Evernote for iPhone and iPad Update: Enhanced Business Support, Better Sorting Options, and More


Evernote for iPhone and iPad Update: Enhanced Business Support, Better Sorting Options, and More

Posted by on 06 Dec 2012

Posted by on 06 Dec 2012

Earlier this week, we launched Evernote Business, our new solution to help small businesses build upon the knowledge of their teams. Today, we have a great Evernote Business-related update. Evernote for iPhone and iPad (5.1) now come with enhanced Evernote Business support that lets you discover what your colleagues know with ease.

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Business Premium

When you join your company’s Evernote Business account, your current Evernote account is upgraded to Business Premium, which gives you access to the content and knowledge of others in your organization. When you upgrade, you’ll notice some new things appear in Evernote.

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Business Notebooks

Evernote for iPhone and iPad now let you create Business Notebooks, in addition to your existing Personal ones. To do this, go to the Notebook view and tap the Edit button. Next, tap on New Notebook and choose Business from the list.

Viewing Business Notebooks

Once you’ve joined your company’s Business Notebooks using Evernote on Mac, Web and Windows, you can view them any time using Evernote for iPhone and iPad. The Business Notebooks are a gray color to make them easy to distinguish. On iPhone, they appear below Personal Notebooks.

It’s important to keep in mind that Evernote Business gives you, the user, a single place for both Personal and Business Notebooks, but your company only knows about the Business Notebooks.

Business Notes View

Evernote Business users will also find a new view in the home screen: Business Notes. Tap this view to jump directly into the note list that shows all of the notes contained in the Business Notebooks that you have joined. When you open the view, pull down to expose search and sorting options.

Sorting options for all users

All users now get a set of sorting options to help them find the notes they’re looking for more easily. When you’re viewing a note list, pull down and you’ll see a Sort button. Tap it and choose to either sort the list by Updated Date or Created Date (the newest note will display at the top). You can also sort notes by title.

And more

This update also allows Premium and Business Premium users to hide the Premium View from the home screen. You’ll see the the option if you tap on the Premium View and scroll to the bottom. You can always bring it back in Settings.

We’re excited to bring this new, better Evernote Business experience to our iPhone and iPad users, as well as some new features for Free and Premium users. Let us know what you think.

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  • Les Dossey


    As a solo-preneur (personal coach) are there any real quantifiable advantages I would derive from switching to EN biz?

    I work with clients one to one and share projects and or tasks within EN

    I’ve noticed in the latest update to Mac 5.0.3 that the related notes feature is now in my interface. Nice feature BTW.

    Thanks for your opinion on this.

  • Tom

    I have a problem with the latest version of Evernote on the iPhone. Where the &%$#@ did search go? I can’t figure out how to search for anything. The whole point of Evernote is to be able to find things I’ve noted. Now that feature is, as far as I can see, gone.

    NOT happy.

    • Kevin

      Hi Tom – search definitely is part of the we version. When you are in any screen, you can pull down the body of the screen with your finger and search will appear at the top. You can also change the view between square notes or a list.

    • Kevin

      Hi Tom – search definitely is part of the new version. When you are in any screen, you can pull down the body of the screen with your finger and search will appear at the top. You can also change the view between square notes or a list.

  • Sandy

    I love EN desktop. iOS Mobile versions don’t help me though.

    In Tags I need to see my tag hierarchy, not alpha order.

    In Notebooks, I need to open a notebook and have “tag” as a way to look at them because “Updated, Created, and Title” really don’t help me.

    The benefit of EN for me is the cross categorizing with Tags and Notebooks working together.

  • Tom

    There is no way to write a note in Evernote for the iPhone. No keyboard shows up.

    • Kasey Fleisher Hickey

      Tom, check out our user guide for Evernote for iPhone to see how you can type notes into Evernote on your iPhone: https://evernote.com/evernote/guide/ios/

  • Stanley Payson

    #ihealth. Am impressed with ihealth/Evernote integration. Am quested with giving my physician regular blood pressure readings and have found communication very difficult. The ihealth bp monitor would be very a helpful adjunct to my health care plan. Very smart indeed !

  • James Ernest

    I installed the new iPhone app a week or so ago and was horrified. I was tremendously relived when I was able to revert by deleting the app and restoring the previous version from my iTunes backup. I looked at comments in the iTunes store and found most of them were negative. Are the issues being addressed?

  • Phil

    The latest version of Evernote for IOS on iPhone is not syncing. Keeps trying but does not manage it, and opening and syncing on my desktop gives me no updates or added content since this last release. Please fix this ASAP as I currently have no backup.

  • Nick

    I would endorse Phil’s comments – since the latest version for iphone, I too have had problems syncing, saying unkown error, problems syncing. My PC version updates the note but with no content. I have deleted and reinstalled evernote as per helpdesk advice, but problem still persists.

  • Brian

    In the iPhone app, when viewing the list of notes within a notebook, there’s no longer an alphabetical “jump to” tool on the right. My most frequently used notebook has 208 notes (and growing), and I need to search it alphabetically. Scrolling through the entire notebook is too time-consuming. Have I missed this feature, or have you removed it? Do you plan to return it? Thanks.

  • Mark Raidy

    Great article on the iHealth blood pressure monitor and scale. I recently started documenting health related issues and any medications I (and my family) are taking in Evernote. At the doctors appointment, I pull up evernote and go down my checklist of what I need to talk about.
    Love Evernote and can’t wait to get the BP monitor and scale.

  • Steve Crane

    The new iPad app looks great, but I’m trying to help my wife figure it out and have a problem. She has no Notebooks view, only a Trash view where I have Notebooks on mine. I suspect this may be because she has never created additional notebooks. How can she do so without access to the new notebook icon in the notebooks view?

    • Steve Crane

      Have figured it out. Discovered that Trash is just a folder she had navigated into. On opening it I found the button to go back to Notebooks view.