Evernote Food for Android Gets Multi-Shot Camera and Image Re-ordering


Evernote Food for Android Gets Multi-Shot Camera and Image Re-ordering

Posted by Andrew Sinkov on 27 Sep 2012

Posted by Andrew Sinkov on 27 Sep 2012

Today’s Evernote Food for Android update (1.1) is all about the photos. From taking lots of images using the Multi-Shot Camera to re-arranging the ones you have, this update promises to make our snap-happy users even happier.

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Multi-Shot Camera

Whether you’re having a big family meal or tracking the steps of a recipe, you want to be able to take lots of photos in succession. Thanks to this update, you’ll be able to do just that.

The new Multi-Shot Camera lets you take as many photos as you like without leaving camera mode. After you take a photo, the image flies down beneath the camera, allowing you to snap another photo. Once you’re done, all of the photos you’ve taken will appear inside the meal.

If you don’t like an image, you can delete it while still in the Multi-Shot Camera. Simply, tap on the photo, then tap the X.

Quick tip: When I’m having a meal that I want to remember, I’ll frequently leave Evernote Food running in the Multi-Shot Camera mode. That way, as soon as I wake up the phone, I’m ready to snap the next course. No extra taps.

Re-ordering images

You can now change the order of images in a meal. To do this, open a meal and scroll down to the Photo List. Tap and hold the image that you’d like to move. It will pop out of the list, allowing you to move and drop it into a new spot. That’s it.

And more…

As always, we also made significant behind-the-scenes improvements. In addition to general enhancements, you’ll notice that both sync and performance are much faster and more reliable than ever before.

We hope you like the new update. Let us know what you think.

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  • Scott

    Great! Both are features I was just thinking about literally yesterday. You sneaky mindreaders…

  • Dave Beauvais

    This seems pretty neat and I look forward to trying it. Please, PLEASE tell me multi-shot camera is coming to the Android Evernote client. That combined with the Quick Snapshot widget button would be great for quickly grabbing multiple photos in a single note rather than making separate notes. I use Quick Snapshot regularly and then organize and tag later. Thanks for the continued improvements!

  • Paula

    Please tell me step by step who can I send email (from my gmail.com account) to a specific notebook as an example I want to transfer one email to my “do to list” from my notebook.
    Thank you

    • Ron C

      From gmail forward to you evernote address, which can be found under tools, account information. Then at the end of your subject line add @notebook-name also you can add #tag-name. You have to spell the notebook and tag name correctly or it won’t work, and the forward will end up in your default evernote inbox.

  • Paula Whitfield

    Hi, I tried the Food app, it wasn’t for me, so I created a notebook, “Food and Recipes” to replace my “Recipes” notebook, but I cannot find a way to DELETE that old notebook using my android phone, which is all I have, no computer. HELP, this is driving me crazy, how do I delete a notebook??!!??