Skitch for Windows Desktop and Skitch for Windows 8 Are Here!

Skitch for Windows Desktop and Skitch for Windows 8 Are Here!

Posted by Stefanie Fazzio on 25 Oct 2012

Posted by Stefanie Fazzio on 25 Oct 2012

Over the past year, we brought Skitch to numerous desktop and mobile platforms with one major exception: Windows. Today, that changes. We’re pleased to announce that Skitch, our app to help you communicate your ideas using simple shapes and annotations, is now available on Windows Desktop (for Windows XP and newer) and Windows 8. Let’s take a look at some of the key features in the all-new Skitch for Windows apps.

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Get Your Point Across. Fast.

With Skitch for Windows Desktop and Windows 8, you can get your point across and move projects forward quickly. Capture, annotate and share what you see on the Web with a screen snap. Mark up photos to share your thoughts with friends and colleagues. Bring in items straight from your clipboard, or start out with a blank canvas and create a custom image of your own. It’s never been easier to make your ideas turn into reality.

Simple, Powerful Tools

Skitch for Windows Desktop and Windows 8 are packed full of quick and easy solutions for communicating more easily. You can add arrows, shapes and text to point out something important. Use the marker to draw freehand shapes or outline an object. Crop a screenshot to include only the critical aspects. Then, once you’re done, quickly share your annotated image.

The new Pixelate feature is a useful tool to obscure sensitive or personal information in an image. When you’re working with a photo, snapshot, or screenshot, just tap the Pixelate button and click and drag your mouse across the part of the image that you would like to obscure. The selection will become unreadable, allowing you to share your Skitch note with others without revealing any unwanted information.

The highlighter tool helps you call attention to important content within photos or screenshots just like a physical highlighter. To use it, tap on the marker tool and select the highlighter from the popup, then click and drag it over anything you’d like to highlight.

You can change the color or thickness of the highlighter, or any of the tools and shapes, using the styling options. This ensures that your annotation stands out against the background image.

A Closer Look at Skitch for Windows Desktop

Our two new Windows versions have many things in common, but there are also some platform-specific differences. First, let’s take a look at Skitch for Windows Desktop.

Drag Me Bar
Skitch has a very innovative way of letting you bring your final images into email, documents and other apps. Rather than saving the file and then attaching it into your app of choice, you can use the Drag Me bar. Simply click on the Drag Me bar and drop the image right into its destination.

Seamless Integration on Evernote for Windows Desktop

Evernote and Skitch are tightly integrated on the Windows Desktop. Create a Skitch note and save it directly to Evernote for Windows. View a Skitch note in the Evernote desktop client, and you can click on the pink banner at the top of the note to open it right in Skitch.

A Closer Look at Skitch for Windows 8

We designed Skitch natively to take advantage of all the best features of the Windows 8 operating system. From the crisp startup process to the neatly tiled home page and smooth note editing pane, Skitch provides a simple and powerful user experience throughout the app. Here are some features that make Skitch for Windows 8 unique.

In addition to the image sources we’ve already mentioned, you can also bring maps into Skitch for Windows 8 to help you explain directions. To do this from the home screen, tap on the map icon, then enter the location you need in the search bar. Tap snap to capture the image. Mark it up using arrows, text, or any of the other Skitch annotation tools and share it to get everyone headed in the right direction.

Made a mistake while editing one of your Skitch images? Don’t worry, you can fix it in a snap with Undo/Redo in Skitch for Windows 8! Tap the buttons to step back and forth to get to the version you’re looking for.

Easy Export
To save your Skitch Notes to you Windows 8 device, tap the export button in the lower right corner of your screen, then select the location you would like to export to. You can choose to export the image as a JPG or a PNG file so that you can easily upload it to a blog, website or other project.

Split Screen
Split screen is really cool feature that is unique to the Windows 8 platform. This view allows you to use Skitch at the same time as you use other apps. To go into split screen, slowly drag the left edge of the app window toward the middle of the screen and it will automatically snap into place. This allows you to take full advantage of available screen real estate, while also letting you bring content into Skitch in a new and effective way.

Putting it all together

Now with Skitch for Windows desktop and Skitch for Windows 8, you can view, edit, share, and capture Skitch images across every major computing, mobile and tablet platform, and, with Evernote, keep everything in sync across them.

Just the Beginning

We are thrilled to be bringing Skitch to Windows, but the work doesn’t end here. We’re continuing to build new features across the world of Skitch. Stay tuned — there’s a lot more to come. Let us know what you think.

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  • Amy

    hurrah! I’ve been waiting for this! I can’t wait to tinker with it! (I have an older version of Photoshop – but who wants to wait for photoshop to load to edit something from Evernote quickly?)

  • Metty

    Great!!! i love it!

