Trunk Spotlight: Track Your Personal Health Information in Evernote with iHealth

Trunk Spotlight: Track Your Personal Health Information in Evernote with iHealth

Posted by Mie Yaginuma on 07 Dec 2012

Posted by Mie Yaginuma on 07 Dec 2012

Thanks to our Trunk partners, there are many apps and products that help you store all kinds of information in Evernote from scanned documents, handwritten or audio notes, photos, and much more. Now, we have something completely different that addresses something critical to all of us: our health.

iHealth just released a new wireless arm blood pressure monitorwrist blood pressure monitor, and a digital body analysis scale that include a seamless Evernote integration so you can easily keep track of your blood pressure or body composition over time, right in Evernote.

Your health information in Evernote

This integration is really interesting because measuring and tracking data over time is key to understanding overall trends. With everything in Evernote, you can add additional notes and access your health history any time. Like everything in Evernote, this data is private by default, but you can opt to share it with your doctor or family.

This integration becomes even more powerful when you use it together with Evernote and Evernote Food. By using the apps together you’ll get even more context around all of the health information that you’re getting from iHealth products.

The iHealth Devices

The blood pressure monitors are wireless, and measure systolic/diastolic numbers, the heart rate, and pulse wave. The body scale measures nine different characteristics of your body composition, including body fat, lean mass, muscle mass, bone mass, and more. All devices send data automatically to iHealth’s free MyVitals app for iPhone. The information is then converted into beautiful results notes in Evernote. The blood pressure notes include a relative graph indicating hypertension levels. If you take more than one reading a week, a summary trend chart is generated once a week.

How It Works

It’s all very easy to use. The monitors and scale automatically turn on when used, so you just open the iOS MyVitals app, hit the start button, and your device will begin measuring and sending data via Bluetooth. Once you’ve set up iHealth with Evernote, iHealth will create a note in your designated Evernote notebook in Evernote containing all of the gathered information.

Our Fitness Ambassador

We asked Chad Williams, Evernote’s Fitness Ambassador and founder of, to use iHealth and explain why this integration with Evernote is useful:

“As an online fitness and health coach, I focus on overall wellness of my clients, not just on numbers. A key component to creating a program is to have baseline measurements so you can set a goal and test for progress over time. If you don’t know where you’re starting from, it can be hard to know if your program is heading in the right direction. iHealth’s blood pressure monitors and weight scale make getting measurements incredibly easy for anyone on a daily basis. By automatically syncing easy-to-read charts to Evernote, you get a solid picture of your overall well-being.”

Chad sees devices like these as key for people who are just getting started on a fitness program and want to lose weight. As a coach, it’s important for him to have as much insight in his clients’ health as possible, and it’s particularly useful to have it all in Evernote for easy sharing. The weekly trend graphs are great as motivators.

The iHealth Evernote integration is also great for:

  • Those caring for an older family member, especially if you don’t live close by: have the individual take their measurements, and send the results in a notebook that you both share.
  • Those with high blood pressure: whether you are on medication or not, you can add detailed notes to your result notes, and discover patterns in your life that may affect your blood pressure.
  • Those whose doctor requires regular monitoring: take your own measurements, and either share the results notebook with your doctor, or show it to them during your next visit.


We’re giving away one iHealth arm blood pressure monitor (a value of $99.95) so that you can start taking measurements and saving them in Evernote. Just leave a comment here using the hashtag #iHealth, and tell us why you think this integration is important. One winner will be chosen at random. This giveaway is open until December 13th, 2012. Some restrictions apply, and some countries require a customs tax. See rules here.

[Update: This giveaway is now closed.]

Disclaimer: The contents of this blog post are for informational purposes only. This content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.


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  • Paul

    My blood pressure was great the last time I got it checked. Using #iHealth and Evernote, I can ensure it stays that way.

  • Steve

    I have slightly high blood pressure. I try to check it at pharmacies while I am out. Something like this would help better educate me on my own health. #iHealth

  • Michael Lumb

    #iHealth I think this integration is fantastic. I already use Evernote for everything and especially keeping track of medical bills, scripts, issues with my pregnant wife. Who ironically was just told to get a blood pressure monitor and take it regularly. I’ll have to look closely at this one (unless I win it :)) Just one more great use for Evernote.

