Skitch and Evernote for Entrepreneurship

Skitch and Evernote for Entrepreneurship

Posted by Stefanie Fazzio on 26 Dec 2012

Posted by Stefanie Fazzio on 26 Dec 2012


Parker Holcomb, an entrepreneur and longtime Evernote user, shares some ways that Evernote and Skitch help him grow and run his storage and shipping business, All College Storage, as well as develop his newest company and app, eHighLighter.

Parker’s Quick Tip: Note links nested in a checklist can help you stay on top of the more detailed tasks or processes in your life by creating a quick and easy information hierarchy. Check out my GTD system with nested Note Links below!

I Use Skitch and Evernote for…

Running My Business

I use both Evernote and Skitch religiously to help me manage everything about All College Storage. From training new employees in business operations to shared task management, the apps are a key component in keeping me connected to my employees and in managing the work that needs to be done. Here  are some examples of the ways I use Evernote and Skitch to be more productive at All College Storage.

Parker Featured

Evernote for Task Management

The company’s slogan is “student run, professionally done,” which means I depend on my 16 student employees (called Campus Presidents) to help manage the business on the ground and provide great customer service. I use Evernote Shared Notebooks to help them stay on track with the company’s goals while managing a lot of the day-to-day operations independently. This gives them the ability to “own” their campus presence and share in the entrepreneurial experience, while allowing me to keep track of important milestones.

Task Management

To manage all of this, I’ve started a central GTD system which includes a checklist of everything that needs to be completed, organized by type of task and priority. I use Note Links for each item in the checklist to connect to more information and notes about each individual task and to help me manage the completion of tasks. For example, each school we service appears as a Note Link, and clicking on it reveals a shared note with a more detailed list of tasks that my Campus President will check off when they finish.

Because Evernote is available for almost every device, my employees can access this information whether they are at their desk or on the ground organizing a pack, which makes me feel confident that I am always up to date with what’s happening in my business at any given time.

Skitch for Training

Even though I share a lot of documents from my account with my employees to help them learn different parts of the business, it’s often much easier for me to share detailed information with a simple Skitch image. For this reason, Skitch has become central to my training process. From the back-end of our payment system to the packing map for a given school, it’s much faster and simpler to show my Campus Presidents what I mean by adding shapes, arrows, and text to communicate the information visually with Skitch.

Skitch Training

Skitch makes it easy for me to create materials that Campus Presidents can use to teach others our system. This is really helpful in scaling my business, as they need to bring on a lot of contract laborers and train them in best practices for packing and organizing the trucks. By simply sharing a couple of Skitch images that detail how our system works, my Campus Presidents have the tools they need to get their contractors up to speed in no time.


Developing my App

In addition to my work managing ACS, I’m developing eHighLighter, a personal research assistant app that integrates with Evernote and brings eBook benefits to paper sources. It’s now available in the Trunk! With it, you can take a picture of a book, then highlight and transcribe the text in the image to create searchable annotations and citations. These tools make organizing research a breeze.

Skitch for Sharing Ideas

Throughout the process of building eHighLighter, Skitch has been really useful in communications with my developer. If it weren’t for Skitch, describing what I want certain buttons to accomplish or mapping out idea flows would require sending dozens of emails back and forth. With Skitch, I only need to mark up an image of the home screen with text and arrows, drop the image into an email. Building an app requires a lot of work, but annotating with Skitch has made the process much more efficient than it would have been otherwise.

Skitch Task Management

Evernote for Organizing Large Projects

Evernote also plays a critical role in helping me manage the development process. All the information I need to make sure I don’t stray too far from the development roadmap is easy for the whole team to access in a Shared Notebook, where I save feature summaries so that we have concrete goals for each version and we never miss out on any key pieces. It’s also helpful to share idea flows and organize my thinking around different features, and because I can access it from anywhere, whenever an idea strikes me, I can immediately capture it and share it with my team.

How are you using Evernote and Skitch to help manage and build your business? Leave your comments below!


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  • Dan Sherman

    The link to ehighlighter in the author’s bio is missing the colon after “http” and is thus broken.

  • Glenn T

    It’ll be great when it’s available for Android

  • Robert Manahan

    when? i only use it on Android…and it rocks.

  • Jim Jenson

    How do you create checklists for task management?

  • disqus_QOgOZvI5LV

    I am going to a convention next week, where I will meet for the first time with people I have only read about on the internet. I am terrible at names, so I downloaded jpeg files of their online images, and made notes about them in Evernote. With my trusty iPhone to guide me, I will recognize each of them as I meet them, and will be able to address them by name, and perhaps even make a comment about their likes, dislikes or recent triumphs. Thanks, Evernote!