Trunk Spotlight: KustomNote Adds Structure to Notes, Wins Silver Devcup Award

Posted by Rafe Needleman on 26 Sep 2012

Posted by Rafe Needleman on 26 Sep 2012

It’s always great to see developers adding capabilities to Evernote, via the Trunk. One of the coolest extensions I’ve seen comes from KustomNote, which I was happy to see win the Silver prize in our Devcup competition this year.

KustomNote is a browser-based template system for Evernote notes. You can create fields, just like you would for a database, and then create notes that have these fields embedded in them, to keep your note-taking organized. See a full slideshow of all the KustomNote features.

So if you have a particular way of recording information about the wines in your cellar, or you want to record specific information each time you meet with a potential customer for your small business, or you want record the best routes for bicycling nearby, you can create templates that meet your needs exactly, with none of the entry fields you don’t want and all the ones you do.

For people who are a little obsessive about how they store information, it’s a great invention.

It seems there are a lot of these people out there, too. Since word got out about KustomNote — with no ads or marketing other than what we’ve been saying at Evernote — the service has seen more than 6,000 signups. KustomNote CEO Hussein M. Ahmed told me he’s upgraded the service’s Amazon Web Services instance three times to keep up with the growing user base.

You can create detailed templates for Evernote with KustomNote. Click image for slideshow.

Ahmed says his work is spurred on by Evernote users. “I’m still enhancing and fixing the Web app with the tremendous help of thousands of users. They are so passionate, helpful, experienced and knowledgeable. They sure know more than me when it comes to being organized.”

Users of KustomNote can also see the community at work themselves. Anyone who creates a note template can share it with other users. Maybe you want to keep track of wines but don’t want to build your own template to do so. There’s a chance that another user has created one that you can “clone” and use for your own cellar. I count about 200 public templates so far.

Coming next: Mobile versions of the service, for iOS and Android. Also, an offline note creation tool.

KustomNote is in the Evernote Trunk.

See also: The Devcup Gold winner, EverClip.

Have you tried KustomNote?


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  • Christine Hancock

    I love KustomNote! Just what I needed..

  • Hossam Gad

    It,s a great job I like it tomuch and start using kustomNote daily…

  • Derek wright

    The template is great and I have created the ideal survey template (i am a gas sales engineer) but can’t use offline on my I phone. How long before this is available?

  • Jitendra Singh

    Nice extension. So as of now it is available only for web? I am using Evernote on windows and iPhone, so when will i get it ? 🙂

  • Unnikrishnan

    God Sent !!!

    Note are taking shape now.. not just scribbles…

    Bringing order into Chaos !!

    All credits to the developers…

    Love it …

  • André

    Guys, that’s really incredible. Go hire this guy and add this functionality to (at least) the desktop clients!

    • Ken

      I missed something along the way (not at all uncommon for me). I have 2000+ notes in EN now. Is there an easy way to integrate these into KustomNotes, or does this require a do-over?

  • Rodney Daut

    I love this. The web interface is pretty fast and is faster than the web interface for Evernote. I just created my first template with this and it was so very helpful.

    Like a few others, I’m wondering though if/when this will be available on desktop, mobile and tablets.

  • Pierre


    I did an audio interview with Hussein for The Elephant Channel. He talks about how he got the idea, how he developed the product in time for the DevCup and what are his plans for the future.

    Link to the interview:

    I hope you will like it.


  • Mike Jansen

    I love Kustomnote. It is just what Evernote needed. I love the functionality within Evernote but working in a visually appealing environment is awesome. I had at one time taken a look at SpringPad and it is a visually appealing product. I could not pull the trigger to use it since I am set in the functionality of Evernote but again wishing for the visual appeal and voila! KustomNote. It is awesome baby. Mike