  • Candice

    I think this #ihealth integration is essential because everyone carries their phones with them now. Why not use them as tools for good health? If we’re constantly checking our phones, why not check our health as often? This might really be what saves some people!

    • Adriano

      You’re exactly right. In 5, 10, 20 years the amount of self-data we can collect, combined with knowing our genes, will allow us to use data from our “quantified selves” to optimize all aspects of our health and minimize the slings and arrows of age.

      What a bullshit-sounding sentence. However it sounds, it’s twoo.

      Might as well start now with the device I carry around all day (and night). #iHealth

  • Stewart Pierson

    As a medical student, the #iHealth integration can be a powerful tool to help me and my patients keep better records of our bodies. Love it!

  • Ashley Quinn

    This is so cool. This is what this technology is for.
    Having all this information easy to look up in one place, and have it look pretty, love it!

  • Nathan T

    This is great, because not only does it allow people to easily read their blood pressure, it allows them to store that blood pressure reading and show it to a doctor later. It also has very to understand graphics that will tell the user if they are at risk with their current blood pressure. It is important that everyone check their blood pressure, not just old people; blood pressure can be an early indication of heart problems and can show how good a workout was. The integration with Evernote makes it easy fast, easy and secure to check the readings on multiple devices and to store that data for late. #iHealth

  • Katie

    what an awesome pairing! #iHealth would be a great way to simplify keeping track of these data points.

  • Shawn

    This would be a great way to monitor blood pressure results! Now if only there were a way to do the same with glucose levels! #iHealth

  • Kyle DeMilo

    Oh man, I’d love to be able to keep a closer eye on my high blood pressure. Now being able to do it in the comfort of my own home, without worrying about “white coat syndrome” throwing off my numbers…

    Thank you Evernote — Thank you, #iHealth

  • David

    This is incredible. And its a huge step forward in regards to maintaining ones #iHealth.

    I have worked in the healthcare industry before and I could see a few applications this would be huge help. There might be some concerns about storing medical records. So Evernote needs to get HIPAA compliant. But overall this looks amazing.

    I have sent this posting onto some of my friends at BJC.

  • Chris Dunphy

    I love the idea of Evernote medical records! #ihealth

  • Joey

    Wonderful integration of devices. The times you need to take your blood pressure are not always the most convient. I personally would keep this in my backpack for on the spot monitoring that I can then take action on or review with my doctor based on my specific conditions. Excellent work.

  • Doug Burkhalter

    As someone with a strong family history of diabetes and heart disease, I know how important it is to keep track of your health to catch any problems early. The #iHealth tools are a wonderful way to do that easily thanks to modern technology, and the Evernote integration is a great addition to that.

  • Adam

    I already use Evernote to track everything else in my life including my health, this would help me monitor my ever increasing blood pressure! Even better with a shared notebook my wife can also monitor my #iHealth

  • Teresa O

    I already use Evernote extensively in both work life and personal life. To be able to collect information directly into Evernote with #iHealth integration is a brilliant concept. I would love to provide this to my elderly mother as well, since blood pressure is a daily issue for her.

  • Brian Friedlander

    Looks awesome #iHealth

  • Nate

    This integration is promising because it empowers people to easily & regularly track some basic personal health information on their own, rather than rely on infrequent, inconvenient visits to a medical provider. In this way people can begin to achieve a better understanding of their own health. #iHealth

  • David

    I already put so much of my life into Evernote this would be really great if I could track my #iHealth information in here too!

  • Don Williams

    This is an Awesome development in conjunction with Evernote …….Congratulations to all involved
    For me it is all about Inspiration and Motivation to take Control of Our Lives. Evernote gives me the Tools to enact this control in every area of My Life and the the Inspiration and Encouragemet to move forward toward fulfilling My Destiny and enjoying Success in all areas of Life, now especially Health!
    Thanks to All involved

  • Courtney

    Data! Accessibility! #iHealth is a leap in the direction of the “ePatient.” Already using Evernote for managing health data for my family, but love the automation, ability to analyze data more regularly, and the option to monitor results for far away family members in an unobtrusive way.

  • Scott Kent

    #iHealth Now if all of this would only integrate with the Ant enabled gear like my bike computer. Recording exercise and daily activity would be great.

