing is–there’s an additional click to capture a screenshot! I now have to click “Capture” or press enter. I wish I could turn that off and just capture stuff fluidly while I work–that was one of the best things about Skitch 1.0. My muscle memory wants to hit command-shift-5, click the trackpad with my thumb, select my image with my forefinger, let go, and instantly drag from the share bar into to the email I’m working on. Now I have to add a step. Not the worst thing, but not the best.

      • Bakunin

        I agree with everything here. Overall this is a cleaner more attractive UI, but comes at the cost of functionality. If you want to remove the majority of things form the UI for simplified use, I’m ok with that. But, please at least give me those options in the preferences!

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Thanks for the feedback. This is the first release, so you will be seeing lots of features and improvements soon. Especially around image rotation, flipping and shape controls.

      Regarding the image size question, all images are exported at full-size when you use the Drag Me bar or the Export menu.

      Regarding the file type question, the File > Export menu gives you several common export file types. You can choose from PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP, and TIFF.

      • lance wiggs

        You have destroyed the Skitch we love. Please bring back the functions we actually use.

    • Paul W.

      I agree with these comments as well.

      Skitch was so super simple to use.
      • Drag the corner edge handle to scale. Pull the edges to crop. Click on the dimensions to get a pop-up and enter a specific height or width.
      • Drag tab at bottom… DONE!

      THIS is what made SKITCH rock!

      I use it everyday all the time for screen shots, my web graphics, you name it…

      There was nothing as simple as this on the market… I looked far and wide. Now Skitch has lost what has made it better / different / special.

      I’ll rewind back to the old version until these functions.

      I’m absolutely happy to test versions to help get us back to what makes Skitch remarkable.


  • Vibin

    You guys are crazy or what? Skitch 2.0. for Mac is too simplified – so many good features removed.

    1. I can’t set Skitch to be only in Menu bar.
    2. No idea how to add shadow to a screenshot.
    3. I don’t give a shit about Evernote and I don’t have an account – so please stop that login window on startup.
    4. App crashes when I use the arrow tool.

    I’m just going to uninstall this and get back to Skitch 1.0.

    • Baicye

      I totally agree with you.

  • Brandon

    Where’s “Add shadow to image” gone? I’ve been using skitch since 2008, but I’m not upgrading without this feature.

  • Michael

    Just installed 2.0 on my Macbook Pro Retina, and as soon as Skitch runs, the GPU is switched to Nvidia instead of the integrated graphics – not good for battery runtime.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Thanks for letting us know. We’re taking a look to see what’s going on.

    • Eric

      How can you tell?

  • melange

    Skitch is just not practical for me any more. Main reaeson is that it’s now much harder to share an (annotated) image quickly. Here’s the example of my workflow with older Skitch and sharing:

    1. Take a snapshot (and annotate it)
    2. Press share button (which remembered my previous selection – so no searching the dropdown menu)
    3. Resume doing other things on my computer !
    4. Sound alerts me Skitch has finished uploading and it has copied share link to my clipboard AUTOMATICALLY and I know I can paste the link without going back to Skitch window

    So, I didn’t have to search for my preferred sharing method in a dropdown every time. After I pressed the share button i didn’t have to check Skitch window for progress, I was notifed when upload was done and link was in my clipboard. In other word – older versions let me press a button and return to what I was doing.

    This is my main issue with new Skitch but not the only one. I also miss menubar icon only, delayed snapping by holding Shift key, shaing options, image format options…

  • Alan Lepofsky

    Aggghhh, my hotkeys are no longer working nor can I find how to reset them. What gives?

  • Horst

    While I definitely appreciate a better intergration with Evernote, please make it somehow possible to create screenshots with annotations WITHOUT having to sync them with Evernote. While getting most of my snapshots into Evernote is something that I want, I use Skitch about a half dozen times a day for stuff I don’t want to have sync’d…

    Regarding the new UI: Personally I preferred the old one esp. with regards to the resizing and cropping UI. Right now I need a couple extra clicks where the only one solved this simply by manipulating the window itself.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      You can use Skitch without signing into Evernote.

      • Baicye

        UI is toooooo bad. plus, resize function in old version is fun,but now…….

      • lizzeymac

        OK, so I signed out of Evernote in Skitch but that seems to mean I can’t send screenshots to Evernote at all? Have I missed something?

        So either every image I capture with Skitch has to go into Evernote (if I am signed in) or I can’t import an image into Evernote directly from Skitch (if I am signed out)?

        Skitch is so changed, so reduced that it seems just to be a plugin of Evernote now. Skitch was perfect to add images to Evernote but I used it for every app, every day and now it’s clunky and extremely limited – I might as well use Mac’s screenshots. Please tell me I’ve missed some setting somewhere, or that you intend to return the functions so Skitch is an actual stand alone app again.
        Very disappointed.

      • Horst

        Sure, but that kind of defeats the point of the whole update IMO 🙂 Is there perhaps some kind of switch on the horizon where I can decide that some screenshots should stay offline while the rest are shared by default?

        • Andrew Sinkov

          Thanks for the suggestion.

  • Cash Reid

    I was excited to see Skitch 2.0 before I installed it but afterwards I am only disappointed. I used Skitch exclusively from the menubar now I can’t. I took screenshots without uploading them to my Evernote notebooks now I can’t. Resizing a captured area was easy now it’s not. Exporting in different formats was quick and simple now it requires extra clicks. Everything about the Skitch workflow that I used the app for before has been removed and until the app is fixed I will continue using version 1. For anyone else who has upgraded and now hates Skitch you can find a link to version one in the Skitch forums.

