Evernote Insider: Win an Evernote Bicycle

Evernote Insider: Win an Evernote Bicycle

Posted by Mie Yaginuma on 27 Dec 2012

Posted by Mie Yaginuma on 27 Dec 2012

To celebrate the holidays and thank you for supporting Evernote in 2012, we have a very special Evernote Insider this month: we’re giving away an Evernote bicycle!

The bike, built by Republic Bike, is just like the ones you’d spot around our office. Ours are available for employees for running errands, getting to the train station, or just getting some exercise. One lucky Evernote user will soon be riding around town in style on a brand new, special edition Evernote bicycle, just like ours.

How will you use Evernote in 2013?

There are two ways you can enter this giveaway: either leave a comment on this blog post, or submit a comment on our Evernote Insider Facebook page, sharing how you plan to use Evernote in the New Year. Blog comments must include the hashtag #EvernoteBicycle to make your entry official. We’ll randomly select one winner from among the blog and Facebook page entries.

If your name is selected, you’ll have an opportunity to choose between two types of bicycles. Due to shipping restrictions, the winner must reside within the continental United States only. Official rules here.

Happy New Year from the Evernote Team!

[Update: This giveaway is now closed.]



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  • Raymond Knoll

    Wow! Your Evernote is comprehensive and extensive!

  • Christopher

    The new year is almost here. Why not ride it out with a new Evernote bike? #EvernoteBicycle

  • Brian

    Love love love the bike, please make me the winner!

  • Christopher

    The new year is almost here. Why not ride it out with a new Evernote bike? #EvernoteBicycle

  • Alex Turner

    Loving the bike & Evernote #EvernoteBicycle

  • Guy Brown

    The bike looks amazing, hope I win 🙂 #EvernoteBicycle

  • Eli Stern

    love the #EvernoteBicycle

  • Andy C

    I will use Evernote in 2013 to help me get through my divorce. If I lose the car I will at least have an #EvernoteBicycle!!!

  • Jan Mosk

    ” … the winner must be reside within the continental United States only … ”

    Nice giveaway …, living in The Netherlands … :-(. Thanks!

  • Steve

    Just started using Evernote. Fantastic! Wish I’d picked up this app a long time ago.

  • ThatGuyKC

    Sweet! I needed a new bike. 🙂

    I will use Evernote in 2013 to help me write a parenting book and keep track of milestones my kids reach. #EvernoteBicycle

  • Susan Wassenhove

    I love Evernote! Best thing since sliced bread! That bike is cute too

  • Julie Hocking

    I will use Evernote even more in 2013 to organize my to-dos!

  • bradlowens

    We’re expecting our first child this year so I plan to use Evernote to store everything including hospital directions, parenting tips, shopping lists, registry items, parenting class notes, nursery dimensions for furniture shopping trips, belly pictures, baby photos (which I can share easily with grandparents through a public notebook) and even a personal journal of it all. What a versatile program! #EvernoteBicycle

  • Joel Melling

    I plan to use Evernote to continue tracking my thoughts/ideas for work and home in 2013. #EvernoteBicycle

  • Laura Pfeifer

    I use it to organize my job search after finishing my phd! #EvernoteBicycle

  • disqus_AuessleYyO

    I would like to win that bike!

  • Chris McElwee

    Awesome bike! #EvernoteBicycle I use Evernote for everything! If it is not in Evernote it does not exist.

  • Kimberly R. Lyle

    I plan to use Evernote to organize my thesis research and various web articles. Evernote is the best organization app hands down. #EvernoteBicycle

  • Jeff

    Evernote is most useful app period!!!

  • Chris Butterworth

    I’ve been an Evernote evangelist for over 2 years now – 6,000 notes and counting! I use it to manage my work life, personal life, family life, and multiple online projects. Next year I’ll continue to keep all my ideas and notes digitally stored, sync’d and readily available across projects and platforms. I’ll also work to finish a couple books which are both merely outlines today. Evernote will continue to be my hub for everything. #EvernoteBicycle

  • Mark Spence

    I use Evernote for everything and slowly working on becoming as paperless as posssible.

  • deaconpatrick

    Evernote is my external brain to help me overcome my bludgeoned brain (see ). #EvernoteBicycle

  • S Clark

    #EvernoteBicycle…so new.. but going to try hard to learn this pgm…

  • Kim

    EVERNOTE is my extreme organizer for work, home, and food!

  • Janice

    I’m stoked to be rolling out Evernote with staff that I manage across time zones to help make my department more efficient, productive, and happy! I especially want to improve my own personal use of Evernote across my iPhone, Kindle Fire, and PC. Learn and lead by doing! Even downloaded the Evernote Bible by Brandon Collins for some light holiday reading and am inspired for 2013! #EvernoteBicycle

  • marhaz

    Love Evernote, I use it for everything. My friend and I always say “I Evernoted that!” for just about everything. I will continue to use it for everything in the new year. And love that bike #EvernoteBicycle

  • Mathieu Allegret

    I just want to ride an amazing #EvernoteBicycle
    Happy New year everyone !

  • tiny blue orange

    I plan on using Evernote to organize and write my very first ebook, which will hopefully be the first of many. I want to continue using it to grow my web design and development business by organizing client info, project milestones and research for side projects. I will also use it to track my adventures with the #EvernoteBicycle.

  • Anita

    #EvernoteBicycle would work well with the healthy recipes that I am compiling on Evernote.

  • Mat Wood

    I’ve been using it for a couple years now for study notes, recipes and cool tech articles, but I’m planning to use it this year to start keeping track of adventures. Everything from rock climbing to kayaking and backpacking trips! It’s so nice to have notebooks to share with friends and tags that let us organize and find the articles we want!

