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Quick Tip Friday: Save Time. Pin Notes, Notebooks, Tags and Searches to your Favorites Bar

Posted by Stefanie Fazzio on 21 Sep 2012

Posted by Stefanie Fazzio on 21 Sep 2012

If you find yourself frequently accessing the same note, notebook, search term, or tag, save yourself some time by pinning these often-used items to your Favorites Bar! This feature is available in Mac OS X 10.7+ and Windows, and it’s incredibly easy to use. Here’s how it works:

  1. Just click on the item (note, notebook, search term, tag) you want to pin and drag it from its home into the Favorites Bar at the top of the screen.
  2. Once it’s in your Favorites Bar, you can click on the item to bring up the note, the contents of the notebook, or view notes for the specified tag or search, without having to look through your account. If you decide you don’t need the item in your Favorites Bar anymore, just drag it out of the bar again and it will blend back into the rest of your notes.
  3. Use your Favorites Bar to organize, prioritize, and create shortcuts to important information in your Evernote account.

This process is the same for Windows and Mac.

This tip was suggested by Evernote product manager Daniel Lu and Evernote designer Adam Glynn-Finnegan.


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  • Evan

    I have been wondering why this isn’t a feature in OS X 10.6 — it’s something I’d love to use all the time, but it just seems silly to have to upgrade my entire operating system for it. I guess it’s not a simple update for the 10.6 desktop app?

  • worthwords

    I use this to pin my current project. I’m craving for something similar on the ipad.
    Since evernote insists on flattening my notebook stacks it’s incredibly difficult to locate notebooks related to a project.
    I started creating landing pages for projects a page with links to other notes that have content in them to help keep organised – i then drag then pin the landing page for easy access and then remove it when say the event/meeting is over.
    It would be great to have some continue in this area from desktop–> ios.

  • Martin Kaiser

    Nice feature but removing Favourites does not really work. I can drag it off the bar as much as I want, and in any direction, but nothing happens except the mouse curser being changed to a crossed-through icon, indicating some forbidden action. What gives??
    To manage the bar I can do nothing but reset it altogether. I hope this can be looked into.

  • Mark

    Wow, just signed up for the free account and will be upgrading. The ability to search PDF is a feature I have been looking for. Also, as a management tool across work and other email accounts this is going to be amazing for me. Wonderful account with maximum utilization since it syncs between devices.

  • eydie

    What about kindle fire?

  • Daryl

    Only problem is it does not sync across computers which makes it a bit hard to consistently update them to keep them in sync.

  • albertp

    there are several apps that will transcribe voice to text. Evernote does not have this feature. “Or does it” it sure would be a great thing to add.

    • everJ7669

      This would be the “golden” added feature for evernote. Aleeving us all of typing…the ultimate timesaver!

    • everJ7669

      This would be the ‘golden’ feature added to evernote. It would alleeve us of most typing and make evernote the go to and ultimate application!

  • Mads Singers

    Fantastic idea! my to-do list have now been pinned to my explorer 😉

    Kind Regards

  • Wendy

    Sounds like a great feature – where do I get this feature how do you get this onto the tool bar?

  • Roger Schulman

    Not knowing this tip, I invented one of my own: I copied the heart pictograph from the character map on my computer and gave it a keyboard shortcut (in my case, with TextExpander). Then I made it a tag. I assign the ♥ tag only to those notes — regardless of category or subject matter — that I access all the time. With one click, there they are. Now I can drag the ♥ tag to my Favorites bar and make it even easier!

  • Bill

    Nice feature! Thanks for the tip.

  • Birgit

    it does not work for notebook stacks and it’s not possible to remove it andymore from the bar! :-/

  • Marilyn

    Absolutely LOVE Evernote! Only thing missing is a calendar. Do you plan to make one available any time soon?


  • April Holle

    I’m running OS X 10.9.4 with the free version of Evernote, I have looked through all the menus (I think) and I can’t figure out how to “view” the Favorites Bar in the desktop version of Evernote…

    Any suggestions? Thanks! 🙂 I <3 Evernote!

    • Daniel W

      I think in the newest versions “favorites” have changed to “shortcuts” in the sidebar. View >> Show Sidebar