  • Jon

    Hold on, where did SFTP sharing go? I use this all the time. What the heck?

  • Jon

    …also, my custom keymapping for screen snapshots is gone. Crap. I need to somehow “undo” this “upgrade”.

  • Ed

    Menu Bar mode is gone? I’ll be reinstalling 1.0.

  • Peter

    For me:

    No FTP or SFTP upload?

    Sorry no update, back to v1.x.

    Nice, but unusable for me.

    And a question? Why do you reduce the feature list?

  • Russell Greenwood

    I’m going to massively miss the FTP support. 🙁

  • Eddie Forero

    You have got to be kidding me with this “update”. How could you completely go backwards on such a loved app?

    Why didn’t you just make your own app instead of buying and ruining Skitch?

    Do you hate your customers? Because, it seems that you do.

    I can see no other explanation for this debacle than that, or you are really that out of touch and incompetent.

    Do you sense some vitriol in my comments? It’s only just beginning.

    You’ve opened the floodgates in this one.

  • Brandy Kocvah

    Please provide download link to ver 1.0.12
    Ths new version is really different app and unusable. Thanks 🙂
    I hope you don’t buy skitch company for just to ruin it.

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

      Brandy, you can access Skitch 1.0 here:

  • Zach Lutz

    Really disappointed by this update. I’m already regretting it.

    Menu bar / hotkey functionality are both gone. Those were HUGELY important to me.

    Images now must be resized with the slider? I don’t have time for that. I need to type in 600 wide and go.

    Still doesn’t properly handle images on the Retina display laptop.

    Please get working to restore this functionality, and FAST!

    Also, the older interface was better than this. :-/

  • dos

    Where is Android in your multiplattform?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      It’s coming…

  • Kar

    New version is terrible. So many features removed in the new version.

  • Rick Austin

    Hundreds of hours creating images using the old Skitch and now I can’t change font size, line width, shadowing and much of anything else. I can only hope that you’re going to restore the previous functionality. I am shocked and saddened at the loss of most of what Skitch great.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Rick, you can change font size and line width just like you could in the previous version of Skitch. Click on the color picker and you’ll see the slider.

  • brian kalata

    Have to say – Not thrilled with the new Skitch for Mac at all – You over simplified it – It was very easy to use and simple – and I used it all the time – Now – it just works worse. All the features that were there and easy to use – are now hidden and Cryptic. The Slider control for Arrow Sizes – Seems to let me only have three – Not a sliding Scale. The section pointer – is it gone?? I ended up with 20 extra Arrows on my Sketch today – This new Version actually DOUBLE my work flow time. What was wrong with the program that you changed it from a easy to use professional tool – into a kids toy?

  • Tomas F

    First, thanks for a beautiful update – on the retina mac it looks really crisp!
    – I really miss the Skitch menu bar icon with the shortcuts i rely got used to using.
    – I also miss the checkbox in 1.x next to drag-me that shrunk my retina screenshots to something a tad smaller – especially as I’m sharing with our developers who are not helped by the quadrupled file-sizes.

    So please bring me back the menu-icon and the possibility to on-the-fly-shrinking.


    • Tomas F

      It seems my shortcuts are working when Skitch is running but I still miss the menu icon 🙂

  • Kerstin

    Does anybody at Evernote know the difference between a note and a screenshot?

    I use Evernote for taking notes, so far so good. I used Skitch v1 for creating screenshots, so far so good. But know I HAVE TO create a note with Evernote to make a screenshot and save it as a note.

    The only thing Evernote can do to make Skitch usable is going back to Skitch v1 and add an optional possibility to add a screenshot to an Evernote note. Otherwise the desktop-trash is the best place for Skitch v2. Until then I go back to Skitch v1.

  • chris

    Never mind the reduced functionality I see very frequent crashes. Disappointed.

  • Monkey Monk

    How you guys can do something like that ?
    “Uh! I’ll take a very good product and I’ll turn it to something completly wrong… just for fun!”

    Please, don’t ever touch this product again… and of course give us back the 1.0 user interface!!

  • rchorda

    Dios mio!

    You ruined it!
    I cannot fix the capture area any more?¿?¿ I cannot make a filled rectangle (but a pixelized one).

    I need to downgrade urgently!

  • Aldo

    What the F man! What happened with the old Skitch? That was more playful and had just enough functionality! Why did you guys kill the easy ‘Export as [pdf/png/tiff/jpg/etc]’-function? And where did all the color go?

    I see why you want all that Evernote-stuff in there, but now you’re just making a whole new product and killing one that was just fine.

    Please tell me you’re working on bringing back a few of the old functionalities.

  • Ovifiu

    Good job ruining a perfectly good app. 🙁

  • Phil

    THE WORST UPDATE EVER! Sorry guys but you ruined a wonderful app.
    I restored the previous version of an app for the first time in my life.

  • Luke

    Is there a timeline on getting the features that have been lost back…feel like this is pretty big step backwards in usability. As an Evernote user, who was REALLY looking forward to Evernote for Business, this really makes me question the fact that features people rely on/have adjusted to may be removed without full disclosure or proper warning, which is always made more difficult when dealing with small or mid-sized business roll-outs.