  • Candid

    I am obviously consumed by all things green!

    I will continue to manage the administrative details of a high school baseball team using Evernote.

  • Erick Froseth

    Going back to school with Evernote and keeping up with work at the same time. Everything organized and efficient! That’s how I’ll be spending 2013…#EvernoteBicycle

  • Pam West

    What a fun prize! Thanks for the chance to win. #EvernoteBicycle

  • Jonathan Crappel

    I am using Evernote in a bunch of different ways. For work, I am using it to track event reservations. Personally, I am using it for recipes, my cigar journal, read later articles, and a host of other things. #EvernoteBicycle

  • Mike Laan

    I really need to add all the wifi passwords I get into evernote first. I switch phones too much and I also want to connect multiple devices. Thanks EVERNOTE!

  • ER Barrett

    Great idea. I will continue to use Evernote with law practice to help organize my blog and legal research.

  • Allegra Swyfte

    helps keep my notes and docs in one place on both phone and computer. i plan to clean up my notes and file better in the new year :] #EvernoteBicycle

  • Benjamin Tsoi

    I use Evernote to keep track of restaurants that I want to visit, and recipes I want to try. I also keep copies of documents that I might need to access if there was an emergency.

  • Gina Herum

    I am hoping Evernote can help me not lose track of items on my to do list for work and home #EvernoteBicycle

  • erik jagger

    In 2013 I imagine I’ll use #Evernote the way I did in 2012…for pretty much everything #EvernoteBicycle

  • David Burke

    I’m so in to Evernote that I’ve driven to the Bay Area from California’s Central Valley TWICE just to get close to my here, Phil Libin. I have over 4500 notes (yes, duplicates exist, but not many), including most of the writing I’ve done over the past 20-plus years. If I had to choose between Evernote alone and the entire rest of the Internet, I would go crazy (after keeping EN and saying farewell to the rest).
    If things don’e work out with the #EvernoteBicycle, I’ll remain true; and if I didn’t already own a bike, I might buy one of yours. Keep up the good work. I’m planning to remain a customer for the full 100 year start-up period … and beyond!

  • Adam Cole

    I plan on using Evernote to keep track of web application ideas #EvernoteBicycle

  • mrshl

    I’ve been impressed with the speed of the new mobile app, especially the ability to quickly scan documents with the iPhone camera and upload stuff. I had been using a separate scanner app to do that, but the updated Evernote mobile app is faster.

    I’m using it a lot for scanning bills and Christmas cards. #EvernoteBicycle

  • Michael E. Johnson

    I will be using Evernote with my two Canon scanners, a MX860 and a flat bed scanner, to get rid of mountains and mountains of paper. I have converted just about all my old writing notebooks into PDFs as well as digitizing all my medical records. As my doctors all want me to exercise more than I do the bicycle will come in quite handy. #EvernoteBicycle. I’m up to 5000 notes with more being added everyday.

  • Andrew Newby

    I use Evernote to track everything in my life. It’s my memory. #EvernoteBicycle

  • Pibi Gibi

    Resolving to learn more about how I can use Evernote and Skitch to organize notes and ideas.

  • Melissa Scott

    LOVE Evernote and the Evernote Bike! I use Evernote almost everyday! It is my life in the cloud.#EvernoteBicycle

  • LittleRockRealtor

    #EvernoteBicycle in my Real Esate business as I go paperless.

  • oscar o

    I use Evernote to manage game design projects and, share interesting articles with friends. #EvernoteBicycle

  • Bob E Ruddy

    I use Evernote to be my “Companion Brain” as I learn to deal with my Traumatic Brain injury (TBI) that I received from bicycling with my helmet on. I have balance issues, but I can ride a bicycle again. Evernote has been a lifesaver in my recovery and this new bike will be sweet to show off!

  • superdumb

    If I won the #EvernoteBicycle, I could totally use Evernote to plot bike routes here in Wichita!

  • sfmitch

    I use Evernote to keep track of my clients. I use it for a ton of other ways, too. Just started using Evernote Food.

  • Cherie Jackson

    I am looking forward to learning how to use Evernote because in 2013 I’m really going to need it. It is going to be the year I finally accomplish the things I need to, to get back to being me….finishing my MBA, getting fit and healthy (hmmm, a bike would be handy for that), doing some renovations and keeping my 3 kids on track. Think I will need an app for all that!

  • Michael Aaron

    My bike got stolen so an #EvernoteBicycle would be pure awesomeness! I plan to use Evernote to track my goals in 2013.

  • Michael Aaron

    I plan to use Evernote to track my goals in 2013. #EvernoteBicycle

  • Josh C

    I will continue to use Evernote to sort and search through scholarly articles for my research projects! #EvernoteBicycle

  • Peter Prindiville

    I plan on integrating Evernote into my workout routine to track my progress and start using it more in classes to take notes and store PDF readings. #EvernoteBicycle

  • Pam

    I’ll continue to use Evernote to organize my online courses. Note links are an amazing tool! #EvernoteBicycle

  • Stuart Walker

    On a bicycle is the best place for thoughts, Evernote is the best place to keep them.

  • C. Spencer Reynolds

    If I won the #EvernoteBicycle I would use it to go back and forth between in my office and my house in Farmington, Utah. I’m trying to talk our entire leadership team of Utah BNI (Business Network International) into getting the Business edition of Evernote! I love the Premium version I use now, but I want sharing on steroids!

