Devcup Bronze Winner EV Brings Evernote to All Feature Phones

Posted by Rafe Needleman on 08 Oct 2012

Posted by Rafe Needleman on 08 Oct 2012

Evernote builds versions of Evernote for almost all the computing platforms that matter. But there’s one platform we’ve never served directly, one with, literally, billions of users: the feature phone.

The Brazilian team of EV says that 70% of the world’s six billion mobile phone users don’t have a smartphone, and are thus excluded from the benefits of using Evernote on the go. They created EV to address these users. It’s an SMS gateway to the Evernote cloud, and we think it’s pretty slick. EV won the Bronze medal in our Devcup competition this year. See their qualifying slideshow.

With EV, users can create notes by texting them to the EV service. They then appear in Evernote. Users can also search their archives, including searching for text in pictures and files, and get responses back via text. If the result is an image, EV will send an MMS message.

Finally, EV adds intelligence to notes. If you have a note that has the word, “Reminder,” in it, with a time and date, EV will send you a text reminder at the correct time.

But mostly we like EV because it provides on-the-go access to literally billions of people. Yes, the world is moving towards smartphones, but it’s a big world with a lot of people in it, and there’s a big opportunity for EV to help folks get organized with the Evernote platform and the phones they already have.

See also the Devcup Gold winner, EverClip; and the Silver winner, KustomNote.


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