  • Sean

    Way to alienate your user base. I’ll be sticking with 1.0 until I find a viable alternative.

  • Daddy

    This was my 4 year old daughter’s favourite app on our iPad. We used to spend hours learning shapes, alphabets, words, numbers. You guys completely destroyed it. I haven’t figured out how to clear up the screen – how will I teach a kid to relearn the UI.

    What a shame!

    • Andrew Sinkov

      That’s useful feedback. Thank you.

  • Mike Fabio

    The one app I use every single day just took a step back for the sake of moving forward. I agree with most of the other commenters here that while I think this helps move Skitch forward, the loss of functionality is not particularly pleasant.

    Main features I’d like to see restored:
    * Corner dragging for resize and crop
    * Drag-to-save FORMAT selection tool (is it really PNG only now?)
    * Flickr uploading

    Thanks for making a great product, and I hope to see a lot of these things remedied soon. I love Skitch, and I’d hate to see these features disappear forever.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      There a lot of cool stuff coming to Skitch in the near future. You can change file format by going to File > Export.

      • David Fox

        But that doesn’t change the default drag behaviour!

  • Mike Brits

    It seems that Evernote are more and more Apple fans every day. Some of us who believe in being free love Android and Windows.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Stay tuned…

  • Dinesh Lalvani

    This is a huge step backwards for Skitch. Some of the key aspects of the workflow that I used to use are gone. Resize images, transparent backgrounds with shadows, adding extra whitespace for my notes by dragging the edges, full page screenshots from safari to mention a few. I am only hoping that you guys will take the feedback and bring the functionality that people use in skitch in the first place.

  • Travis

    Updating to Skitch 2.0 is absolutely terrible. You did away with all the features that made Skitch useful in the first place such as menu bar addition. I don’t want to have to run the application in order to use it. This was a big major PLUS for Skitch above the rest was the ease of use and now all of that has been taken away.

    FTP / SFTP integration??

    Back to 1.0.12 and no upgrades till the latest version is at least on par with the last version. Poor Poor update.

  • Duff OMelia

    The new version does have some nice improvements. I was wondering if there might be a way to set the clipboard format to “direct url” to make it easy to share the url for the actual image that was skitched. This is really handy when pasting into group chat programs like Campfire and Hipchat since they show the image right there and don’t require someone to click a link / open their browser.


    • Andrew Sinkov

      Yes, you can share a URL. Click on the Share arrow and select “Share and Copy Shared URL”.

      • Duff OMelia

        Hi Andrew,

        Thanks so much for the reply. It seems like that shares a link to an evernote page that contains the image. I was wondering it might be possible to easily obtain the link to the actual image rather than a page containing the image. In the 1.0 version, the preference for clipboard format of “direct url” did the trick. I can’t seem to find a way to do it using the desktop app for the mac.

        By the way, the iphone app is pretty slick and the syncing between the desktop and iphone is wonderful.

  • Martin Ransom

    This 2.0 version is quite certainly a REGRESSION:
    – no possibility to change font or font size – but were you thinking of ?????
    – no ftp upload = a huge loss
    – no activation from menu bar
    – no consistency in menus
    the list seems endless….
    Please review your priorities.
    At the very least, make the previous version available.
    For moment, I will dispense with this otherwise great tool.
    MR (Premium User)

    • Scott Citron

      Yeah. UI is much cleaner but it looks like they took away some features. How can turn off the drop shadow to the arrow tool? How do I remove the white outline to text?

      • Andrew Sinkov

        Those capabilities are not currently available in Skitch 2.0.

      • Marty Enerson

        I too would like to remove the drop shadow and be able to change fonts. I may have to figure out how to go back to a previous version.

      • Marty Enerson

        I too would like to remove the drop shadow and be able to change fonts. I may have to go back to a previous version.

      • Jim Allen

        +1 for this. Another user who thinks the new version is worse. You can scale the text by dragging the text box.

        I’m downgrading. You’ve taken away features I use, and added those I don’t.

        There’s no way I’m using an app where the text labels have that white outline that looks like it has been annotated by a child…

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Thanks for the feedback. We have made version 1.0 available at

      • David Sheeks

        Andrew – Thanks for keeping the older version available. I’m sure you’re well aware of the hundreds of negative reviews on the Apple App Store, so you might want to update the description there if possible to let people know about this. I’ll update my downgraded review of Skitch to include the link above. Will hope to see a version with all features restored in the future. One of the things I’ve always liked about Skitch is the combination of being very simple to use for basic things but also being a powerful tool when needed. This update took all of the wind out of the “power tool” portion of the app.

      • Jon Morby

        Thanks for making 1.x available again

        2.0 sucks and has been uninstalled …. I’m back to 1.0.x which works a treat

        Please dump v2 and go back to 1.0 with all the wonderful features it had!

        If you can’t do that, OpenSource the code for 1.0.x so we can maintain it and not be left out if/when it fails to work with an OSX upgrade in the future.

        2.0 is unusable and a major step backwards … it’s almost like you went from 1.0.x to 🙁

      • farhaan

        Thanks. I reverted back.

      • Nate Gay

        Thank you so much for making 1.x available! I liked all of the sharing features available in the new Skitch but some features that I rely on from Skitch 1.x are the instant drawing pad i.e. one click on the menu bar, and the ability easily adjust the size of my canvas. In addition, decreasing the size of the new UI that seems to swallow the canvas would be nice! I hope to try the new updates in the future!

