Coming Soon: The New Evernote 5 for Mac

Coming Soon: The New Evernote 5 for Mac

Posted by on 26 Oct 2012

Posted by on 26 Oct 2012

Our team of developers and designers have spent the better part of the last year building a completely redesigned Evernote for Mac. We added over a hundred new features and capabilities that make the app better, faster and smarter for our current users, while also making Evernote more accessible to new users.

The new Evernote for Mac is coming soon, but we thought you might like a sneak peek. A beta of the new Evernote for Mac will be available next week. Make sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get the latest.

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Check out our What’s New Page for complete details on what’s in store.


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  • ThatGuyKC

    BOOM! This looks beautiful. Can’t wait to try out the beta. Nice job y’all.

    Question: Can the iPad app get a makeover to look like the web version or iPhone? It’s not easy to navigate.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Thanks! There are some exciting things coming to iPad soon. Stay tuned.

      • Richard

        Ipad update! Awesome. Please please – list view!

      • Jon

        Wonderful!!!! Yes, we really need a list view on the iPhone and iPad.

    • Bojan - Alpha Efficiency

      Looking forward to this update, but will I be able to hide stuff, like I could in the last version?

  • Keith Ruehl

    Great new features Evernote! Looks great, can’t wait to use it. How about Autoscroll? Would love to see that functionality built into Evernote. 🙂

  • Max

    Love it!

  • Chriz

    Yes, finaly maps. Looks beautiful. Thanks!

    • Jack Hirsch

      We can’t wait for you to try it!

  • Nico Oud


  • Chitra Sivasankar Arunagiri

    Awesome!!! The left panel looks amazing, and very useful… I love the Atlas option… I am gonna really love it!!! Cant wait to get it next week. 🙂

  • Sascha

    I just hope the aweful editor has been fixed in v5.

    • Shad

      Agreed. I love Evernote, but the editor really needs help.

  • Ben

    Looks great, but is the column view canceled or still available?
    I´m really used to see all my notes and tags in a notebook at once to find the one I need, without searching…
    Hope it is still there, optional…

    • Andrew Sinkov

      All of the views are still there.

      • dave peltier

        What about a highlight feature? Thats something many people are waiting for

      • dave peltier

        What about a highlight feature and a bullet text key command? Thats something many people are waiting for

  • Matthew Hillis

    Very Nice. Can’t wait!

  • mark

    The new version looks great…roll that beta out. A great product gets even better!

  • Kyle

    Can’t wait!

  • Evan

    Looks great! Are there system requirements? I only have Snow Leopard, but it would be great to be able to get EN5.

    • Andrew Sinkov

      You’re in luck. It’s Snow Leopard (10.6) and newer.

  • Hans-Helge

    Awesome, this look very beautiful.

    I would also prefer to use LaTeX in Evernote in some way. Because I use Evernote for studying and in Computer Science a lot of Math is involved 😉

  • Padika11

    May I ask when will these upgrades arrive to the windows desktop?

  • Raphael

    Looks amazing! Great work guys!

  • Jeff

    I love Atlas! Time and time again, I’ve noticed that location is uniquely helpful in restoring a thought process and is therefore a powerful search tool for individual notes. In older versions of Evernote, the map and note locations are relatively hidden in the background. Atlas brings this to the front of the open app. And since Evernote–the world’s best app–was designed to help you never forget via integrating numerous means of finding what you’re looking for, the Atlas makes it immeasurably more powerful!

  • Victoria

    Oh I can’t wait. I love this program and use it all the time. Yes please on the IPad redesign too.

  • Tony

    Looks beautiful. Will it properly handle plain text? What happens when I paste in text? I really hope those annoying behaviors are resolved in some meaningful way in this version.

    • Jack Hirsch

      We’ve got you covered! You can paste normally or as plain text. With an existing note, you can simplify the text to remove complicated formatting or just convert it to plain text.

  • David B

    This looks amazing. I enjoy the “snippet” view now, and the new panel is like the snippet view on steroids.

    Can’t wait to try it out next week.

  • Isaac Lim

    This looks absolutely stunning, are more streamlined! The current Evernote for Mac is already great, so keep the overhauls coming! Is Evernote skipping version 4 by the way?

    I can’t wait!

