Skitch for Mac Gets A Menu Bar Helper

Skitch for Mac Gets A Menu Bar Helper

Posted by on 19 Oct 2012

Posted by on 19 Oct 2012

We have some exciting news for our Skitch for Mac users today. The latest update (2.0.2) includes a Skitch Menu Bar Helper which lets you take screenshots and use keyboard shortcuts even when Skitch isn’t running.

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There are two ways to use Skitch from the menu bar. You can either click on the heart icon and choose the option you want, or you can simply use one of the keyboard shortcuts to take a screenshot of the entire screen, or just a portion of it.

In addition to the Menu Bar Helper, we also added some nice text editing improvements and made the app more reliable.


This update is currently available as a direct download from our site. If you downloaded Skitch from the Mac App Store, then your update should be available very soon. If you would prefer not to wait, then drag Skitch from the applications folder into your trash, and download the app from our site.


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  • Shelby DeNike

    Nice! Some of the features I have been waiting for.

    • Brian Rayner

      Oh yay! They finally put back a feature that never should have been removed in the first place! Funny how it’s being announced like it’s something exciting and new.

      • Rob

        My thoughts exactly…

  • Yeah


  • Padika11

    Excellent, still no windows client.

  • Martin

    I would also like the option for a timed snapshot back!

  • Michael Novotny

    Any word on FTP / SFTP and Snap From Link making their way back into the app?

  • Mike

    Well done guys – love your work 🙂

  • hinz

    reimplement ftp upload please!

  • Colin Lai

    How to change font in a text box? Why not bring back the palette on the side as in the previous version? I want a quick-and-dirty app that takes up minimal desktop space.

  • J. Rox

    Now it’s late. I migrated to Monosnap. Sorry!

    • W Meyers

      Good suggestion. I migrated too. No direct link sharing to images means our team no longer uses Skitch. Too bad, it was a really great tool…

      • D Werner

        We’re out as well – with no direct link sharing this becomes no more useful than a basic screen grab that’s already native to Mac.

    • Jolomero

      Thanks for this tip. Will be using Monosnap instead.

  • RicD

    My wish is to be able to draw a box, oval, etc. then be able to rotate it. If there is a way to do that I have not been able to find it. My version is 1.0.12 on Snow Leopard.

  • Geronaldo

    Please make a “Non-Dock”-Skitch. Dockicon should be disabled over all…

  • dave™

    ah come on lads, i thought ye would have the skitch for windows out long ago, like last year. does it really take that long to build it from the ground up??? will we be getting for christmas? 2014?


  • tim

    Skitch 2.x is such a disappointment. Evernote could have saved themselves a lot of headaches by just building from the ground up. Why buy another company with a great product and then strip all the features out?

  • Brendan

    First, I’d like to say, I do like some of the improvements made in 2.0+.

    1. Automatic Evernote syncing is useful, and I like having my snaps backed up somewhere.

    2. Resizing of added embellishments and moving without the need of a move tool are awesome additions.

    3. Blur tool is a fantastic addition.

    I’m glad that the menu bar helper has returned, but here are some things I’d like to see next.

    – Bring back transparent black and the paint bucket tool so that I can dull the background of my snaps quickly, like such.

    – Separate the size adjustment from the color palette, and move these out of the toolbar.

    1. I initially the size adjustment was lost, only to accidentally discover it while looking through all of the rest of the tools.

    2. The color palette and size adjustments are not tools and don’t belong in the toolbar. They allow you to set attributes of the current tool, and as such should be moved elsewhere in the interface.

    Here’s a quick mock I made.

    – Bring back the magnifying glass around the crosshair snapshot… This was immensely helpful for grabbing exactly the area I wanted.

    – Please remove the dialog that pops up after I take a snap. Of course I wanted to snap the area I dragged out, and I shouldn’t have to click to confirm that.

    On that note, why would I want to resize an image at this stage? Moreover, why offer me the resizing if you don’t respect me typing in a value? So far, anytime I’ve used this feature the app either ignores my values when I hit capture, or crashes. This feature just gets in the way of what made Skitch simple in the first place.

    – Bring back the ability to drag a URL to the menu bar for a full screen snap.

    – Bring back FTP/SFTP upload. When I said I like to have my snaps backed up, perhaps I liked them on my own domain.

    I’d hate to see Skitch, a killer app that I sued daily, become useless and get thrown away.

    • Rob

      Very Helpful, Brendan. I sincerely hope they listen…

  • DMK

    Hm, looks like the new update isn’t much better than the original version 2: still crippled and useless. I’ll continue to use version 1.x—which I use every single day—until I find a replacement.

    • Rob

      Do you know where I can download version 1.x?

      • Tom

        Go to Skitch’s old home page ( There’s a small link to download the old version under the row of stores.

      • Tom

        Go to Skitch’s old home page (skitch-dot-com). There’s a small link to download the old version under the row of stores.

  • Aram

    @Brendan: “moving without the need of a move tool are awesome additions.”
    I’m of the opposite opinion, and that was what made me switch back to Skitch 1 as soon as I began to edit an image in v2. I absolutely hate it when I try to, say, drag an arrow close to other objects that I’ve drawn in Skitch and end up moving those other objects instead of starting to draw the arrow.

    Also I miss the ability to resize the exported image by dragging the handles and holding down shift to draw straight lines.