      • DMK

        Thanks, appreciate being able to downgrade to the upgraded experience.

  • Duff OMelia

    I was also wondering if there might be a way to make the “Drag Me” part of the UI drop a full size jpg rather than a png. Thanks again!

  • Nate W

    Wow. I am very rarely one to complain, but this update killed so many of the things I loved about Skitch. FTP options, Forum Code generation, web upload presets, crosshair magnifiers when clipping, and the ability to quickly and easily change the file type in the “drag me” bar. II’m not angry so much as sad. I used to recommend this to every friend as the first APP to download when they got a mac… Don’t feel that way anymore based on this update.

    Hoping Time Machine can bring back my old version of skitch until some of these features come back.

  • Zig Baird

    I’ve been a premium Evernote user for quite a while and I’m just shocked by the way you totally ruined Skitch.

    You removed so many core functions that it’s not even Skitch anymore – just some off the wall screenshot tool that got the Skitch name plastered on to it.

    No snapping from URL or Safari anymore? Huge loss!
    No ability to rotate, flip, add shadow image, change fonts – basic features that are now no longer.
    No (s)ftp uploads

    But hey – the new cropping feature is nice.

    I could go on but I’ve already left comments on the Mac App Store and the Evernote forums warning people not to upgrade.

    It’s a sad day. I’ve never had to use Time Machine on my Mac before today. Switching back to the old version until Skitch is fixed.

  • Glen McKeown

    It is now not possible to change the title of the Evernote Note once it has been transferred from Skitch, so now I have a number of entries called Snapshot.
    Yes it is possible to go back and change the Skitch file, but that does not transfer across to Evernote. There are so many negative changes in Skitch I fail to understand who was left in charge – Steve Balmer?
    I agree with Martin Ransom – can we have version 1 made available again, please.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Thanks for the feedback. There are a lot of features coming to Skitch soon. In the meantime, we have made Skitch 1.0 available at

      • Tim Kemp

        Not true, there’s no way to download Skitch 1.0 from that link. It just links to V2 on the Mac App Store.

        For anyone who updated through the Mac App Store the only real solution is to use Time Machine or some other backup to revert to an old copy. All you need to do is replace the Skitch app in your main Applications folder. I had a suspicious feeling about v2.0 before I updated, so I copied out v1 before I got the new version on Wednesday. I’m glad I did. I really wanted v2 to work, not least because it might cure some of v1’s interface idiosyncracies, but when I found it was unusably crippled I at least had an easy way to revert.

        Andrew, you guys have squandered a large amount of goodwill with this awful release. I’m curious what you were thinking when you decided to go to market with v2? Were you hoping to gain a whole new tranche of users, so many that you could afford to ignore the existing Skitch user base? Was this release forced on you by some higher-ups demanding to see some fruit from the acquisition?

        • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

          Tim, you should be able to download Skitch 1.0 directly from the link provided at the top of the page:

  • Tomislav Podhraški

    Skitch is one of those rare tools I use every day. And I was very excited when I saw that there was a big update. I tried to use it this day as usual, and it was a pain!

    * I need Skitch to be in the menu bar and accessible by keyboard shortcuts.
    * Additional dialog when taking a screenshot is really not necessary.

    Not all is bad, I like the new “more OS X” look and feel. And I haven’t anything against the Evernote integration since that is my go to app as well (haven’t tested it yet, don’t know if I want to save everything to Evernote though).

    Still looking forward to trying the future version, but unfortunately for now I had to downgrade to an older version.

  • Edward Garrett

    Can’t say I’ve ever done this before… I went back and installed the OLD version. It WORKS so well!

  • David Fox

    So you took a great app, binned it, and started again. But you missed half the functionality out in the name of simplifying it. Just doesn’t make any sense to me. What are you thinking?

    I’ll be seeing if I can get v1 back from my backups tomorrow, and looking at the alternatives out there. I’d be happy to pay for something that did what the old Skitch did. This new version would appear to be too far away from being what it was a couple of days ago to stick with.

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

      You can still access Skitch 1.0 here:

  • Jim Klo

    You instantly took your App Store rating from almost a perfect 5 stars to 1.5 in less than 24 hours. Great Job!

    Version 2.0 is more like version Version -2.0!

    Seems just like what you did to all those PAYING Skitch users – screwed and ignored them. I actually paid money for a multi-year subscription out before Skitch was free! Evernote bought them and just kept my money and gave everyone the same features I had for free. So what did I ultimately get out of my paid purchase that anyone else using Skitch did? Nothing.

    Now they took one of the most magical screen grab and annotation tools in existence and turned it into total crap!!!! Skitch 2.0 is basically as useful as builtin

    • No global hotkeys
    • No time delayed capture
    • No intuitive resize
    • No menubar access
    • A welcome screen that never !@#$% disappears
    • No sharing to FTP
    • No snap and share defaults
    • No font selections
    • No magnifier on box select (which means you can’t be precise on those fancy Retina displays!!!)
    • Plus many many many features that previous commenters mentions.

    Why did you even bother releasing this with so many missing features from 1.0? Did you even survey your user base?

    Come on Evernote – I thought you were better than this… and I was just thinking about upgrading to a paid Evernote account – and you did this.

    I suppose I will try to downgrade now!