  • Stephane

    A bicyclette #EvernoteBicycle yves Montand.

  • Doug

    Use Evernote every day. My favorite app on iPad and pc

  • Emile Burgess

    #EvernoteBicycle – I will continue to use Evernote as my GTD listmanager and for planning projects, such as my 2013 trip to Greece!

  • Tyler Neufeld

    I’d use the #EvernoteBicycle to go to work. I’ve been using Evernote for a few years now and now will be using it when I go to college in 2013

  • Steve Arman

    Evernote saved our holiday season! We used Evernote to pull up all of our recipes and seating arrangements for the holiday meals…#EvernoteBicycle

  • Paul Fitzgerald

    I love Evernote. Great for compiling research sources for writing projects, recipes, GTD lists, and more. #EvernoteBicycle

  • Jason Everett

    #EvernoteBicycle – Evernote is going to help me keep my 2013 new year resolutions!

  • Ron Kirsop

    If I won I would use the #EvernoteBicycle to commute to the library where I would continue to use Evernote to organize programs, projects, and librarian meetings in 2013.

  • Colleen Krispin

    # EvernoteBicycle I found Evernote as an app for my Kindle Fire HD, my best Christmas present.I plan to use Evernote to organize gluten free recipes, save photos to share on fb, capture and share images and ideas for set design for our schools drama club production (Seussical). I love that I can access my notes on my iPhone and laptop!

  • Philip Dearmore

    I will continue to use Evernote in 2013 to remember everything important! (And winning the #EvernoteBicycle wouldn’t hurt!)

  • Charlotte Thibault

    Great app! I will use it a ton with my personal and business notes, pics, recipies…I’m installing it on my android, tablet, laptop and business computers! I just shared it with 4 people .#EvernoteBicycle that would be great too!

  • Tiffany Hale

    I just discovered Evernote a few days ago, and it’ll make the perfect journaling tool in 2013. I love the synchronicity! I also plan to use it as a to-do list application! #EvernoteBicycle

  • Beth Stelle

    Starting January I’ll be juggling grad school and a new baby, so I’ll be relying on Evernote to keep me organized and stay on track with my dissertation! #EvernoteBicycle

  • Dan Gardner

    As an elementary school administrator I plan to use the shared notebook feature for student discipline referrals, teacher observations, and maintenance walk throughs. As I read articles/blogs through Feedler I’ll tag and send them to Evernote. Same with clipping from Chrome. now with the new eHighlighter app I’ll also save quotes from books I’m reading. And to throw in another I’ll scan in any documents I collect from conferences or meetings. Love Evernote! #EvernoteBicycle

  • Alan Burnstine

    I already use Evernote for meeting and project notes at work, and I have started capturing recipes for use on a tablet I just relegated to the kitchen. I am looking forward to improvements in Evernote Food for Android so I can make better use as a recipe storehouse. #EvernoteBicycle

  • Chelsea Bianca Richardson

    I plan to integrate Evernote even more into my work and with my colleagues. We’re currently building a fully searchable image database using Evernote’s tagging capabilities and I’m going to import all meeting and project notes into Evernote as well. My goal for 2013 is to be as paperless as possible and to lean on Evernote’s amazing search functions to never forget anything! #EvernoteBicycle

  • Keith Gray

    I’ll continue to use Evernote for my grad classes and managing my youth group info at church.

    It’s also a great tool for my research papers! #EvernoteBicycle

  • Heidi Sheehan

    I’m a new Evernote user this year, and I am starting a new job next month. I am determined to switch over my to-do list to be electronic and want to learn about health care/hospital metrics and keep track of my findings in Evernote. I already use for recipes and kids craft ideas! #EvernoteBicycle

  • Abby Wilson

    I’m a college art student constantly juggling coursework, to dos and ideas- I will use Evernote this year to keep track of it all! #EvernoteBicycle

  • David Tchozewski

    Evernote is a key component to my Tech Team’s communication. We will continue to use it to make us an efficient operation.

  • Greg Smith

    In addition to using Evernote to save clipped material from the web, and to organize my plane travel and hotels, and to share photos, and emails, and to make easier everything else I do on the Internet, I will use Evernote to win a new bicycle. I hope. Even if I don’t win the bicycle, I’ll continue to use Evernote for everything else I already use it for. #EvernoteBicycle

  • Dawn Dawson

    Will mount a tablet on the #EvernoteBicycle and use it for exercise with Evernote ever open to log my progress.

  • Amanda Malatlian

    I’ll be teaching a course to some students at my school during Jan Term about the usefulness of Evernote and how to integrate it into their lives as productive students: personally, academically, organizationally. #EvernoteBicycle

  • Lorne Brandt

    Create a teacher resource webpage with subject-specific Evernote notebooks filled with tech integration ideas & eLearning strategies. Doing so will facilitate learning for the students as well as the teachers in a way that utilizes existing technology. #EvernoteBicycle

  • Jared Gaut

    Starting my own company. #EvernoteBicycle

  • A.E. Tyree

    I’ll be using Evernote in 2013 to track all the research for my current novel and short stories. It rocks. #EvernoteBicycle

  • Jim Whatley

    using it to run #EvernoteBicycle

  • Reyes Sais

    This year I’ll be using Evernote and The Secret Weapon to create my to-do list. #EvernoteBicycle

  • Dick Moody

    Keeping track of contacts, docs, best restaurants, etc., on five continents (yes, 17 countries in 2012), has just gotten a lot easier on my iPhone … Evernote will be the key to my sanity in 2013