  • Alan Williams

    This is great but I’m a little confused. Isn’t there a way to combine both Skitch for Desktop and Skitch for Windows 8 into a single universal package? I’m running Win8 but only use the Desktop and not the Native Win8 specific apps, but that could change so does it mean that I should or can install both versions/types depending on if I’m using the Desktop or the new Win8 methodology.

    P.S. I’m not on a touch machine

    • Alan Williams

      I think I found the answer to my question in the latest blog posting


  • Zi

    Fantastic start! Only thing missing is the ability to remap the keyboard shortcut for Skitch (please add that ASAP!)

  • B. Moore

    Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

    Dam I thought the world would end or hell would freeze over before Skitch for PC would actually be released.

    Thank You!

  • Sim

    oh boy! finally!
    now the developers are free to give us the highlighter for Evernote and I renew the paid membership on the very same day.

  • Ruth

    Cool! Am installing Windows Desktop version now, and looking forward to trying it out! Now: How about Blackberry? Specifically, BB OS6 for Torch 9800? Please?

  • B. Moore

    I got bad news for you Evernote Team… 🙁

    Skitch on Win XP SP3 with dual monitors, Fails to capture anything.

    Does some kind of crazy mirroring deal of 1 of my monitors.

    Very hard to explain with out seeing it with your own 2 eyes.


    • John W

      Yeah, I’m having a similar problem. It won’t even install on my Win95 machine. What gives Evernote?!


      • Charly

        Yeah won`t work on my DOS system either…

      • GrumpyGrizzly

        Fired right up on my Commodore 64 with Fast Load cartridge and dual floppy setup. Looks good on my RGB monitor..

        OK, now I’m wondering how many people had to google any of that post..

    • Richard

      I also found this. Screen capture doesn’t work with dual monitors. Everything seems to get messed up.

    • Philip Constantinou

      Thanks for the feedback. We’re still working on the multi-monitor support in Skitch. As a work around until we get this figured out you can use the “New Skitch Note” in the Evernote client. It should work correctly on multiple monitors.

  • wetworker

    Thanks for making this for metro. I’ll be picking up a Surface tomorrow and can’t wait to use this app in full touch mode.

  • Mike

    Finally :))

  • Andrewsbra

    The screen shot functionality of the Windows App seems broken on multi-monitor machines

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Thanks for letting us know. We’re looking into it.

      • Diane Muir

        Yep, that would be my only desire for this. I can’t cross screens with the app. HOWEVER! I love this app and have a million ways to use it already. Thank you!

  • D Steele

    Windows 7 Pro, dual monitors: when I try to take a screenshot with Skitch for Windows, it shows a partial image of my left hand monitor screen on my right hand monitor and the cursor moves to the right hand monitor.

    • Alan

      Yes, I am having the same issue – and it does different things based on where the Skitch Program Window is located. And Really acts odd since one of my Monitors are slight smaller and set at a different resolution. So Can’t get a full copy on the other monitor.

      • Alan

        I did find a good work around in Windows 7 – Use the Snipping Tool and copy it to the clipboard. and use the Open from Clipboard in Skitch. A great way to get what you wanted and annotate into evernote. I am loving this.

  • Kim Koehler

    I was very excited to see this arrive! Thanks so much!

  • Ron

    Windows 7, dual monitors–will only capture on primary monitor. Secondary monitor does not get crosshair overlay. Moving the app to the other monitor before capture does not change this behavior.

    Workaround is to move the app you want to screenshot to the primary monitor, but this is clearly suboptimal.

    It’s looking great, though–keep up the good work. Looking forward to a bugfix release.

    • David Szpunar

      Agreed, Windows 7 dual monitors it only captures the primary monitor regardless of where the app starts. Not bad for an initial release though; other comments above from Evernote seem to indicate they are working on multi-monitor support.

  • David Varela

    Yes, broken with two monitors. Also, can you guys add settings? Such as ability to set a combination of buttons to take a SS etc.


  • Adrian

    Is Skitch, free for enterprise PC’s?

  • Brent

    WAHOO! I love this application! It’s so simple and effective! So glad to have it on my desktop! Thanks guys, keep up the great work!

  • Oxyweb

    Great work, things just became a lot easier! Can’t wait to try out.

  • Gary Schulz

    Great !!!! Now I am waiting for the Chrome extension to capture screen areas 😉

  • Craig

    Same issue on Dual monitors. Cursor doesn’t move over onto the 2nd monitor. Apart from that, it is a great little app!

  • jo

    split screen its not unique to windows

    linux ubuntu both unity and gnome shell have it.

    in android, Galaxy note 2, galaxy note 10.1 and soon galaxy s3 support it

  • Harald

    I am missing an easy way to send the screenshot via Email, like the snipping tool from Win 8 does.