  • Jake N

    I used to use 1.0 for school. One of the things that allowed me to do this was a small marker size that allowed me to annotate nitty gritty details, both overlaid on pictures and also freehand. The new marker is too big to do this. It would be great if you would re-introduce a fine marker or a pen. Until then I cannot use 2.0, which otherwise seems pretty cool. Many thanks.

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

      Thanks for the feedback, Jake.

  • Peter Earles

    They even removed the tool to select an object and move it. I am reverting to the old version for now

  • Pablo

    There’s one thing I’m already missing: to open Skitch from a shortcut when the app is hidden and on the menu bar.

    I was also surprised that when you go to Preferences – General there’s only one thing to check and useless.

    I like the design, but please add amny of the old features soon. Thanks for being such a great company. Evernote is half of my day.

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

      Thanks for the feedback, Pablo.

  • Steve Morris

    As many have noted, you’ve taken a wonderful tool that I’ve used for years and totally ruined it! It has fewer features, is harder to use, has to run in the dock instead of the menu bar, etc.

    As a Premium Evernote user, I usually applaud when an application easily integrates with Evernote, but in this case, the integration has ruined the tool.

    I’ve switched back to Skitch 1.0.12

  • John Twilley

    What a let-down.
    Skitch 2.0 is plain awful.
    I hope you kept the development staff that made Skitch 1.0…they knew what they were doing, and what the public actually wanted. Shame on you Evernote.

  • Ryan Wagner

    I use Evernote Premium and Skitch all the time and was extremely excited to see an update that really merged the two. I was in awe at all the features that had been removed though, and had to roll back almost immediately. I can’t, for example, resize or crop to specific dimensions anymore and using the slider makes it nearly impossible to get the exact dimensions you want. Plus the resizing and cropping is nowhere near as easy as it used to be in the original version. Bummer. Hopefully you guys bring back some of the things that made Skitch so useful.

  • James Craner

    In the 10 years I have been using a Mac this must be the worst software ‘upgrade’ I have ever seen, everything that was great about the original version of Skitch has been removed. The ease in which images can be resized, just by dragging the side of the window, easy access from the menu bar. Timed snapshots. At least the original version is available on the website. Version 2 is going to the trash.

  • Jeff Harper

    I’ve used Skitch for a long time, but only locally, I can’t let the things I screenshot and annotate go out of the company to a non-secure server. It looks like I have no option now except to store everything in a shared Evernote folder. I would be OK even with storing the shots in Evernote in a non-shared folder on my local computer, but sending everything to the cloud with no local store only option is a non-starter for me. I’m not given an option to pick a non-shared folder for storage so this is a big security concern for corporate users. I downgraded to version 1…

  • Arie

    Things that were removed that I used constantly:

    * The ability to set a custom color.
    * The ability to set transparency.
    * The ability to “fill” a color.
    * The ability to have useful name for the image. It used to pull the title of the webpage I was clipping from, and I could click in the area where this name appeared at the bottom, type in my own text, and then drag it to my desk top. The resulting file would have the name I gave it, or the usually pretty useful automatically given file name. Now it is this long thing with dates that is less than descriptive of the actual content.
    * The ability to share a public URL that isn’t ridiculously long.

    Are these features still present, and I’m just missing them? If they are removed, please seriously consider adding them back. The updated version is very pretty, but has completely destroyed my work flow, and this app is no longer useful for me. It doesn’t do one thing, really fast and easily any more. It requires a whole lot more work, or flat doesn’t work for me any more. I thought I’d never have to search for a great sceenshot app again once I found Skitch. I’m very disappointed I have to pick up that hobby anew.

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

      Thank you for the feedback, Arie.

  • Arie

    And just so I’m not leaving all negative feedback…

    The pixelate option is nice.
    It’s very pretty.
    It’s nice to sync across all devices.
    I use Evernote often, so it’s nice to have the history in there with all my other notes.

    I’m afraid all those things together just aren’t enough to make up for all the negatives of the very useful items removed, though.

  • Carpii

    New Skitch is a real disaster.
    Horrible gui, and from what I can see, no option to share to a custom destination (via SSH/SCP).

    I’ve uninstalled from App Store, and manually installed older version, but its time to start looking for another app I think 🙁

  • Leesha K

    Skitch has been one of my favourite and most useful apps since way back when it was in beta. While there are other screen snapshot apps, Skitch beat them hands down due to its workflow with ease of use, fast publishing of screen shots, available anywhere (through FTP), great history feature with fast find, link copy; resizing with file type choice for dragging out the snap and so on. So many very useful features. Now – version 2.0 has made all that disappear???

    Did Evernote purposely go all out to create the worst upgrade ever? To ruin a good app and remove all the features that made it a number 1 app for so many users? Why?

    Thankfully the one good thing that Evernote have done for skitch is provide a link to the prior version 1 which i’ve now downloaded and installed. Please Evernote – give us back Skitch and not this aberration!

  • Charlie Jefferson

    WOW! This will go down in web-story as a classic example of how to totally ruin an app and destroy a brand. Where to start? Skitch was a great app that I used daily and often. Having it in the menu bar was invaluable. Having it simple and extremely intuitive was a gift. This remake is neither. Clearly no users were consulted in this debacle. The specific problems are:

    * This rewrite requires me to double the key strokes for any tasks.
    * The gray overlay screen is downright annoying and useless.
    * The mandatory minimum size of the skitch window is ridiculously huge for no reason.
    * The removal of the menubar icon makes this NOT a useful tool but rather a complicated add-on. The whole idea of skitch was to have it readily available.
    * Linking to an Evernote folder – WHY? This is a useless feature and just add complexity.