  • Victor Ng-Thow-Hing

    Using Evernotes to keep track of all my work projects – from new software applications, new design projects, documentation and organizing research for studies. #EvernoteBicycle

  • Adrian

    I keep lists, web clips — more & more over time. And yes, I’d ove an #EvernoteBicycle

  • Jim

    Evernote is my research hub. Bookmarks. Projects in process. Thoughts for later. It’s used every day and I don’t see that changing. #EvernoteBicycle

  • Monique Lebhar

    I’ve started notebooks on personal productivity, food (recipes), ideas and inspiration, home projects, and tech and education, among others, and will be utilizing them throughout the new year to learn new things, keep track of current and present plans, and record notable events. If organizing is important to you, Evernote is impossible not to love! #EvernoteBicycle

  • Willy Picard

    The #EvernoteBicycle looks splendid. I plan to use Evernote to foster and trace my learning of a new language (Ruby or Greek?)

  • Ben Goheen

    the #EvernoteBicycle is rad. I’ll use Evernote to keep my real estate files more organized

  • Justin Hough

    I plan on using evernote to plan, organize, and finish two books. Plus winning an #EvernoteBicycle would be awesome!

  • Steve Clark

    I’d love a shot at this! 😉 I’ll be using Evernote to catalog creative inspirations and assets for projects underway. #EvernoteBicycle

  • Matteo Castoldi

    I’m a new Evernote user. For the coming year I’d like to improve myself in using Evernote. But I’m Italian, so I can’t win the great #EvernoteBicycle. Ciao Evernote!

  • Jonatan Neves

    I’ve been using Evernote for about 2 months now, and liked so much, and brag about it so much, that 2 of my co-workers are using it too. I use it for everything, from work to life!

  • Lucas Walther

    I use Evernote to organize everything… this year, I’m going to try to digitally archive old documents that I have filed away. #EvernoteBicycle

  • Traci Riccitello

    I will use Evernote to organize just about everything in my personal and professional life ~ LOVE Evernote! #EvernoteBicycle

  • doris

    hi I love this app. I have a smart phone computer and a kindle fire hd the app works so well on all devices…best part got my dad a kindle fire yesterday for his 87th birthday and loaded evernote for him.. he is starting to have memory problems, so now he can write his shopping list out on his kindle and pull it up on his phone at the store.thanks for making his life a bit less stressful.

  • GoddessCarlie

    I plan on using Evernote this year to plan and organise my wedding! #EvernoteBicycle

  • Kaipo Awana

    I will use it to work more efficiently so I can spend more meaningful time with my family while I learn to code so I can build an awesome app for the Trunk. I could even use it to document my carbon footprint…before new bicycle and after new bicycle. #EvernoteBicycle

  • ibelieve59

    I just started using Evernote 2 days ago to organize a automated system development quote for my small business. I cannot tell you how useful this is to keep things organized. I am already starting yo use it for sales and marketing, personal organization, and CRM. Once I am confident that this is a long term approach to how i would like to organize my business I will buy into the Business and premium version.

  • Robert Ragland

    I will be collecting document revision notes into one tag for each document…so I can track them all down by the tag and not searching for the keyword which brings up a ton of other entries as well…

  • Kishor Rao

    I’ve been using Evernote for the last 174 years and it’s allowed me to cure cancer, write novels, and fly to the moon! Thanks, Evernote! #EvernoteBicycle

  • Renee Badra

    I will continue using Evernote to organize my meeting notes!

  • Eric L. Mayer

    I plan to use Evernote more than anyone else on this list, especially the ones who include a hashtag in their response.

  • Matt Sidor

    I’m going to use Evernote to plan out all my New Year’s resolutions! #EvernoteBicycle

  • Greg Matthews

    I’m planning to use Evernote for every phase of writing a book – from outline to chapter-building to collecting information about my best ePublishing options. Come to think of it, maybe that’s Evernote’s next business! 😉 Happy New Year – #EvernoteBicycle

  • Eric Leszkowicz

    Having laid out my plans for world domination using evernote premium….the new bike should help me get from castle to castle.

  • Lee Arjona

    Evernote helps my department with shared notes by utlizing notes from previous projects and applying them to current projects. #EvernoteBicycle

  • Tee

    I look forward to using Evernote on my iphone with one hand while steering my #EvernoteBicycle with the other.

  • Tara Nofziger

    Among many other uses in my life, Evernote will continue to help me manage my terminally ill mother’s health. I take notes at appointments and scan in test results. I can access her history faster than the doctors most times, and I’ve even had two doctors offer me jobs! 😉 #EvernoteBicycle

  • Emo Castle

    I am excited to have found a little gem in the trunk; kustom Note. I have created templates to manage over 100 volunteer nurses, can’t wait to start creating the notes!! #EvernoteBicycle

  • Carrie W

    I will be implementing Evernote across my team so that we can be more efficient and save trees at the same time. #EvernoteBicycle

  • Jim English

    After getting a new Moleskine/Evernote notebook for Christmas, I’m planning to make 2013 the year of getting all my business notes into Evernote (digitally)! #EvernoteBicycle

  • Andrew Feil

    I use Evernote every single day… to organize house projects, collect blogs, save emails, for my masters classes and of course for work. Love what you guys are doing thanks! #EvernoteBicycle

  • Dee

    Evernote..Evernote…ToThee I Do Love! In 2013, I will continue to use you for organizing my Healthy Recipes. #EvernoteBicycle

  • Colleen Morgan

    I’ll keep track of my workouts, recipes, and archaeological finds.