  • Lynn Osborne

    #health would be a great way to stay motivated and encouraged to work toward fitness goals.

  • Raymond Messier

    #iHealth What a great idea. My doctor would be pleased to be able to monitor the readings in between appointments. The ease of this product makes it a no brainer for personal health awareness.

  • Jennifer

    Such a great idea! I’ve been trying to improve my health for several years, but it’s sometimes hard trying to keep track of everything. I use Evernote for everything else, this would make my life that much easier! #ihealth

  • Kate N.

    Great way to keep on top of one of your vital stat #’s easily! #iHealth is ahead of the curve! Would be great to add this to my healthy routine and include Evernote in the process.

  • LesMcp

    Awesome integration. Will help my wife manage her high BP. Thanks Evernote! #iHealth

  • Yuelin

    It saves time and allow us to track our health data in a convenient way

  • Brenda C Johnson

    This is good for keeping track of health statistics like blood pressure and other readings for future doctor appointments.

  • Viktor Gawlik

    I like the Idea of #iHealth and Evernote integration

  • Christian S.

    Ee heißt ja auch Evernote! also muss es auch alle Infos, egal welche, speichern 😉 #iHealth

  • Marc

    How cool!!! this is an improvement as previous health monitoring products would keep track of your health parameters on their own websites, etc. with #ihealth products even that information will be kept consilidated in Evernote!! 🙂

  • Hisham A.

    I am using Evernote to remember everything, and part of simplifying the process is automation, as suggested by Jamie Rubin in his posts. #iHealth will will eliminate one manual step in my process. Plus my doctor wants me to track my BP, something to do with high BP and heart disease… but its really about the automation.

  • Kevin R.

    This is very cool. Putting data from #iHealth into Evernote lets me view it anytime and anywhere that I want.

  • Doug Portmore

    This is an awesome way to monitor your health. #iHeatlh

  • Doug Portmore

    This is an excellent way to evaluate your health. #iHealth

  • Mary

    #iHealth looks amazing!

  • Aaron Johnson

    Having health data in Evernote makes it a lot easier and convenient to have the conversations with your Dr. about health issues and your progress towards addressing them. #iHealth

  • John P.

    A single point of data, one blood pressure reading, has very little information, but with #iHealth and Evernote you can track measurements over time. Now that is meaningful and useful information.

  • Coral

    I have a comment or two AND a question.

    First of all, I’m really excited about this app! I keep my doctor’s orders (which she helpfully prints up for me at the end of each visit) in Evernote already, but being able to keep my BP, body composition, and weight there–and then to see trends in an app–would help me a lot in my quest to be healthy, especially if I can tie it to a food journal somehow.

    I’ve been posting photos of the elliptical’s screen to FItocracy after end of each workout, and that really isn’t a good way to keep track of my progress. (So I guess what I’m saying is, I’m already looking forward to future enhancements of this app. ;))

    Question, though: if I don’t have one of the pieces–say I have a different body composition scale, or I get my BP read by a health practitioner–can I enter that data in manually?

    Thanks! #iHealth

  • PJ Cotter

    I love Evernote. I already have Health related notes – great during doctor visits. It would be wonderful to take this one step further.

  • Shahrzad

    I wonder if there’ll be Evernote integration with FitBit products too. #iHeatlh looks great!

  • John Loughlin

    Self-enforcement is aided and abetted by #iHealth and Evernote. I’m including the #iHeatlh hash tag as that was requested in the rules.

  • Jim Murphy

    #iHealth is a winner – I could really use this device to impress my doctor on the next visit!

  • Kevin

    As someone who has lost over 80 lbs, tracking my stats has been very important. The integration with #iHealth will be a fantastic tool in my fitness journey!

  • G. Green

    #iHealth makes data accessibility anywhere and at the doctor’s office easy. Integration with Evernote provides an excellent organizational tool (and searchable!) for health data. Great concept!

  • J Terry

    I just discovered Evernote. The iHealth component would be perfect for my aging mother who monitors her MD
    visits and her high blood pressure and cholesterol.

  • Hugh Trevelyan

    Self-health care is becoming a reality. Bravo iHealth. I’m interested for myself because I work in a Community Mental Health Crisis Team and my own stress levels play games with my BP, sleep, and a few other things. I’m looking forward to keeping better track! Thank you.