    Please provide a link to download the previous version of Skitch. PLEASE PLEASE provide a link so we can all get back to productivity.

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

      Charlie, you can still access Skitch 1.0:

  • Dee

    I do not like the automatic sync with Evernote. I am a teacher and I was using this to grade work from students. I cannot access some of the work I graded because it says I reached my limit. If I can control when I send stuff to Evernote than I can continue to grade my students work. How can I get these other assignments back?

  • Paul Gill

    Thanks for providing the option to downgrade. A lifesaver!
    One question: how do I get Skitch 1 to recognize the history? It still uses the same folder, but doesn’t’ see what is in it… Should I recover a plist or something via Timemachine? Or can I somehow import the old history?

  • Ronald Gorman

    The update is confusing. Please go back to the prior version or give instructions on how to use the new version.

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

      Ronald, you can find links to user guides for both iOS and Mac by going to the Skitch product page: ; &

  • saivan

    This is terrible, The evernote team has ruined skitch! I’ve been a premium user of both skitch and evernote for years now and I really can’t believe this has happened. you have removed so many useful features from skitch, that I don’t know where to begin!

    – The background cant be transparent anymore – Return this feature please
    – There are no keyboard shortcuts – Its just not skitch
    – You have introduced “grey area” into the skitch window (whats the point??) – This is wasted area which I would otherwise use to write.
    – You need to use a menu prompt to crop now (waste of time, more difficult to find!) – Just add a small border to crop like skitch had, it was easier and more intuitive
    – I’m restricted to a set of 8 (poorly chosen) colours – Like a retro green that looks websafe. Let ME choose my colours,
    – I could always use highlighters, simply turn down the opacity on the pen tool – Give me that option again
    – I can’t change the size of fonts or remove those pesky outlines and shadows – I don’t want my professional documents looking like they are a cartoon!
    – Resizing my images is now painful at the best of times. There is no way to know the exact filesize of the image before exporting, – print the filesize when i’m exportin
    – Exporting takes FAR longer than it did. – Add a drop down menu where the drag to export button is

    – Your interface is cleaner and more uncluttered
    – whilst it is useless to me, the pixelate tool is a nice addition

    – let me import more than one image into the same skitch file for BASIC manipulations only

    You really have upset the community of dedicated skitch and evernote users. I for one have taken back my old version of skitch and deleted this version. It is the worst software regression I’ve seen since windows vista!.

    A disappointed fan

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

      Thank you for the feedback.

  • Marc Krisjanous

    Why you removed the icon at the top bar for quick access to Skitch is beyond me. Somehow you have succeeded – brilliantly at stuffing up such a great product in one go. Its more like version ‘-100’.

  • Ahmed Al Hafoudh

    I cannot select multiple images to drag them out to email as attachments for example. 🙁 That was possible in earlier version.

  • Michael Collins

    I would just like to go on record as saying this version SUCKS.

    Skitch was my go-to app for choice for quickly downsizing pics for upload to my blogs. I could resize the pics and then SFTP upload them directly to my WordPress site.

    The crop/ resize tool is an utter piece of crap. Before I could just drag things and watch the sizes until I got the height or width to be what I want. Now I’ve got to do some crazy crop/ resize combination over and over again just to get something close and even then still not exact.

    I think I’d have an easier time trying to lick my own testicles than to get this version to work halfway decently.

    Whoever came up with the idea for this version needs to be FIRED.

  • Chris Olbekson

    I have been a Skitch user since paid app store version. I used to use this tool everyday but you completely ruined it. It was always there for me in my menu bar just waiting to be called upon. If I needed a screenshot I just had to hit shift command 5 and bam screenshot click the little history arrow and poof it was gone. Now I have to open up the app then get an annoying message reminding me to sync then wait for the cloud thumbnails to load and finally take my screenshot. Of course now I have to sync back to the cloud and close the app down. What used to take less than 10 seconds now takes a few minutes.

    The previous Skitch UI just worked and was very innovative with the transparencies and minimal chrom. Now it is horrible. Do you guys even do regression testing with your ui? Do you care about the experience or is this update downgrade purely revenue focused?

  • Tim Bull

    I very rarely bother complain, but this update was a massive WTF for me.

    I’m really missing the Magnifying Glass and the instant snap. Why can’t you at least preserve the instant snap as an option – I don’t want to review the dimension, I just want to highlight what I want and “Bam” Skitch captures it. Skitch’s core value is quick and easy visual communication, not a picture perfect image snapshot, you’ve removed that quick and easy feel with the interim review step.

    I’m going to give it a go for a few days, but at the moment, my download figure is itching to click that link and go back to the old version.

  • Richard Sprague

    I’ve been loving Skitch for a long time, and was sooo excited about 2.0, but after actually using it now I’m depressed. To echo many of the other comments, this is a downgrade. I often take large photos and resize them, which in 1.0 was super-easy. Now it’s multiple steps, and anything but intuitive.

    I thought it would be nice to synchronize with my Evernote Premium account, but it’s automatic with no apparent way to turn it off, which is a memory and bandwidth hog when I’m experimenting with multiple photos.

    Thanks, at least for making 1.0 available till the many fundamental problems of 2.0 are fixed.