  • Erica H

    Plan to use it to do some collaborative genealogy work

  • Ryan Guynn

    I’ll be organizing all the stuff I need for the arrival of our first child. We are painting the nursery evernote green. #EvernoteBicycle

  • Kyla Medina

    Evernote for my New Year’s resolution!

  • Brian Roemer

    #EvernoteBicycle New Years “Goals” – never “resolutions.”

  • Stacey Lopez

    1.) Continue to share how great and life-changing Evernote is. 2.) Complete transferring all documentation in my file cabinet (insurance papers, product manuals, recipes, kid’s report cards & progress reports, etc!): Winning #EvernoteBicycle would help me to spread the word!

  • Virginia C

    I’ll be using Evernote to organize my genealogy data, keeping track of my research and documents. #EvernoteBicycle

  • Gary Gilmore

    #EvernoteBicycle. I plan to set my church uo on Evwrnote and use it to write my next book. Gary Gilmore

  • Carrie Cousins

    I use Evernote for everything. It really helps me keep my life organized — from work to recipes to shopping lists. #EvernoteBicycle

  • Dean P. Simmer |

    Like Virginia, my wife and I will be using Evernote to compile our ancestry research for both of our families. #EvernoteBicycle

  • Joe Lassiter

    #EvernoteBicycle I plan to use Evernote to help me prepare for a new job, after I have been using it this month to help my wife and I move to a new state.

  • Cheryl Albanese

    I am a Real Estate Agent in Austin TX, I love Evernote. All client info in one spot and can quickly access from my IPAD, Iphone or laptop!

  • Henry Yeh

    I’m saving all my receipts in Evernote.

  • Sam Patterson

    We have evernote accounts for all the 9th graders in my school. We are working on defining a new digital workflow, we are building school 2.0 using evernote

    So in short I will be training MANY kids and Teachers on using Evernote and thinking in new ways about how the “cloud” really changes things

  • Zan McColloch-Lussier

    I plan to use Evernote to keep track of statistics and story about hunger in America. I work for a food bank and we’ll share these with policy makers in hopes that they’ll keep funding programs that feed hungry people. #EvernoteBicycle

  • Anne

    I would really like this bike… 🙂

  • charles peters

    #evernotebicycle. i’m going to use evernote to organize lots of notes on design and influence of culture to hep write a new book on graphic design basics for freshman. i’m also going to use evernote to organize notes from my client meetings and see if i can spot trends in what they’re asking from project to project to see how i can provide better service.

  • Joe Friend

    #EvernoteBicycle – To write another award-winning screenplay using only Evernote:

  • Lauri Fitzsimmons

    I’m going to turn 50 this year and I plan on using Evernote to get my life completely organized before the big day! #EvernoteBicycle

  • Dave Poon

    I use Evernote to organize my music when playing live. It’s super easy and convenient. #EvernoteBicycle

  • Rudi Engel

    My wife and I use evernote for just about everything. I use it for writing down ideas for songs and poems, she loves it for receipes. #EvernoteBicycle would just be a cherry on top of the icing 🙂

  • Patrick Gallagher

    #EvernoteBicycle I plan on using Evernote for GTD and archiving any tidbits of info that helps me with my job (I’m a sysadmin).

  • gregory

    I am going to use evernote to oraganize my dissertation research and writing.

  • Kris Bradley

    I have set up an Evernote notebook for each individual Full Sail University class. I will be using Evernote to help me put together my final Internet Marketing Plan so that I can graduate and begin a new and exciting career. I have no idea what I would do without Evernote during my Masters program #EvernoteBicycle

  • DarNamell

    I plan to centralize all our family recipes and genealogy notes.

  • Amy Mueller

    #EvernoteBicycle I will use Evernote to continue to track my 2013 goals, process and track homeschooling materials, and as my processor of choice for writing stories, articles, and novel work.

  • Sam Patterson

    So here is my official response: I will be using Evernote with teachers and students in my school to engineer a new digital workflow. Just as this #evernotebicycle suggests more effective uses for roads than an SUV, Evernote leads the way in refining best practices for The Cloud. In education and beyond!


  • Nadine Long

    I’ll use Evernote to stay organized at work, take meeting notes, brainstorm
    and be able to access everything I need even while traveling!

  • Wayne Coburn

    I plan on using Evernote to keep track of the things I find on the web so I can go back and reference them later. #EvernoteBicycle

  • Theo de Vlieger

    Evernote every year!

  • Npat

    #EvernoteBicycle I’m using Evernote to change my life. I’m currently working on a business idea and evernote has been terrific in allowing me to organize my thoughts, to-do lists, as well as save articles that I’ll need in the future. I love how I can access it ANYWHERE!

  • Tasiyagnunpa Livermont

    I use Evernote to manage my four kids, homeschool, my work as a weekly newspaper editor in rural South Dakota, my blog and volunteer activities and all my writing ideas and gardening and permaculture plans. I would be totally lost without Evernote…easy to use and the more I download into the more ‘virtual memory’ I have in my own brain! I love Evernote. #EvernoteBicycle

  • Christopher Van Dunk

    Aside from my day-to-day use of Evernote, I will be using my notebooks to help organize a move to Chicago in about 6 months. From notebooks for neighborhoods to keeping track of box contents. #EvernoteBicycle

  • Eric Wilborn

    I’m going to use Evernote to continue to stay organized. I also plan on introducing some family members to Evernote as well… they need to be more organized! #EvernoteBicycle

  • Victoria Vassileva

    An #EvernoteBicycle would be perfect for getting around town for both exercise and errands! I haven’t had a bike in years and have been wanting one so badly these days 🙂 *Fingers crossed!*

  • Kathy Hand Spear

    I can’t recommend Evernote highly enough! One of a handful of apps that I use everyday, all throughout the day. And that #EvernoteBicycle is way cool!!

