Now Shipping: The Evernote Smart Notebook by Moleskine

Posted by Mie Yaginuma on 03 Oct 2012

Posted by Mie Yaginuma on 03 Oct 2012

Since we announced our partnership with Moleskine, we’ve been eagerly awaiting the day Evernote Smart Notebooks would begin to ship. Today, Evernote Smart Notebooks are beginning to make their way to those who placed their pre-orders (most of you should receive them within the next week). If you’d like to get one for yourself, buy an Evernote Smart Notebook now.

Using the Evernote Smart Notebook

You can use any mobile version of Evernote with these notebooks. Those that combine the Evernote Smart Notebook with Evernote for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch will get our new Page Camera feature that make the notebooks even more useful.

The Page Camera is designed to work with the notebook’s dotted page pattern to optimize images and save handwritten notes and sketches to Evernote with the best quality, so you can easily find them on any device where you have Evernote installed. Included with each Evernote Smart Notebook are sets of Smart Stickers that digitally tag your handwritten notes; when you use the Evernote iOS app to snap photos of your pages, the new Page Camera will recognize these special stickers, automatically tag your notes, and save them into pre-selected notebooks in your account. For more details on how this works, see our Getting Started Guide.

Even if you’re not an iOS user, you can still take advantage of this unique integration. When you snap a photo of your handwritten notes using Evernote on any of your computers or devices, your text and images will be indexed and made searchable in Evernote, everywhere.

We’re very excited about this partnership because it brings together two things we love: beautiful paper products and advanced technology. For those of us who enjoy jotting down our thoughts on paper but also want to have those memories available forever digitally, the Evernote Smart Notebook is the best of both worlds.

Order your Evernote Smart Notebook today »

How will you use your Evernote Smart Notebook?


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  • Royal

    Evernote Friends,

    How about self-print leter size paper via PDF, similar to Whitelines LINK?

    That would be awesome to include in the native Evernote App! rather than another external application.


  • zonnah

    If only you could use it with android. I would buy it in a heartbeat then.

    • Patricia

      I also have an android and would purchase in a heartbeat.

      • Sarah

        I am a Mac user, but also love the Google platform, so I have the Android OS for my phone….and have always used Moleskine notebooks as my go to journal. I can’t wait for Android compatibility.

  • Florian

    Unfortunately I won’t use my Evernoet Smart Notebook because you don’t support Android with this feature.

  • Gary Pack

    Is there a Smart Notebook for Android OS in the future, hopefully!

  • Robert

    I use an ecosystem notebook instead of Moleskin purely because all ecosystem pages are perforated for easy tear out and only a few Moleskin pages are perforated. Are all the Evernote Smart Notebook pages perforated or just a few? If Moleskin would follow ecosystem’s example, many ecosystem users would defect (including me).

  • JubJub

    Let’s have android version SOON!

  • Jon

    Just got my notebook, great quality but handwriting recognition not there. Sibreally just a collection of note snaps. Will keep trying and keep you posted

  • Bryan

    Evernote Team,

    When you first announced the collaboration with Moleskine, in the comments section, probably 85% or more of the comments were requesting support for Android. And here, four of the first seven comments (5 of 8 counting this one) already are requests for Android support.

    Yet, with that many requests, there has been zero communication from Evernote on whether or not there will be support for the Android community. Will someone there please, please respond and let us, the apparent “red-headed stepchildren” Android users, know IF you will be supporting an Android/Mokeskine union? It would be highly appreciated.

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

      Bryan, we’ve seen the comments and can say that it’s coming!

      • CR015

        Why is it that everything is released for the lesser used platform first? Is it easier or something?
        Also, if it’s just taking pictures of notes in the Moleskine, consider selling the stickers separately. Moleskine could still be a partner.

  • Bob Tepper

    there are more android users than ios users. What are you waiting for? Buy the way I use a MAC desktop computer, but all my phones, and tablets are android.

  • Jack

    Been using mine for a day now and it does seem that it’s truly just pictures of your notes. I did think it would be searchable. Otherwise, why not just buy the stickers and use a regular moleskine? I was hoping for more.

  • Briana Myricks

    Can you explain how the stickers work? Are the stickers the only way to sort of tag your notes?

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

      Check out our Getting Started Guide, and the section on Smart Stickers:

  • Bob

    Just got mine. Maybe I am dumb, but how do I upgrade my current account to premium?

    • Jay

      On the very last page of the book, there is a code in the bottom section of that page.

      • Mark

        I see the code, but can’t figure out where to use it at. All of my options are to pay for 1 year or month to month with a credit card. No option to use the code

  • Tm

    Just got mine – and I have to say, I’m astonished at how well it recognizes my handwriting. I typically print in hand notes of this type, and that seems to really work well. The pictures seem to have very high contrast, that must have something to do with it.