  • Captain Calliope

    I had to compare the new and old versions side to side. Overall, I find more functionality has been preserved than I’d originally thought. The greatest loss in many of these cases is that functionality is hidden and non-obvious. In cases where finding the old functionality is obvious, there are now extra clicks involved in in our workflows. After playing with it and learning the new interface, a number of my complaints have gone away.

    That being said, I don’t like all the extra clicks.

    You can get rid of a whole click(!) and increase discovery of functions in the edit screen by making tool selection dialogues popup when you hover over them.

    The color/size options shouldn’t have their own button, but show up contextually for the drawing tools in the exact same way the crop/resize options show up at the bottom. (This one’s my most serious suggestion that needs to happen.)

    If I have Evernote open, I’d prefer Skitch to automatically sync with Evernote desktop first before syncing with the web. Again, this is about speed.

    I feel like the snapshot dialogue box mocks me. It used to be amazing in the menu bar, but now I have to think about switching to the app for it. This is especially annoying with fullscreen apps. Here’s my suggestion to fix it in two steps!

    1) Bring back the menu icon (and the option to not have skitch in the dock. Makes it feel like a systemwide utility this way.)

    2) The ‘Evernote’ button with the new Microsoft icon essentially feels like a home screen screen for skitch. THIS is where the snapshot options should be.. not as a dropdown, but lined up to the side of all the skitch notes.

    If I can leave off with this one central idea: Skitch needs to be both ubiquitous and lightning fast. Minimize the clicks, increase discoverability and ALWAYS be optimizing for performance. (Overall it feels a little sluggish right now.)

  • Keson

    I use skitch in my every day work for past year+. Unfortunately this version 2 is to me a step back 🙁
    So many functions are gone that it seems like I went back to alpha version.

    Please Skitch&Evernote team – do something about this. Nicer UI is fine, but without functionality, it is ment to be forgotten.
    What I am missing:
    – hide from application lunch bar
    – reenable the icon in the top bar
    – allow the hot keys to work without receiveing focus on skitch application again
    – clarify the sharing – it simply creates images and randomly uplaods some to my evernote and leaves other out
    – put back the rename optin above the “drag me” shortcut
    – make the context menu for each tool to appear only after clicking for longer time or only after clicking on the small arrow right bottom

  • Vladimir Campos

    Fortunately (for myself obviously!) the features I use to use in Skitch are de ones that remained in the upgrade. I also loved the complete integration with Evernote. It’s like having iCloud on Skitch 🙂

    My problems are related to: 1) Its being really hard for me to crop on the iPhone screen. I’d prefer a tool like the on Camera+ uses. 2) I’m missing the geotag feature on the pictures. One should be able to toggle that on/off on the settings.

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

      Thanks for the feedback, Vladimir.

  • Ant CC

    Hey come on guys – they haven’t ruined the app and are quite openly in the process of building back in features. Full evernote integration is, for me, a massive gain and so I am happy to wait while the other bits are added back in.

    iPhone version is also amazing guys – thank you

    Only thing I am missing desperately from the desktop version is the ability to show Skitch with a keystroke – it interupts my flow having to move from keyboard to mouse to select the Skitch icon in the dock to bring the screengrab screen back to the front when I am dragging into emails etc

    Do you plan on adding this back in?

    Also – when will Penultimate get the full Evernote integration treatment?

    • Vladimir Campos

      I agree with you! I loved the complete Evernote integration! And am also waiting for the same to happen with Penultimate. I also love the fact that I finally have the App on my iPhone! But as I said in my last post, I’m finding it a little hard to crop images on my iPhone and iPad. When precision is needed on the cropping process, it becomes impossible to crop 🙁

  • farhaan

    Sorry Evernote. Skitch 2 is not an enjoyable upgrade. I really miss Skitch 1.0 (I was still using Evernote to store my skitches in 1.0)

    In 2.0 I am just lost. I dont know how to export in different formats and quality variations. I also dont know how to make extra whitespace to take notes??

  • Chris Tipton

    I am very disappointed in the new version of Skitch. I’ve been a huge advocate for using it in our advertising office as well as Evernote. It has been invaluable in the editing process as we’ve been able to use the freeform writing tool and the text tool to annotate edits using screen captures of web pages, PDF comps, etc.

    This new version has totally ruined it for me. It appears as if the changes made were influenced by social media — making it more of a tool to add “cool things” to pics. Now my editing is relegated to a fat marker and word art text outlined in white making the application pretty much useless for our office. The simplification process has taken all of the usability out of it for me.

    That being said, I appreciate the responsiveness of the team to the feedback posted here by providing the previous version for download. I was thrilled to have the functionality back and have happily reinstalled. Thanks for listening.

  • Chuck Burt

    You seem to have forgotten one key user base in the Skitch redesign: Web workers.

    People who are tech savvy enough to have their own websites and want a tool to publish easily to it.
    People who may not be enamored with Evernote because frankly, Evernote is only moderately useful.
    People who loved Skitch, perhaps even paid for Skitch, because Skitch was the fastest and easiest way to share a quick annotated snap to their own ftp server—but the rest of the time it *stayed out of the way.*

    Frankly, you have turned Skitch into something that tries to compete with LittleSnapper and does a poor job of it. The beauty in Skitch was its simplicity: how it stayed in the background until you needed it (by invoking a keystroke); how it took very few steps to get from snap to share.