  • Linda

    #EvernoteBicycle I’ve been using Evernote to plan my house move, which is tomorrow. Now I’ll be using it to help organise the decorating & DIY.

  • Alex LaFroscia

    I’ll be using Evernote to keep track of coding tips and tricks as I learn more about programming and enter college for Computer Science! #EvernoteBicycle

  • gabeanzelini

    After reading every paperless article on Jamie Rubin’s site, I intend to keep using Evernote to “Remember Everything” Everything just means more now and that I can find stuff 🙂 As an example, my family has been ill this week so we record our temps, as we take them, in Evernote, just in case we should need to go in to a Dr or something, we’ll have a history. Just one of many uses, really. #EvernoteBicycle

  • cyruskafaiwu

    Already have Evernote Premium. An evernote bicycle would be great for me to replace my aging bike. #EvernoteBicycle

  • Kai McGuire

    This year, I will be using evernote to (hopefully) wreck my a.p. u.s. history exam #EvernoteBicycle

  • Giulio Sperelli Tosi

    #EvernoteBicycle I’ll use evernote, evrnote food, clear…. for all of 2013, 2014, 2015!!! Great Apps!!!

  • Pantherfan

    #EvernoteBicycle I plan to use Evernote to take and organize class & conference notes.

  • Whitney McKim

    I’m gonna be using Evernote to organize my genealogy snippets!

    I’m going to keep using it with my moleskine smart notebook to keep a digital record of my notes! #EvernoteBicycle

  • boomshot

    Incorporating Evernote into my food blog.

    I would give the #EvernoteBicycle to my daughter so she can ride around campus in her first year of college!

  • christianbusch

    #evernotebicycle – I am going to use evernote to document every day of 2013 in a separate note, in a new notebook. Each note will contain at least a sentence or two and a picture of that day. It’ll be swell and the bicycle would certainly be featured!

  • Matthew Miller

    I just bought the Sketchnote Handbook by Mike Rhode and plan to use Evernote to start Sketchnoting in 2013. #EvernoteBicycle

  • Christina Völk

    I use it for my own little world. “eRowrrh”

  • Luming Hao

    I plan to continue documenting as many details of my life as possible, no matter how embarrassing, to continue my life-long art project. An #EvernoteBicycle might persuade me to finally go outside though…

  • Miranda Cox

    #EvernoteBicycle I will use Evernote to keep all kinds of information and have it available on all my electronic devices. (Carry less paper on that bike!)

  • Meg Herbert

    For me, Evernote will be a hub of all things in my personal and business life! Whether it’s for work or my baking/cooking blog, I look forward to working with others to get people excited about all the things Evernote can do. For 2013, I plan to collaborate, get to know Evernote business and continue to share my stories, tips and love for Evernote via the Inman Next blog and social media! #EvernoteBicycle

  • Tom Yokota

    I’ll be using EVERNOTE for EVERYTHING. #EvernoteBicycle

  • dave nisly

    I use Evernote for my pastoral responsibilities including sermon preparation and administrative tasks to store documents and correspondence. I use it to store personal records as well – thanks to a ScanSnap S1500! #EvernoteBicycle

  • Dan Hamilton

    # EvernoteBicycle i plan to use evernote in 2013 to keep track of my notes and blog posts for my harvard classics reading challenge (122+ books in 365 days)

  • rob the computer guy

    I use evernote to create wikis for friends and clients 🙂 #evernotebicycle

  • Steve Williamson

    I plan on integrating my GTD plan with Evernote, freeing up more time ride that #EvernoteBicycle.

  • Brian Ahearn

    Just started using Evernote. Love it.

  • Lucas

    I use evernote continuously in my studies and it helps keep all my notes organized. An evernote bicycle would be awesome as I don’t currently have one! #EvernoteBicycle

  • Ilene Hass

    #EvernoteBicycle I use evernote everyday to record meeting and project notes and take screen captures.

  • Michael Odom

    I’ve been using Evernote to organize my research for classes. I plan to expand my use of Evernote, including my plans to write a book next year. #EvernoteBicycle

  • Oanh ~ ワン

    I’ll keep using Evernote to type in additional lecture points in class on my laptop and share sketches with my friends. #EvernoteBicycle

  • Ashish Chand

    I just discovered the usefulness of Evernote this year after sitting on the app for more than a year. I plan on using it to stay organized for my recent return to school. Taking notes in class on Evernote, and then being able to review them on my phone and tablet is extremely helpful. Being able to work on papers across devices is also a huge time saver, especially when I have a long daily commute by train. #EvernoteBicycle

  • The Solitarian

    #EvernoteBicycle That’d make my commute to work so much nicer this Summer!

  • Michelle

    I plan to get more on top of my lesson plans and ideas for my students, and perhaps learn how to create wikis with my Evernote #evernotebicycle

  • Bryan

    I’m starting a new self study online class. As part of the class, I have workbooks to complete, which I’ll need to refer to later. I have setup Evernote to monitor a folder I have in the cloud. After I complete each workbook, with old fashioned paper and pen, I will scan it and deposit the pdf into the monitored folder. It automatically gets imported by Evernote, giving me access to my completed workbooks anywhere I go and without having to remember to import it! #EvernoteBicycle

  • Cindy L Meester

    I have not had a bike since I was a kid. I so need one now. I use Evernote fto help keep my life organized and all in one place!