  • Jacob

    Wow that looks so awesome! I’m planning on upgrading my account soon because I use Evernote so much. When you care this much about us (your users) I can’t help but be compelled to support everything you do.

    Thank you!

  • Reshan RIchards

    This looks terrific! With the new single ‘Notebooks’ view, will we be able to create notebook stacks of of shared notebooks?

    • Andrew Sinkov

      Reshan, yes you’ll be able to stack shared notebooks.

      • William Stites


  • Cassio Magalhaes

    Looks great! Cant wait to download it. The video is cool too, a bit too much appleesque thou hehehe. Looking forward to an iPhone update too, I dont know if its my iPhone 4 but some times the app is pretty slow…

  • Laura Conley

    Wow! I like it already! Pleasant to view! Thanks for sharing!

  • DCB

    Evernote: my favourite program on my Mac. Thanks, Evernote, for the awesome product!

  • Daniel Gold

    Congrats to everyone on the Evernote Team! This looks amazing — and far more fun to get things done!! I know we’re all looking forward to downloading it soon!

  • Deweyduo

    Looks great! Please, please may one of the features be due dates!!!

  • Tim Chaten

    The one feature I’m waiting for is selective sync – I have over 10GB in Evernote and my MacBook Air is almost at the point where I can’t use the app anymore – is this something that is being worked on?

  • Ian 'Cat' Vincent

    PLEASE tell me the left panel colour can be changed from white-on-black?

    Like a lot of people, white-on-black causes after-image problems – in my case, so severe that I cannot look at webpages rendered that way for more than a couple of seconds without getting a headache…

    If this isn’t an option, I hope the panel can at least be hidden – if not, this will severely impair my ability to use Evernote.

  • Seb

    Looks great.

    Sadly, my 2 most wanted features don’t seem to have been addressed :

    1. Vertical list view (or one line snippets)

    2. Notes manual sorting/ordering

  • Max

    Will there still be the font size/bold/italic options, as well as a skitch shortcut and hyperlink inserting button?

  • Kevin

    Hi! This looks amazing!

    This version includes .epub export ?


  • Martin Packer

    I found the process of adding rows in a table in a note to be slow – no shortcut key combinations and you can only add one row at a time. Did that get addressed in this version?

  • Jared

    I am so excited for this!!

  • David

    I am betting it’s a “no”…but is there any chance that some sort of “export notes to csv” might be coming (especially in column view)? We could then use EN for true project management…just asking

    • Andrew Sinkov

      That won’t be an option in version 5, but thanks for the suggestion.

  • Aaron Stahl

    Looks great Evernote – keep up the great work! Hopefully a similar interface design is coming to Evernote for Windows?

  • David Cêtre

    I hope it will go faster….

  • Astra

    Will the iPhone sync problem with ios6 be fixed in the new version?

  • Jason

    Are there going to be any new task management features in Evernote 5? I’ve been looking forward to having more options (like due dates and aggregating checkboxes) with checkboxes.

  • Daniel Kjellsson

    Damn I’m excited about this!


    When are all these features coming to Windows

  • Reini

    Wen will the new version be available for Windows, Android and iPad?

  • Sal

    Dear EN –

    Your APP is AWSOME !! My company is using it for work and our daily reports (construction) about 30+ Superintendents. Then the company uses the share notes to review our reports, so far so good everyone seems to like it.
    Ideas I have to make it better are
    1. Being able to choose the upload size of pictures sometimes I post to a day 20 pics it would be nice to choose upload size all pics don’t need to be full size.
    2. When I attach an email why doesn’t it go to end of document?
    3. Skitch – why can’t I post the pics with mark up directly to a note? Instead a new note is made and I must attach it .
    3. A option to add captions to notes would be nice with metadata pic number.
    4. How about merging skitch inside EN being able to directly mark up a pic in EN would be great.
    5. How about a button to add today’s weather by zip code or geo location.
    6. What about letting me set up a note template for notes? Meeting mins template / daily report template / etc…
    7. What about giving the option to make a note into a PDF to email to someone instead of sharing link – don’t get me wrong sharing a link/note is awsome.

    Thanks like I said Evernote is great !!!

