Meet Evernote’s Designers!

Meet Evernote's Designers!

Posted by Rafe Needleman on 06 Nov 2012

Posted by Rafe Needleman on 06 Nov 2012

It’s been a busy few months for Evernote. We have new clients for Windows 8 and Windows Desktop. Our dramatically upgraded Mac client just went into limited beta. A new iOS client is coming shortly. And there are new versions of Skitch for Windows (desktop | Windows 8) and Android. Evernote partners have also recently launched incredible new tools that merge the physical world with Evernote: The Evernote Smart Notebook by Moleskine, and the Sky Pen by Livescribe.

A lot of work and thought goes into the design of products like these, so we thought it’d be interesting to have an event to talk about how Evernote does the job of creating and updating its products, how we design interfaces, and what we’ve learned about the user experience in the years since we’ve been creating Evernote products.

I’ll be moderating our first Evernote Talks event on the topic of Design on Thursday, November 15th, at 6:00pm in San Francisco at the Clift Hotel. It’s going to be a great event, with awesome speakers:

Learn what goes into Evernote app design at our first Evernote Talks event on November 15 in San Francisco.

  • Jeff Zwerner, Evernote’s VP of Branded Products and Experiences. He’ll talk about a big transition underway at Evernote: We’re changing from thinking of ourselves a software company, to considering Evernote a product company. It may sound subtle, but it is a fundamental change in focus, and Jeff will explain what it means for a technology company to make the shift.
  • Gabe Campodonico, Evernote Chief Designer. It’s his growing team that led the redesign of the well-reviewed Mac client and that’s in charge of figuring out how Evernote apps should look on all the different platforms we support. If you want to know how we manage to make Evernote feel native on each operating system, you’ll want to hear the on-stage discussion with Gabe.
  • Naomi Pilosof, Evernote Product Manager. Naomi re-invented the first-time user experience for our new iOS app, based on dozens of things we’ve learned here at Evernote about how users start using new products. She’ll share the knowledge that went into this new experience in a lightning talk.

We’ll have other team leaders from Evernote at the event. If you’re looking for tips and tricks on using Evernote on a Mac, iOS device, Android, or Windows, you’ll be able to meet the product managers and engineers behind the apps.

If you’d like to participate in Evernote’s growth, and help us build new products and experiences, you will definitely not want to miss this event. Recruiters will be in attendance.

One more thing: Giveaways. We’ll have a few goodies for some lucky attendees: Fujitsu ScanSnap scanners, Livescribe Sky Wifi Smartpens, Evernote Smart Notebooks, T-shirts, and more. Nobody will leave empty-handed.

Admission is free but you must sign up to reserve a spot, and tickets are limited. Go to our Eventbrite page to get your ticket now. If there are no more tickets, put yourself on the wait list or come back again Wednesday, November 7. We’ll be making another bunch available.

If you can’t make it to the event in person, we will be recording it and will make playback available on the Evernote blog a day or so after the event.

So get your tickets now… and we’ll see you on November 15!

Rafe Needleman is Evernote’s Platform Advocate, and author of Evernote’s Opportunity Notes blog about startups.


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  • ThatGuyKC

    This makes me want to move to San Francisco. Or at least take a quick flight.

    I can’t make it in person, but hope y’all have fun!

  • Christina

    I can’t be there, but if I was I’d ask you to work on standardizing the interfaces. I have a home mac, work pc, a droid phone and sometimes use the web app on other computers. Each view is different which makes it hard to use when flipping between devices.

  • Dylan

    Looking forward to this! The new iPad interface looks fantastic!

  • Beth

    Wish I was in San Francisco for this event!

    Instead I’ll be watching online from our office in cold (and maybe snowy) Chicagoland.

    I do agree with Christina about standardizing the interfaces. My devices are Mac, PC, and Android.

  • Rich

    I upgraded to v 5 for iPhone. The right-side rolodex-like quick navigation seems to have been deleted. With over 300 notes, I’m now forced to scroll, scroll, scroll to get to my notes beginning with M or T or U. Then I have to scroll, scroll, scroll more to get back to the top to use the search function.

    What happened to easy navigation??

  • Todd

    After the update when I try to email a file it crashes. I have been an evernote user for 2 years. In two different circustances I have lost all my notes when an update came in. I hope this isnt another. My company lets me test the free apps and decide which one’s are the most useful. Just about the time I think it is a much needed program, it crashes and we loose everytning off the ipad. HElp