Evernote for Windows Desktop Updated with Skitch Integration and Improved Sharing

Evernote for Windows Desktop Updated with Skitch Integration and Improved Sharing

Posted by on 25 Oct 2012

Posted by on 25 Oct 2012

[UPDATE 10/26: Please check for updates. We have a new version available (4.5.10) that fixes a bug which caused notes containing special characters to appear blank.]

Today has been quite a day of Windows updates. We launched Skitch for Windows Desktop and Windows 8, and we launched Evernote for Windows 8. But that’s not all. Evernote for Windows Desktop (4.5.9) also got an update today that adds a great Skitch integration and an improved notebook sharing process.

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Skitch and Evernote

The new Skitch for Windows Desktop is tightly integrated with Evernote. The apps are designed to talk to one another directly. Here’s how it works:

Starting in Skitch
When you create a Skitch note and choose to save it, you’ll see that it saves directly to Evernote on your desktop. Once in Evernote, the Skitch note will appear with a pink bar along the top of the note that lets you open and edit the note back in Skitch.

Starting in Evernote
You can also create a new Skitch note right from the Evernote app in two ways. We’ve added a New Skitch Note button to the New Note drop down. When you choose to do that, Skitch for Windows Desktop opens with a blank canvas. You can also right click on an image inside of a note and choose the Markup with Skitch option to open the image in Skitch.

Improved Notebook Sharing

Sharing notebooks is a much more streamlined experience in this update. When you choose to share a notebook, you will be presented with a popup that walks you through the sharing flow.

You can invite easily invite individuals to the notebook and update permission for anyone at any time.

And more

In addition to these new features, we made the app more reliable than ever. Let us know what you think of the new update.


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  • JD

    Looks great. I hope to see it on Windows Phone sometime soon, as well.

  • Ken

    Love Evernote. Adding Skitch is a big improvement. It would be great if you could edit a skitch note in realtime on your tablet and desktop….
    Another thing I would love to see is updating the Evernote interface in the windows app – why not use the look of the new Windows 8 app?

    • elponderado

      +1 Evernote for windows does need a modern look.

  • Matt

    Just did the update for win7 and now my notes I use daily are not syncing changes. When Evernote syncs my changes are gone….premium subscriber btw

    • Pranab

      I noticed similar problem: Evernote is not syncing after my PCs (Windows 7) resume from sleep, even manually pressing the syncing button is not working. Once I quit Evernote and restart, it’s syncing.

    • kaszam

      Same problem appeared here. I updated to the latest update (soon after the one screwing up the save functionality) and now it seems okay.

  • Tony

    So with this new update, will we be able to re-name a document created in Skitch?

    • Dlu

      Hi Tony,

      Yes you can rename a note you made in Skitch. It’s one of the features we added based on feedback from our beta testers.

      We’ll be developing on both apps on the Windows platform. So you’ll see improvements to both apps, include UI improvements 🙂

  • Matjaž Mirt

    I’ve been waiting for this from the start. Not for Skitch exactly, but for tool to draw, mark … Good job.

  • Ayang

    You really do a great job.
    Just some problem here. After I update version
    I noted something on my desktop(win7). I type a lot(data get from web page)and happy to sync.
    However, the note just suddenly disappear. No idea how come. It happens two times, and I just note two.

    • Ayang

      The problem might cause by copy and paste web site data, u can test this activity. When I try to copy the web data then paste it on note, the data will disappear…..

  • Padika11

    Finally I can highlight text on my scanned lecture notes, slides. That is awesome!

  • Coretta Jackson

    Great! Updating it now…

  • Amy

    I have to say now after my last comment. The fix for the problems was done very quickly. thank you! Getting to play with skitch and evernote together is awesome!

  • Chuck

    newest update solves the problem. thanks!! great work. love the skitch. evernote IS my computer.

  • Björn Bengtsson

    The page: doesn’t give you the option to download skitch to windows, yet…

  • Hank Fay

    Sharing is moving in the right direction, but please don’t stop there: we have a real need to share Stacks, to which Notes are added, and in which notebooks are removed (rarely) and renamed (sometimes), with read-only and read-write permissions at the Stack level. This one change would make Evernote our tool of choice for workgroup information sharing.



  • kimyagar

    Does this version support Right-to-Left writing?

  • Jim

    OneNote has a very useful math feature whereby you can type a simple formula like 5 X 6 = and it will solve for it. I would love to see something like this in Evernote.