  • Jeff Burke

    With notification center integration, will it be possible to generate calendar events to items within a note. I take notes in evernote all the time during business meetings and would love the ability to generate alarms specific to certain items within my notes.

    Please say it’s so…


    – – Jeff

  • Emanuele

    Do you think you can redesign the icon to? I think it’s really obsolete and too bad integrated with the Mac.

  • Edgar Arroyo

    Great job on the new features. Product is kept current and fresh with every new update.

  • Ben

    Looks great! I hope the next redesign us to the iPad. It’s design does not seem to be online with your other device designs.

  • Vitor

    Awesome. But how about resize images?

  • Dave P

    Will there be a highlight option? How about an easier quicker way to bullet? Any changes in this area?

  • Navin Johnson

    Can we PLEASE get watch folders for mac going. I have to keep a windows machine running just for this functionality.

    • Chris Ballment

      This can already be done with Folder Actions and a piece of Applescript. You can have it add them with the file name, tag them as from the watched folder, etc, etc and anything else you want really.

  • Evan Hindra

    I’m really excited for version 5 — looking great!

    Will this version include the missing previously Windows-exclusive “Ink Note” feature?

    • Ben Kopf

      First thing I was hoping as well – will there be an InkNote feature? I’m guessing no since that would be something to crow about.

  • C@N

    Can’t wait to try it out! Looks pretty awesome. 🙂

  • Boxwino

    Please tell me you guys added a Quick Note Entry from the Menu bar (like the Day One journal program…which is perfect, but its not evernote). Simple quick and easy insta entry note option where you don’t have to wait for the program to start up, you can just enter a note and save it.

    Evernote is pretty much a perfect program but the option to make Insta notes on the fly would be an amazing option.

  • MG

    Looks great. But like many others I´d like to know when all these updates might come to the windows version of Evernote.

    • Ber

      Change, think different. Dare to be 5 to 10 year ahead. Forget about windows… use Linux, OSX, Android, whatever but not Windows.

      • Dave

        Ouch! Lost of corporations standardize on MS Windows. It’s a defacto must-have.

      • MG

        That was not an answer to my question. Think about Windows whatever you want but matter of fact is that there are much more Windows users than whatever operating system you might prefere.

        Whatever might happen in 5 or 10 years I´d like to have the updates on Evernote on my Windows system NOW.

      • iJohnnyCash

        Windows and Microsoft isn’t dead!

  • Jake Sully

    wondering why my comment is still in moderation. Does my query not make any sense? Thanks.

  • Walter

    I just downloaded Evernote to my i-Pad. What type of decvice do I need to write notes and sketch on the tablet?


    I love the charcoal gray background on the Notebook frame and the large icons for Tags, Notes, Notebooks, Atlas etc. are Windows user’s gonna get the same?

  • hardy k.

    can we finally edit the notes we’ve created with evernote-food?
    no more duplicates in the food-folder?

    … and please (i know, this is evernote, not evernote-food, but) can we choose the opener picture for the food app, because i don’t like to see meat as a vegan when open the app … thank you

  • Angela Booth

    Thrilled about Evernote 5; can’t wait. I use Evernote every day on my Mac and devices. Love the new shortcut bar. It will make using Evernote much easier.

  • stuball

    Looking forward to the update, but unfortunately there does not appear, as yet, to be a tickle date (forward date setting) field (and related attributes) included among the new features. In my view, such a feature would vault Evernote firmly in the must have list and blow open new dimensions in the usability of notes based information.

    • Galen

      I used to be a Premium user and asked about this for years. I tried modifying and sorting by creation date to get some functionality out of it but then they buried that field a level deeper. Seems Evernote has evolved into a “neat” app for recipes and tea gardens as opposed to organizing and managing serious information (“Oh, where did I buy those really good cookies?”).

  • Stacy

    Skipping v. 4?

    The update looks great, looking forward to it.

  • Hassan

    Just missed my train marvelling at the awesomeness.

  • DJ

    Love the new look and features. Can notes now be colour coded? Reeeally need this feature


    Looking Great does anybody know when this is coming out??? 🙂 hope it’s soon!!! is it going to be free or this will charge for download?

  • Brent Danley

    Looks great. Can’t wait to take it for a spin. I hope the editor is much improved (remove complex formatting when pasting, ability to highlight, etc.).

