Web Clipper for Safari Gets Related Results, Business Support, and More

Web Clipper for Safari Gets Related Results, Business Support, and More

Posted by on 20 Dec 2012

Posted by on 20 Dec 2012

Today, we have an exciting update for our Evernote Web Clipper users on Safari. We’ve added three major new features to the Clipper that make it smarter, more useful and better integrated into your Evernote Business deployment. Let’s take a look.

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Related Results

Your Evernote account is packed with goodness but as it grows, you can lose sight of older notes that may help you solve today’s needs. With Related Results, you’ll be able to uncover content from your Evernote account at just the right moment: when you’re performing a Web search.

Searching is the earliest part of information gathering, but oftentimes, the things that you’re looking for may already by saved in your Evernote account. When you enable the Related Results feature on the login screen and preferences of the Web Clipper, the extension will look for notes inside your Evernote account that are related to the content of the results page from Google, Bing, Yahoo!, and numerous other global search engines. When we find Related Results, we present them right alongside your regular search results in the browser.

Evernote Business Support

Evernote Business is our new service designed to meet the needs of small businesses and teams. It lets employees use Evernote for their work lives, and in doing so, build the knowledge of the whole organization. One of the great aspects of Evernote Business is how individuals are able to easily learn about what others in their organization know. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the Web Clipper.

As mentioned above, when you perform a Google search, the Web Clipper will present any notes from your account that are related to the search result. If you’re part of an Evernote Business account, then you’ll also see notes from Business Notebooks owned by your colleagues. The same thing happens when you clip a page. Now, not only will you have insight into your own notes, but you’ll also know right away whether someone on your team already has the answer you’re looking for.

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Open in Desktop Version

In the Web Clipper options, there is a new option which will open a Related Result or Related Note right in your desktop version of Evernote. On both Windows and Mac, clicking on one of these notes will launch the desktop app with that note in view, making for a fast and easy experience.

More to Come

We’re really excited about this update for Safari. There’s lots more to come. Stay tuned.

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  • Tim Stringer

    Great to see a Safari update. The “Open in Desktop Version” feature is an especially welcome addition, however I haven’t found a place to turn this on. When I open the Evernote Web Clipper extension (5.9.4) in Safari Preferences the panel shows “No Settings”. Is this setting located somewhere else?

    • Jakob Bignert

      Hi Tim, Safari is slightly different so there is an ‘Options’ link in the popup UI that takes you to the options page. Hope that helps.

      • Tim Stringer

        Great…thanks Jakob! I totally missed the Options link. Cool to see all of the other things I can customize as well.

  • Guest

    Where’s clip selected area gone?

    • Josh

      Select an area on the webpage, and then click the Evernote button in your Safari toolbar. The button inside the pop-up now says “Save Selection” (instead of “Save Article.”)

  • Joe

    web clipper for ipad?

  • magicisland

    Does this work on iPad? If so, how do you install it?

    • magicisland

      Search for: “Workarounds for Clipping Web Pages into Evernote on iOS”

  • Chris Grande

    lets get Clearly for Safari!


    heavy Evernote user