  • Dawn Jensen

    #EvernoteBicycle I’m simply planning to use it more and figuring out how to effectively do it. I see the little gray elephant staring at me from my phone begging me to press him, but I need to research the best way to integrate him into my life. I just started using ‘say mmm’ and I’ve recently linked my Fujitsu ScanSnap to it so I have a lot of opportunity for improvement. Thanks for a fabulous program!

  • Lisa Love

    going to use it to organize my life!

  • Guest

    Evernote is awesome and so is this bicycle! I expect to use Evernote to do many things in 2013…thank you so much for creating such a useful program! Happy New Year!!

  • Tom Webster

    I’m looking forward to using Evernote in 2013 to keep my inbox completely free of FYI’s, information resources, forwarded articles and anything else that I need to keep but don’t need to reply to. Just doing that will cut my inbox clutter by 3/4 and give me more psychic RAM to work with. Like a mental sorbet. #EvernoteBicycle

  • Ana Claudia Jaramillo

    This bike it’s all that I need to go to work!!!! And having Evernote on it, I’ll be able to shown the world how I love this elephant!!!! #EvernoteBycicle

  • Jason Tedrick

    I plan on using Evernote to keep track of all my staffing needs as a manager, as the year goes on it is hard to keep track of everything that everyone on your team has done; good, bad, or otherwise. I can then easily search on those items and file things away using tags and such. #EvernoteBicycle

  • Steve Morris

    OK, I use Evernote for tracking my RE contacts. For a subject, I put their last/first name and phone/eMail. I edit the created date on the note (since you can sort by it) to be the next contact schedule. In the note, I put the date and conversation notes. At the bottom I put in their properties owned for reference when I talk with them.

    It’d be really nice if they had one more box in a note as a next contact or due date.

  • Jackie Sojico

    #EvernoteBicycle I’ll be using Evernote to organize and keep track track of my reading list of articles for work and pleasure!

  • Richie Cook

    I will not purchase anymore post-it notes.

  • Susie Goneau

    I plan to use Evernote in my classroom with my students to keep track of student reading progress during our Daily 5 reading rotations. I would also like to start using it as a way to share files and work with students…also as a collaboration tool. The possibilities are exciting! #EvernoteBicycle

  • K. Latham

    My team and I are going to be using Evernote to organize our podcast and other project notes. #EvernoteBicycle

  • Denise Dukette

    Wow! Awesome #EvernoteBicycle!! In 2013, I am going to move all my OneNote snippets into Evernote. I’ve long put it off, but now it the time! New for 2013, I want to document 2 things – house info and business inventory info. For the house, it would be little things – how big is the living room rug? or what is the window widths in my home office? or what model is the humidifier in the bedroom? I don’t know how many times I have gone up to the city to run errands and forgotten what model of whichever whoosie I need a replacement part for. For the office, I am going to put in all the user manuals, model numbers, receipts, etc. into Evernote. That way, next time I need to know my new printer’s ink numbers I’ll have it, or when it breaks I know when I purchased it.

  • Stephen Upham

    I’ll be using my @evernote premium in 2013 for property management, antique vehicle restoration & @arduino controller development. #EvernoteBicycle

  • Paul Wood

    #EvernoteBicycle I plan to use Evernote as I always have — to keep track of everything important in my life!

  • Amy Hartman

    #EvernoteBicycle I received a Flip Pal Scanner for Christmas and I plan to scan as much as possible to go paperless. I also plan to get a bicycle and track my usage, maps, etc. in Evernote.

  • Jonya

    I will become more committed to using EverNote for capturing Paleo recipes and for organizing information that will improve my writing. I will continue to use it for storing research notes, including links. I know many people have gone to Pinterest but that’s just not got enough juice for me – EverNote is both juicier and sexier than Pinterest. #EvernoteBicycle

  • iheartsnuggles

    I’ve only been using Evernote for about 2 months and it has already changed my life. Hopefully I’ll be able to get my other team members on board in 2013.

  • Lloyd D. Mitchell

    #EvernoteBicycle, I love Evernote and use it to manage and organize my life personally and professionally. I have also introduced this app to family, friends, as well as clients. Thanks Evernote.

  • Kevin Bueso

    I will use Evernote in 2013 to plan for our trip to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Emails are already being forwarded to my evernote The Brazilian Job notebook. Keep track of quotes, itinirary ideas, flight information…plus I am using Evernote in conjuction with the Evernote Smart Notebook by Moleskine to keep notes when offline #EvernoteBicycle

  • Jill Dobis DZines

    #EvernoteBicycle – Oooh -love the bike! And I LOVE Evernote – I use it for everything from recipes to Zentangle patterns to my to-do list, goals, finances, shopping lists and coupon-codes, design-inspiration, gift-ideas and SO much more – pretty much anything I want to keep track of!

  • Kristen Torkelson

    #EvernoteBicycle would be amazing. I use Evernote to keep my life in order and I plan on using it more for the classroom this year!

  • Crystal Paradis

    I am going to use Evernote in 2013 to go paperless with my personal reference and work reference documents! I have been a proud and obsessive Premium Evernote user for over a year, and evangelize it to all of my friends and followers, but after searching in vain for a particular pay stub in my paper filing cabinet recently, I decided to bring ALL of my documents to Evernote in 2013!

    I am hosting a presentation in January on how to use Evernote to “Remember Everything”– since so many of my friends and colleagues have heard me raving about it but don’t know where to start. I’m doing it on 1/23– to prove how integrating Evernote into your life is as easy as 1-2-3!