    Now will someone on the Evernote team go slap the manager of the Skitch team? They took an amazing tool and ruined it. 🙂

  • RS

    Hope the new version 5 upgrade doesn’t blow away all my local notes and unsynced notes and cause me to have to do a full restore to finally retrieve them like the last upgrade did…

  • Ber

    Were and when we can get the Beta. Thanks.

  • Hector

    An Evernote heavy user ( + 5000 notes) from start up. Cant wait to explore the new release.
    Seems you have done another great job for this new release.
    When does it come ALIVE for upgrade ?

  • Ahmad

    Although I’ll wait to see what the full version looks like, it seems there’s still no one-click method to add strikethrough to selected text as you can on the Windows version.

  • Martin Vaughan

    Can’t wait! Been using Evernote since the beginning – it is essential to my workflow! Keep it up!

  • KevinB

    Anxiously awaiting – any word on timing? Thanks for an amazing product!!

  • Paul Simpson

    Looks nice! Hoping the the retina screenshot bug has been fixed.

  • Jon Brown

    After the Sktich fiasco I’ll be careful before blindly upgrading to this version… that said I do look forward to checking it out.

  • RicD

    Evernote, in your new version for the Mac will the multiple PDF in one note bug be fixed

    Here is what happens:
    Open a note containing more than one PDF
    Open a PDF from that note full screen
    Notice that PDF does not stay on the screen, within that note it moves to the next PDF, then the next, cycling through all PDFs in one note.

    The jumping to the next keeps one from reading a full screen PDF, why, it cycles to the next PDF. This bug has been in all versions of Evernote for the Mac. Very frustrating.

    Another thing: in a notebook do a search, oops I am in the incorrect notebook, move to the correct notebook the search field is empty. Again we must retype all search criteria.

    In three panel view work on a note, the second panel moves so you cannot see the note you are in. Yes it sometimes moves the third panel as well thus you are not in the same note you created.

    For all its foibles I still love Evernote.

  • Richard Pinneau

    Have you attended to all the issues cited by that most thoughtful forum, the Hacker News of ycombinator ( )? It would *really* behoove both your marketing departments to make sure that you have – AND that you get someone on your staff active on and post replies to the concerns there. I really *want* to muster the energy to attempt again to get into EverNote for Mac – but I’m going to wait to see how you folks reply to all the concerns there.

  • Alan Leeds

    I’m hoping that this new version will let me configure my Evernote database to live on my large external disk (instead of my puny SSD).

  • Luis

    I could not see very clearly in the video if notebook stacks are supported in this new version. Seems like the left hand navigation pane does not show notebook stacks the way the current version does.

    This would be a deal breaker for me and I would rather not upgrade if notebook stacks are not there. Thanks,

  • Andy

    This product does seem to be growing on me, get me that cream!

    No but seriously, I am hoping that at least a basic outliner option will be available one way or another and to have the option of viewing the main screen segments in portrait mode, i.e. having the contents of the note displayed to the side of the note list instead of underneath it. On OSX full screen mode, there’s just toooo much whitespace.

    • Andy

      Especially in list view.

  • Blake

    I like the look of the interface, but I am missing the “Saved Search” view on the sidebar. I use GTD contexts to filter my notes with a list of searches that I’ve built. I use these as the first step when reviewing what I need to do, and occasionally add keywords when searching for a specific note.

    I need at least the saved searches back on the sidebar (not necessarily the ability to build new searches), at least as an option that by default is disabled.

    • Jack Hirsch

      Saved searches are in the search drop down. You can drag your most frequently used ones into the Shortcuts!

      • Blake


  • Gazza

    When is this version out….will it be long. I run an App store version so could update the beta version.

    • Jack Hirsch


  • Onixmediadesign

    Evernote Look very nice, and works very good.

  • dustcity

    a complete disaster. as if all my documents are randomly thrown in a shoebox…..

  • Steven Grey

    Has the note editor been updated? Evernote’s editing environment is not as powerful as some competitors. I would really love to be able to treat text in more of a free form sort of space and not based on lines like a word processor. I would also really like to be able to move pictures around and how text wraps around them. Any thing in this regard? V5 looks pretty, but the editing environment is getting long in the tooth. It needs some upgrades.