    If you are unwilling to recognize the need of this audience (who I would argue were the biggest users of Skitch in the first place) in order to make a completely different, mass-audience tool, please release it under a different name (maybe, Evernote Photos?) and keep Skitch as the simple, elegant tool for a quick annotated snap without all of the Evernote overhead garbage.

    Just my two cents as someone who was a HUGE fan and evangelist for Skitch.

  • drew buchan

    I think by now Evernote know they have made a mistake.
    Okay, everyone just take a deep breath.

    Its obvious that to multi-platform they have had to doa lot of re-coding and have relaunched the product with the lowest common denominators, mistakenly thinking the cross platform functionality made up for all of the other stuff they dropped.

    I think Evernote just “fess up” …. write a good humoured blog post acknowledging he screw up … relaunch Skitch 2.0 … as something different … but alongside Skitch 1.0, until it has caught up.

    I am sure everyone will forgive and forget if its handled right.

  • Nate W

    Just wanted to add a THANKS for making the previous version available. I do want to apologize for all the vitriol we’ve heaped on you. It was really disappointing to have a favorite app stripped down so much, but when you take a step back it’s not the end of the world. It’s just an app. We lived before it existed, and we’ll continue. You all (developers) are just trying to do what you thought best and are doing the best you can. You owe us nothing and we shouldn’t be so demanding.


  • Isaac VanDuyn

    How do I get version 1.0 back? This has ruined my workflow.

    • Isaac VanDuyn

      Oh thank goodness. This was ruining my life. I seriously had like a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach as I contemplated searching the web for an alternative and always knowing it was worse than the beautiful thing I had. For those who are curious, you can download 1.0 here:

  • Ernie

    I seem to be unable to import my old skitch files into the new skitch using the method described when I started up he new skitch (dragging the .skitch files into the sketch window). The green plus sign appears, but when I drop the file, nothing happens.

    I do seem to be able to drag an old skitch file into a new skitch DOCUMENT, but then when I save that it is creating duplicate entries in skitch and in evernote. Very annoying.

    I think I’ll be rolling back to the old version for this and the items mentioned above. I spent a long time yesterday trying to do something simple with skitch and ended up using a different tool.

  • DMK

    This new version looks much cleaner. But it has lost so much functionality and degraded useful features to the point that it’s no longer useful. I would downgrade if I could.

    It appears you wish to promote its use within Evernote, but in my case, it’s sending me to other solutions. Some points:

    *Tool size is down to three levels. It should have become *more* flexible, not less.
    *Arrows are fat and cartoonish even at the smallest size.
    *Colors are unchangeable.
    *Opacity is unchangeable
    *Screen-shot selection opacity is too high.
    *Unable to switch to active app (for proper window look) when doing a capture
    *Resizing is too “chunky” to be useable
    *Cropping and resizing are far too modal
    *Resized images have worse resolution than before, and much worse resolution than other applications.
    *”Drag me” doesn’t allow for renaming the image on the fly.

    • DMK

      followup note: I hadn’t realized just how universal my opinion was, until I read other’s feedback. I’ve also downloaded and reverted to 1.0, which—while not the best looking app—is much more functional.

      I use skitch for instructional illustration involving a lot of screenshots. One thing I found useful was the ability to “gray out” most of the image but the part I wanted focus on. To do that, I’d set a 50% gray at 50% opacity, draw a box around the part to be hilighted, then fill the rest of the screen with the same 50/50 mix. Now, I can’t do any of that.

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

      Thanks for the feedback.

  • tollie williams

    For what it’s worth, I’m sure you’ve read about all the missing features and are probably trying to decide how few of them as possible you can put back in, because you want it to be eloquent and beautiful, etc. I get that. Right or wrong, I get it.

    Can I just mention that the ability to change the toggle direction of the arrow with the alt/option key was an eloquent option?

    While I wish I could use background colors on shapes, and I wish I could open a universal font dialogue box to edit the text’s style, and I also wish I could upload to a destination of my choosing (ps. paid for Skitch and a paying customer of Evernote) … I just thought, “hmm. You know? I bet someone just missed that you could hold down alt/option as you drew an arrow, and they really meant to put THAT one in there, because it just works.”


  • Michael Mahemoff

    This is much better overall, well done. I have a question: Is it possible to change font size? I can’t see how.

    Also, like Tollie, I’m a paying Skitch and Evernote users, and would still like to upload to Imgur. For the simple reason that even with an Evernote public album, I can’t hotlink the image from other locations (it’s against the TOS I presume). So, for many image I create on Skitch, I have manually upload (using a third party tool) to Imgur.

  • Kristal Kraft

    Is it possible to reduce the size of the image when creating it on the iPad? I need a narrower width to publish on my blog.

  • Richard Hounsfield

    Great product, thanks.
    2 requests please:
    1) Enable some font size & style choices.
    2) Print function in the desktop (PC) version.
    Thank you.

  • Eric

    You’ve killed the product. Tool is basically useless w/o the ability to accomplish what DMK outlined

  • ibeedug

    GARBAGE!!! I want the old one back!

  • MLT

    Hello! I want to share the actual Skitch file that I created with multiple users – this file would be a “template” that each user could manipulate, so it has to be an actual “editable” file. I made a simple map matching activity where students would drag text with the state name to the correct state. I want to share the file that can be manipulated, NOT an image or screen shot of the file. Is this possible in Skitch?

  • patrickreiner

    It’s so sad to see what you have done to Skitch. It used to be such an awesome product and now it has been turned in to garbage. Such a shame…