    Or did I just not see it?

    • Stefanie Fazzio

      Hi Harald,

      You can use the Drag Me bar at the bottom of the window to bring your Skitch image straight into an email. Just choose the file type, then click the bar and drag it over into the email.

  • Jimmy

    Why no button to copy to clipboard? The drag thing is annoying if you’re halfway decent with computers!

  • oj

    Looks great, but I would love the ability to snap popup/right-click menus.
    Apart from that, way better than Print Screen | Paint | Edit | Save

  • Mathias

    Great! Finaly available on PC! I Like that.

    BUt, multi monitor support is not possible and there is no function to set special Key-Settings for screencapture…

    Hhummm! -> FeatureRequest! 🙂

  • JS

    I have the same problem with dual monitors as others. Also, with Skitch installed on Win7 x64, double clicking on image files would not open the default program. I had to uninstall Skitch for this to work properly.

  • Diego Cogo

    Very good app, finally on Windows!
    My wishlist:
    – Is there a way to change the shortcuts? I really like to use (Windows Key + S) like Onenote.
    – Autorun and keep it on systray like Evernote.
    – Multi-monitor support

    Thank you!

  • Brian

    Skitch for Mac is great and I was really looking forward to using it at work on Windows, but unfortunately…

    Skitch on Win7 is completely useless with multiple monitors. When you try to take a screen shot, it moves all your windows to your primary monitor (stacking them up so you can’t see what you want). Not helpful in the least.

    I will be back when it is more mature.

  • Czarty

    This is great piece of software 🙂 I really enjoy it on Windows 7, but what I miss is possibility of changing text size. Please add this to next update

  • duQue

    No problem with dual monitor (XP3), but the keyboard shortcuts will be an issue for me personally. I’ve already used shift-control 5 (ironically, to start Evernote), and I don’t see my multi-year habit breaking.

    On the other hand, Thank You! Very long time Evernote user, love Skitch on my Android phone and tablet, and was really hoping for this to happen one day.

    Saw it announced on Lifehacker.

  • Zim

    Finally! I’ve been waiting 2 years, 11 months and 20 days for this! 😀

  • thameera

    FINALLY!! Thank you, Evernote! It just got better!

    I’m yet to try on dual monitors, but hope a fix would come soon for that.

  • Tony

    This is a great thing. I already feel like I live inside Evernote, and this is going to be a huge help.

    One question: I know this is v.1.0 and all, but I do trust that you’ll be adding the ability to change font color/size, pixelation, etc. at some point?

    • Stefanie Fazzio

      You can do both of these things in each of the Skitch Windows apps. The font color/size can both be selected by clicking on the Style button. You can also click on the Pixelate tool and drag it across any portion of the Skitch image that you’d like to obscure.

  • Chris Nahr

    That’s a fantastic app for annotating pictures, but could you please not automatically hijack file extensions of common image file formats? There should be options in the installer to define which extensions should be associated with Skitch, and the program itself should have such options as well. Lots of people already have Photoshop or other image processing programs, and they are going to be rather grumpy when all images suddenly open in Skitch…

  • Uddhab

    wow ultimately it’s available on windows.
    I’ve few ideas-
    font changing option, default name for captured shots- like image00 etc.
    website capture.
    Thank you..

  • Deveti Putnik

    I suggest that when Skitch is minimized, it should not go to taskbar, but to system tray, and it won’t take space on your screen, but can be called by Ctrl+Shift+5, or whatever. It could be good to provide Setting section in which could be found “minimize on close”.


    • Stefanie Fazzio

      Thanks for the feedback!

    • John Bowersox

      I completely agree. Having to keep Skitch running in the Taskbar all the time is not convenient and having to restart it all the time is not either.

      Having a helper in the system bar would be a huge improvement similar to what was just done with the latest version of Skitch for Mac.

  • ncloud

    Awesome sauce.

    Is there any way to keep Skitch running in the task bar? When I hit the close button the whole program terminates and I have to restart it again to do another screen capture.

    On the Mac I can share and copy the URL simultaneously, but this feature seems to be missing from the Windows version.

    When I add an image to Evernote it puts it in my default notebook instead of the “Skitch” notebook (where the Mac client adds images). I’d like the Windows client to behave the same way.

  • Koen

    Great! However, I’d like to be able to
    – Automatically save screenshots to a directory (use timestamp for naming convention)
    – Modify the language of the app (it automatically switched to Dutch while I prefer all of my apps & OS to use US English)

  • Rich

    Thanks for releasing this application. Been looking forward to it.

    I wanted to draw your attention to a couple of things.

    1. regarding the multiple monitor issue – in the above post (re a winxp3 config), Philip Constantinou says

    ‘As a work around until we get this figured out you can use the “New Skitch Note” in the Evernote client. It should work correctly on multiple monitors.’