  • durishin

    Were there an app for Windows phone, I’d be all over this. iOS folks (its authors and users) are not really the early-adopter crowd.

  • JL

    I just got my new Evernote/Moleskin yesterday. I’ve been using Moleskin products for about 7 years now and was excited to try this one out. I’ve been using Evernote for around 3 years now, and hope to continue to use it for the next 20+ years. It’s one of the most helpful tools I’ve ever used.

    Regarding the notebook — I will not be purchasing a 2nd one simply because the cover design is way too childish/unprofessional. I work with many C-level executives, and I do not feel comfortable carrying a notebook into a meeting that has all the stupid graphics on the cover. The neon green highlights are gaudy enough.

    If you simply created a front cover with a subtle-Evernote logo impressioned on it — that would be enough to not be ashamed to use it in the professional world. Secondly, it would allow me to be a better Evernote advocate as many executives I work with are continually looking how to marry hand written notes into the digital world.

    It’s a great first try though.

    • Passngrwatts

      Couldn’t agree more. On both the childish graphics comment and executives looking for a print/digital solution. Love the idea, just make a professsional version as well.

      • Nena

        Why not just cover it up yourself? Or take the stickers and put them in another Moleskine or any other notebook?

  • Don Shelman

    I received my Smart Notebook yesterday, but I guess there’s nothing I can really do with it since I’m in the Android eco-system. I’d be interested in feedback from others (before I open the shrinkwrap) of how/if their SM was of any added value to them. I suppose I could sell it to an IOS user; I know plenty at my workplace.

  • Bobby

    Not sure I understand the benefits of this notebook. What’s the difference in snapping a picture of a Evernote notebook with an application and just taking a picture with your camera and emailing it to your evernote email address? You don’t have to buy a special notebook for that method and it works with regular paper. I believe you can add tags and choose notebooks with the email if you know the correct syntax.

    • Jennifer

      This is the question I have. It is unclear to me, from reading through the product information, whether or not the app ‘reads’ the handwritten notes.

      From the description: “Once in Evernote, you can search for your handwritten notes by keyword, tag, or just visually browse.” Are these keywords and tags that I manually submit, or does it ‘read’ what I have written? Does it provide an OCR version?

      Thank you.


      • Chris Bolton

        I haven’t tried the evernote notebook out so can’t speak from experience, but if it’s like the livescribe notebook (which I haven tried), it will literally search handwritten notes. It’s pretty amazing :P.

  • Sharra R.

    Will this be available for Blackberries? I’ve seen Android mentioned, but you’d be missing out on a big market if you forgot us Crackberry users!

  • Michelle

    Oh great. Just ordered it and now read that my android won’t work with it. That info could have been highlighted.

  • David Phillips

    12 cents a page for the notebook!! Conceivably it could be worth that if time savings were realized. Still. I like the ring bound, lay flat notebooks I can get from the grocery store for tiny fractions of a cent per page.

  • Wil C

    Received mine yesterday. Fantastic design, the green is a nice touch and the cover is fun to just feel. The stickers are a great idea (SPOILER ALERT [don’t think I’m using that term correctly] – the stickers work with regular Moleskine’s as well – and perfectly to boot). I understand that people who do not need to get the stuff rattling around in their head down on paper, and are not addicted to the feel and dynamic of a Moleskine like I am would think this is just a waste, but in my opinion it does two things; it helps promote the Moleskine brand, which I am constantly worried about in the digital age, and its enjoyable. Now, that might not be a big thing in the overall consideration of things, but to enjoy yourself in the simplest acts is too often put aside for efficiency or commonality. I mean, if I just wanted to write things down I’d use a piece of notebook paper.

    Thanks again y’all! Its a good idea, great delivery, and an enjoyable experience. Have a great fall everyone!!!

  • Cathy Davey

    I’m already a premium member so can I get the notebook cheaper. Also how can I get extra stickers

  • Moondance

    Disappointed that there is not Android version right out the gate. Was looking forward to this product.

  • Carlos

    I ordered these notebooks, and got them yesterday, when I had an iPhone. I still have my iPad, but actually replaced my iPhone a few days ago with an Android phone. …so one more Android backer!!

    Can Evernote at least provide an estimate on when Android will be supported? It doesn’t seem fair that Evernote forgets Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry users.

  • Kristina

    can not wait for the android version!

  • Dave

    It’s been two months since iOS got page camera and still no love for Android (or Windows – x86 or phone). Maybe its time to start looking for alternatives before Evernote becomes iVernote.

    Signed, an increasingly disgruntled premium customer (and I,ve been one since you were Windows only and I had to pay for the software to run on Windows XP Tablet Edition).

