Trunk Spotlight: Dispatch Simplifies Teamwork with Evernote

Trunk Spotlight: Dispatch Simplifies Teamwork with Evernote

Posted by Rafe Needleman on 10 Dec 2012

Posted by Rafe Needleman on 10 Dec 2012

Here’s a cool new thing for Evernote users: Dispatch. It’s a Web app from a startup company that lets you create quick discussion threads around items stored in cloud services like Evernote.

It’s clean and simple, which is one of the reasons we like it here. You just pick a resource from one of the services (a note from Evernote, or a file from Dropbox or GoogleDrive), and then you can create a discussion thread around that resource. Or add more links. You can invite whomever you want to your discussion, and they can see the item you’re talking about even if they don’t subscribe to the service you’re pulling the resource from.

If your work teams are often cross-company and use a bunch of different cloud services, it’s worth a look. It does a good job of simplifying the discussion flow.

Dispatch co-founder Alex Godin says he sees the product as “the lightweight glue between tools,” and I think he’s succeeded in building just that. The product makes if possible to have online discussions that work the same no matter where  the notes or files or ideas are coming from. It’s also better for group discussions than email, where threads easily get tangled.

Here’s a use case: You’re working on a new product launch. You have documents and requirements as notes in Evernote. Your marketing team is sending you images marked up in Skitch (also via Evernote). And your external design team is sending  you links to their photos on a file sharing service. With Dispatch, it’s very simple to pull all these resources, from various services, into one project, and easily add people to the thread. It’s a good blend between the structure of an enterprise discussion service and the freewheeling nature of email.

Dispatch gives you a standard, simple comment thread format for files or images from a variety of sources.

You can create discussion threads around Evernote notes even with people who don’t have accounts.

Dispatch is a young (brand-new) tool and has some growing to do, but even now, it works. If you do any team work, it’s worth the time to give it a spin. It’s free at the moment, but there will be premium service plans in the future.

Get Dispatch in the Evernote Trunk.

Rafe Needleman is Evernote’s Platform Advocate, and author of Evernote’s Opportunity Notes blog about startups.


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