    On Windows 7 Evernote I am not seeing a “New Skitch Note” option.

    2. The multiple monitor support is one of 2 things that would make this ready for prime time for me. The other is a minimize to tray function (or at least the ability to turn off the “drag me” tab so my other minimize to tray utility can do so without leaving it behind.

    Thanks for the hard work that went into this.

    • Stefanie Fazzio

      Hi Rich,

      Thanks for the feedback! You can find the “New Skitch Note” option in the drop down menu of the “New Note” button. This is located on the top of your window, in the Note Action toolbar. We are working on fixing multi-monitor support – stay tuned.

  • thommck

    Is this freeware? Can I deploy to 1000 PCs in my organisation without having to pay?

  • ZeoS

    Is there any way, how to change “Drag me” image JPG format (I suppose default image format), very high compression and low quality btw, to PNG?

    Thank you!

  • Vostromo

    I’m with Chris Nahr — as much fun as Skitch is, the completely unnecessary and, worse, undocumented hijacking of ALL graphic image filetypes under Windows is a major problem, even for users like me who know how to manually repair these associations. There’s simply no reason for it, since the option to associate filetypes can be built in to the installer all nice and above-board. Please rethink this.

  • TShoot

    Not a bad first attempt. Still very rudimentary. I use Snag-It to do the same thing but with a LOT more options and functionality. I just paste to Evernote or whatever other application I am using.

  • Charly

    All joking aside , this is one of the most useful programs I`ve seen all year and the integration with Evernote and android phones is exactly what I`ve been looking for. Great programs!

  • CDee

    I would second that an update is urgently require to fix the hijacking of file types under windows.

    In the early Beta’s this wasn’t a problem but with the final beta and release it’s really annoying to have skitch keep taking over as i have a work flow of apps which each do a different thing depending on the image type. To have all these set to skitch is really annoying.

    Apart from that it’s a great program and it really pained me to have to uninstall it as im a big evernote user and have liked using skitch since the mac days.

  • Bruno

    Wow, that’s nice!
    Any clue of when it’ll be available for Windows Phone 7?

  • Bruce

    Love this as a quick and dirty annotation tool, but how about an eraser?

  • Arek

    I’m not that much impressed. I really like to use handdrawing, handpainting etc. to note, draw pictures to see the idea more clearly, explain things on screenshots. And a quick look to skitch seems to show, that none of you designing or developing it uses a tablet. Please make yourself a favor and buy the cheapest Wacom Bamboo, that will change the way you look at such application so greatly, and let you understand all these features which other programs, like MS Note One (which actually you take a lost of ideas from) have. Bamboo is really cheap.

  • Arek

    Besides that, other comments:
    – no eraser
    – no undo? (Desktop version)
    – screenshots get smaller right after capturing it, to fit on screen, but scaling quality is poor… text unreadable
    – ink mode really but, no thickness to set,
    – cannot make a dot, you have to drag to make it start drawing
    – no way to make an empty rectangular note?
    – drawing colors are weird… Yes, they are original, but somehow reflect nothing you would get from pens. Red is weird, blue is weird, black is normal 😉

    Besides that, don’t assume everybody starts with a screenshot. Think about all these people which take a piece of paper, or a whiteboard if there’s one around and make a picture to get better overview of the idea. Skitch could be great for this, but seems to concentrate on annotating screenshots too much.

    That’s from 5 minutes testing. Still looking for a good whiteboard replacement tool…

  • Kevin Long

    Windows 7: “Add to Evernote” fails – “no evernote application installed”. Evernote desktop application is installed. Grrr.

  • Rick James

    I love the tool. Some of the additions below would be nice but then it becomes a complex program. I like it’s simplicity. What would be nice is a Magnifier that can highlight just a section of a screen cap rather than having to blow the whole thing up and lose perspective.

  • ronaldtoledo

    Please contact our support team at so they can assist.

  • Osvaldo Livondeni

    Muito bom!

  • Name

    Where is the maps option in Skitch for Windows Desktop? Why only for Windows 8? Is it coming soon?

  • Name

    Where is the maps option in Skitch for Windows Desktop? Why only for Windows 8? Is it coming soon?

  • Claudia

    I love skitch on Windows 8. It has a simple and elegant UI. It is great for one page notes, but I found lacking when I need to take multipage notes. I use Scrble everyday for my notes now. It is very simple and responsive both on my surface RT and on my Lenovo Helix.

  • Eduardo

    I just signed up for Premium and I am disappointed that I can share a Skitch PDF but people that I share it with can’t comment or annotate on it. Do you really think I am going to convince everyone to sign up for Skitch premium? I don’t work for you. If you’re on the fence about signing up, don’t.