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How to Take Great Photos This Holiday Season: PDF & Google Hangout

How to Take Great Photos This Holiday Season: PDF & Google Hangout

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 28 Nov 2012

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 28 Nov 2012

Photo credit: Daniel Hedrick

Over the next few weeks, you may find yourself taking more photos than usual. Whether you’re hosting family for the holidays, enjoying lots of holiday meals, or attending cocktail parties, you’ve got a lot of memories to capture this season. Since most of us aren’t professional photographers, we thought it would be fun to ask our Photography Ambassador, Daniel Hedrick, to share his top tips for taking great photos this holiday season.

Join our holiday notebook, get Daniel’s photography tips

Join our public holiday notebook to save Daniel’s document to your Evernote account for handy access.

What are some ways Evernote can help you with your holiday photos?

  1. Use Evernote to snap photos of presents received so you remember who gave you what.
  2. Remember holiday cards by adding photos of them in Evernote.
  3. Create geo-tagged photo notes to keep track of the best holiday displays in town.
  4. Keep track of camera settings that worked best in your house by saving them in Evernote.
  5. Share a holiday notebook, and allow people to edit and add notes to it. When the holidays are over, you’ll have a collaborative record of the entire holiday, complete with photos and audio notes.

Come hang out with Daniel and our team, ask your pressing photography and Evernote questions

In addition to sharing his tips in a downloadable PDF that you’ll find in our public notebook, we invite you to join Daniel, and a few members of the Evernote team for a Google Hangout. We’ll be talking about awkward family photos (and how to avoid them), common photography mistakes, as well as ways that you can use Evernote to help you become a better photographer and memory keeper.

The Hangout will be happening on Thursday, December 6th at 3 pm PST.

Sign up here. 

If you’re unable to join us in person, don’t worry! The Hangout will be recorded and archived on YouTube (sign up through our Eventbrite page to receive the link after the fact).

Win an 8GB Eye-Fi card!

Let your friends know you’re hanging out with Daniel and Evernote by tweeting, “I want to win an @eyeficard so I can capture and save my holiday memories to Evernote #evernoteholiday” We’ll select one random winner from among the tweets to receive an awesome wireless memory card from Eye-Fi that makes saving your photos to Evernote easier than ever.

Tweet us your questions

What do you want Daniel to cover during our Hangout? Tweet your Evernote & photography questions @evernotelife with the hashtag #evernoteholiday. We’ll do our best to answer as many as we can!

The Evernote Holiday Pledge

Speaking of holidays, have you taken the Evernote Holiday Pledge? We’ve been sharing tips and guides from our team and Ambassadors about ways to get more organized this holiday season. By taking the Pledge, you’ll opt in to receive occasional emails from us with our best holiday tips for using Evernote. Plus, you can get into the holiday spirit by participating in virtual events — like the Evernote & Chronicle Books Craft-Along — to help you become a better Evernote user while connecting with others in the Evernote community.

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  • Adele Blanca

    Do I need a good photo camera for great photos?

  • Mary Ann Wright

    This looks like a great learning opportunity.

  • Perte Gerdfunkle

    Can one-note from microsoft be used with ever note, or somehow merged?G

  • happy1

    Eye-Fi warning – be absolutely sure it is compatible with your camera before using! Gave Eye-Fi to my daughter last Christmas and it (Eye-Fi) destroyed her camera. Eye-Fi was no help with the repair, but fortunately the camera company was able to repair the camera. Your camera company may not be as generous!!

  • Thin Smek

    Yes; a Full-Frame, not an APS-C Sensor Thin Smek