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The Evernote Ambassador Program Goes Global: Meet 26 New Ambassadors

The Evernote Ambassador Program Goes Global: Meet 26 New Ambassadors

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 05 Dec 2012

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 05 Dec 2012

Evernote Ambassadors are individuals who have figured out how to use Evernote and our family of products (not to mention, partner apps and services that expand Evernote’s capabilities) to work and live better. Ambassadors include experts in healthy living, education, small business, organization, photography, mobile living, travel, home cooking, and more.

Connect with Evernote Ambassadors

Every Evernote user has his or her own way of making Evernote work for them, and our Ambassadors are here to guide you towards a path of becoming a better Evernote user, whether you’re interested in being more productive at work, becoming a better home cook, sticking to a fitness routine, or running your own business.

With Ambassadors now based in countries including the UK, Singapore, Taiwan, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Turkey, Indonesia, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, and Australia, you’ll find it easier than ever to connect with them at local meetups and events, and enjoy their content in your native language.

Check out our community page to get to know our newest Ambassadors.

More Ambassadors to come and how to apply

If you don’t see an Ambassador near your location or one who speaks your language, don’t get discouraged. We’ll be adding more Ambassadors in a variety of categories in cities and countries around the world. Think you have what it takes to be an Evernote Ambassador or know someone who does? Be sure to fill out our nomination form.

Take the Evernote Holiday Pledge, get more tips from Ambassadors

From now through the New Year, you can sign up for the Evernote Holiday Pledge and opt in to receive email tips and guidance from the Evernote team and our Ambassadors about ways you can get more out of Evernote. Participate in virtual events like the Evernote  & Chronicle Books Craft-Along and join our public notebook, which is updated regularly with fresh tips and guides.


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  • Robert porrino

    I am a teacher at the Nutley high school in Nutley, New Jersey. My classroom was just given iPads and I am leading a pilot program and the Evernote app and skitch is are two leading apps my students use on a daily basis. It’s a great way for my students to keep organized and format notes in a way that best suits them, whether it is adding pictures or voice notes. Skitch is great for students tp create their own charts, diagrams, and maps, If the Evernote team has any other great ideas to integrate the iPads and Evernote into the classroom I would love to hear them.

    Thank you

  • David

    Hi Guys

    I live in South Africa and use Evernote for all my needs to be more efficient and to GTD. I would love to be an ambassador in Africa and South Africa in particular – pls contact me to let me know how I go about it?

    Keep up the good work – love it.

  • marilyn

    HI i am a realtor and enjoy using Evernote for both personal and business. I have mentioned to other agents and we would all love to know more about what it does so we can use it to the fullest. Is there an ambassador in the Norfolk Virginia Beach area in Virgina that could share more details?

  • Lorna

    I am a fairly new Evernote user and have just downloaded Skitch. I need a bit of help with it but when I click on the ‘meet an ambassador’ link, I see a map. Sadly, the map doesn’t even include New Zealand. We are east of Australia and have been completely left cut off!

    OK, I can probably contact the Aussie ambassador, but it’s disappointing that some think New Zealand doesn’t even rate a place on the world map.

  • Valdur

    Hey, is an ambassador the same as “evengelist”?

  • Bryan So

    Evernote on iPhone and iPad hasn’t been working for a month for a large number of users. See http://discussion.ev…ote-sync-error/

    Beware when your use case involves taking camera photos with iPhone and hope to send them to Evernote server.

    Can Ambassadors do something for us?

  • Bonnie Kline

    Any Ambassadors in the Houston, TX area? I’d like to learn more about what Evernote can do for me!

    • KaseyFHickey

      We don’t currently have Ambassadors in Houston, but do have a few Austin!

    • KaseyFHickey

      We don’t currently have Ambassadors in Houston, but do have a few Austin!

  • Valeria Vivar

    Hi I’m from Perú and I use Evernote for eveythin in my life!, since university, extra-activities, home, etc. I wanna to apply for being an ambassador in my country.

    Please contact me to tell me what to do 🙂