    • Hugh Trevelyan

      Oops, I see I should have included #iHealth

  • David Ren

    #iHealth looks amazing!

  • Ruben

    #iHealth: I have a spread sheet where I track general info of my health. Obviously, I have to go to various site to collect it all; my pc,, my iPod, etc. Have info collected and integrated in one spot would be more efficient and accurate!

  • R soto

    Great way to collect and view all important information in one place #ihealth.

  • Christian Farley

    I have to follow up regularly on my Blood Pressure so #iHealth would help me save some round trip to the pharmacy …

    Thanks #iHealth

  • KI Cooper

    My mother had serious blood pressure problems – up and down, one medication after another. This makes me very aware of the importance of keeping a log of readings, to know when they are out of whack. This looks like an excellent tool.

  • James

    Since I keep my mental health via Evernote then this just makes sense.

  • John Manning

    I was diagnosed with hypertension six years ago when I was sixty-three and have been taking medication to control my blood pressure ever since. I also created an Excel spread sheet to track my pressure over time and share this with my doctor. #iHealth and Evernote could make this task easier to take and share, and even convince my friends to do the same.

  • Wanda

    #iHealth Having health informaton with me readily available on my phone is awesome.

  • JaY

    What a great way to keep track of my own health and to also stay motivated! #iHealth

  • MonicaG

    Kudos to Evernote for their innovation #iHealth is pretty awesome.

  • Lisa M. Kowalski

    This seems like an amazing device! I am a Registered Nurse and monitor blood pressures on a daily basis. I could see this as a benefit to our department for accuracy and ease of use. We’d love to try it and spread the word! #IHEALTH.

  • Belinda Caulfield

    #iHealth I think this is an innovative idea as you can sync your evernote to your iphone,ipad,android device and PC, with the important data sent directly to evernote and the ability to access it whereever you can access evernote can only benefit patients. Out learners would benefit from seeing the new equipment and how it could be used in a health environment.

  • Benjamin Schollnick

    The issue is simply that the Evernote integration will allow more consistent, and more reliable data collection from the #iHealth. Half the time you would need to grab a note book or something else, and manually record the data. It’s now more likely that you will keep the data, and not mismanage it.

  • Terri

    What a great idea! This will be really useful for following up with doctors and such. What other interconnected things are expected to be developed?

  • Pharns

    What an amazing and important integration. As an ER Nurse and one who suffers from HBP it’s important to have an easy and reliable way to monitor and track your pressure to give to your health care provider. It literally can mean life or death in an emergency situation. I keep a folder in my Evernote account that I share with my entire family with all my meds and medical info, just in case. #iHealth


  • Carmen

    Evernote makes tracking information so easily that having it integrate with #iHealth will keep everything handy when talking with health care providers or pharmacists.

  • Candice T.

    My husband’s BP is a little high. This #iHealth arm band would certainly help him monitor his health.

  • Colin

    My wife and I are big into keeping and staying fit. The ability to use the Blood Pressure Monitor in our daily workout routines and even after working my 9-5 would be great. Plus keeping record of it in Evernote could really help too! #iHealth

  • Karen M

    Wow, major kudos to #iHealth for connecting with Evernote! Due to many medications I’m on, I have to log my BP at least 3 times a day. I would absolutely ♥ to have that information imported directly into my ENotes, where I try to keep up with all my other Health and Lab notes. And how awesome that would be when visiting my Dr and/or sharing that notebook with him. Love the innovation guys! #iHealth and EN for the Win in tracking Vitals!

  • Ken Hussong

    This unit would help me monitor my high blood pressure. #iHealth

  • Vivian

    Because I have high blood pressure I am losing weight. So far, 53 pounds. My blood pressure keeps changing and my meds need adjusting. This would be perfect to have available and easily take and record the answers so next visit to the doctors office will be a breeze.

  • Barbara Garrido

    This is a great idea. My husband has high blood pressure and needs to be regularly monitoring. Evernote is the perfect place to store the data. The information is right there when he has an appointment with the doctor.

  • Marjorie

    I don’t check my blood pressure often enough, this would help! #iHealth