  • Nena

    I love this! Been using Moleskines for years, but since I keep most of my notes in Evernote and use less and less paper this would be a great excuse to work in a Moleskine again! And people asking about what the extra is since it seems nothing new to some? This is just a start. Who knows what the Evernote team has in store for us with this Moleskine notebook in the future? I surely can’t wait.

    And for the people asking ‘Why not go Android?’
    One of the reasons that developers choose to make an app for iOS is ’cause it’s the main platform on which people are willing to pay for apps. Also, even though Android may have a bigger market share, the app store on iOS generates around 5 million a day! Which makes it a good business opportunity. The apps are also sometimes more expensive than on Android so the developers earn more either way. Besides that iOS only works on i-devices, Android phone models and versions differ so much it will bring alot more problems with developing apps.

  • StanX

    It states clearly on the page it only works with iOS … why all the confusion with Android users? I suspect that Evernote sees a sizable difference in the actual usage of the mobile apps and that is typically the reason many companies chill on Android.

    Anyway … got mine and it’s terrific … I like the multiple tags. Still not totally convinced that it saves much time from just doing it manually and adding tags, but it’s a start. As with the post above, I don’t see the handwriting recognition at all … I’ll poke around. Maybe I’m missing something or it takes a while to register.


    • Roger

      The only confusion is – why NOT Android, why the delay? We are the early adopters.

  • James Mensah

    What if my handwriting is almost illegible? How useful will the smart notebook be then?


    I’m already a premium user. Is there an expiry date on the 3 months premium coupon?

  • Tony

    Smart Notebook support with Page Camera for Android PLEASE!!

  • Chris

    Pleas add the page camera feature for the Blackberry app too. Thanks! 🙂

  • Sugi Venugeethan

    I had this idea. If someone can develop a tablet like device, like kindle etc just for taking notes under notebooks which directly gets stored to person’s Evernote account, it will be great. Rather than writing and taking pictures to store in Evernote, it would be easy to write directly and that gets stored to evernote.

  • Sugi Venugeethan

    Sorry about previous comment. Just seen that penultimate for ipad exists.

  • Andrew

    Would love support for Windows Phone seems great and Moleskines are amazing just just love my WP alot more than my old iOS

  • TomPic

    And another one for the Android app.

    I bought the Smart Notebook, which is far from being cheap, and just discovered I cannot do a lot with it….

    • aberehrlich

      me too…

  • Matt

    Please create a business-class worthy cover instead of the “fun” Evernote cover.

  • Samir

    I was wondering if the Moleskin Evernote notebooks were going to be available at retail locations that carry Moleskin notebooks? When I checked multiple stores that carry Moleskin notebooks, none had this one.

  • Chris

    Hi! I just received my Evernote smart notebooks and they seem super cool – only I’m having a problem with the Evernote app when I try to take a picture! Once I enter “page mode” I can no longer tap-to-focus my camera! The focus works in the normal camera mode, and it keeps the focus at it’s last setting when I switch to page mode, but from that point it’s stuck. The only way to get it to focus correctly is to tap the focus in regular mode, then attempt not to move the camera or notebook even a hair while I switch over and take the photo. I’m can’t imagine this is the intended method of use! I’m using the lastest phone and latest iOS if that makes any difference.


  • Shawn

    Don’t forget, Evernote’s a bunch of Mac fanboys so Mac/iOS gets preferential treatment. 🙂

  • Josh

    Waiting for the Android version.

  • Doug

    I have a Mac, iPad, and iPhone and really appreciate the way Evernote keeps everything coordinated and synched. I do prefer my larger moleskine though and wonder where I might get additional stickers as they will run out long before the moleskine notebook is full. Thanks.

  • kmf

    Patiently waiting for the Android version,
    I want to buy this for my wife and brother for as Christmas gift,
    hopefully it will be ready before Christmas

  • Ninor

    Any idea as to a time frame for the Android friendly version? Are we talking weeks, months, or years?

    Also, how will you notify Android users that they’re ready?


  • Tim Middleton

    Where can I get this in the great white north? Moleskin site won’t ship to Canada.

  • Laura is selling this product.

    Is the cover different from wgat is shown in the the images at the site? I’ve ordered one from Amazon but scent received it yet. Thanks.

  • Laura

    Any update on Android availability? The wait is starting to get ridiculous….

  • Jessica

    Dudes. Page Camera isn’t available on Android?

    COME ON.

    I bought two of these at Christmas gifts for Android users without realizing that it was an iOS only feature and, only after unwrapping the notebooks, did I realize that fact.

    Now, yes, I guess I should have done more due diligence when shopping, but I mistakenly imagined that SINCE ANDROID IS A MORE WIDELY USED PLATFORM THAN iOS that it wouldn’t be an issue.

    Get your head in the game, guys – this is a fantastic product that will blow up once it’s on Android.