    In a town that has an issue with parking availability, and since I live just over a mile from work and less than a mile from my downtown square, I would get some GREAT use from an #EvernoteBicycle and I would be such a happy Evernote geek riding one! Wahoo! Happy New Year to Evernote users and providers, one and all!

  • Bob Dunn

    Very cool bike : ) Yes, I will continue to use my Evernote to organize all the resources I find on the web, which is huge for me. But now I have started and will be using it to organize my projects. I found it to be a lifesaver. I love that I can store everything in the cloud and access it on my iphone and ipad. I’m sure as I’ll be even finding more ways to use it in 2013.

  • Frank Victor Roesler III

    This year will be my very first FULL year to use Evernote on a daily basis. With this new and powerful tool at my fingertips, I plan on digitizing & keeping track of all my notes from various functions I participate in! In the past, I found myself taking notes in folders, on paper, on images, in presentations, etc. Now, not only do I have a way to digitize my typical note-taking system, I also have a new way to take the notes themselves & have instant access to them whenever I need them. I firmly believe that Evernote & the Evernote service will help in creating a less-stressful, more on-demand lifestyle I cater to 🙂 #EvernoteBicycle

  • greg hardin

    I plan to use the new evernote mac os app! It’s great. Also love the evernote food iOS app intergration — great job. Of couse I would love to use all my evernote apps in 2013 while riding around on a new #EvernoteBicycle

  • Ryan Rosshirt

    I use evernote everyday anyways to have a checkboxed to do list that automatically syncs to all my devices, but I also am planning to use evernote as a way to log my food and exercise to help me reach my goals starting January 1, 2013!

  • Blake Schwendimann

    I use Evernote for graduate school and I would be lost without it!

  • Reid Bauer

    First off, I’ll be using Evernote to keep track of thank-you notes I need to send. I used it to take photos of my Christmas gifts so I know who gave me what. I’ll also be using it to keep track of maintenance…for my new bike.

  • Brittany Wilharm

    I’ll be using Evernote for college projects in 2013! I can use Web Clipper so that I don’t forget pages that contained useful information, and so that my bibliography won’t be missing anything, and I can keep organized by tagging my clippings so that all I have to do is open Evernote, and find all my research on that project, all grouped together! #EvernoteBicycle

  • Zane Vandiver

    #EvernoteBicycle. Super cool! I plan to use Jamie Rubin’s paperless guide to get organized for 2013.

  • Peter Stephani

    Going to use it for a new e-commerce project to get things done!

  • Ally

    #EvernoteBicycle I am so excited to start using Evernote across all of my devices to keep myself organized and free up more time for real work AND play, which includes riding the ever so cool Evernote Bicycle. A

  • Daniel Kalmann

    I have started scanning my paper files and, even though I have not yet finished, I can see the end of the paper pile. Soon I will be able to remove 3 filing cabinets from my office/apartment, freeing space for toys for my kids! I will scan each all incoming postal mail on the day I receive them. I hope to start living an uncluttered and therefore more efficient and successful life. With success comes happiness, hopefully. So I am appreciative of the opportunity! #EvernoteBicycle

  • Carl Furrow

    I use Evernote+Skitch in my daily workflow to keep track of my software dev tasks/progress. It helps keep track of what I did, where I left off, and questions I had at the time. It’s a living document that I can go back to and add links to solutions, or drop in code snippets.

    I’m constantly looking for better ways to use the app, and enjoy seeing how others are integrating it into their day.

    Keep up the good work.


  • Aaron Blakeley

    I am using evernote to gather my ideas and draw relationships from random thoughts I have had throughout the years. It helps me make those connections that create a great idea.

  • Marcia Orland

    I use Evernote all the time as I search for a new job. Having gained a few extra pounds while being unemployed, a new bike would be a great help to help lose the extra weight. #EvernoteBicycle

  • Pauline Lally

    I will use Evernote to save pictures and/or patterns of the quilts I will make for all the people in my life that I love.

  • Gary Brough

    New Year and new job for me, plan on using evernote to be as paper free as possible and keep on top of the various projects, research and travel that I have coming up. #EvernoteBicycle

  • Steve Brim

    I use Evernote for lots! I use it as a digital portfolio for my students, to save bookmarks, connect to my Scansnap scanner to automatically save anything scanned, save anything I like on Pocket (via IFTTT),, tax info, pics from Instagram (IFTTT again), lesson plans, Smart Notebook files, saved emails, Evernote Food recipes, Punchfork, save my Livescribe note via the Skypen, …EvernoteBicycle

  • Angie Newton

    I plan to use evernote to help more with creating digital products. I also will use it more to keep my food journal #EvernoteBicycle

  • curtis206

    Evernote will allow me to be better organized.

  • Anna K. Lytle

    I use Evernote to organize all my research notes for my dissertation.

  • Amy Sloan

    I’ll be using Evernote to plan my upcoming wedding, as well as continuing to keep me organized at work, and to easily share tasks and information with my fiance. I will also be using Evernote in the new year to electronically file all my “paper” at home, instead of keeping physical files #EvernoteBicycle

  • Ernie DeVries

    #EvernoteBicycle Evernote holds my daily journals, complete with technical references and we links on how I solved problems (for the next time they come up). It’s also my repository of all the stuff I find on the web that I made need someday, but don’t need right now. Next year will be like this year – can’t do my job without Evernote!

  • Gregg Hanano

    I plan to use Evernote at work to write down any inspirations for my marketing job! #EvernoteBicycle

  • Tony Troxell

    I will be using Evernote to keep track of my goals, and what I need to do to complete them, in 2013. #EvernoteBicycle

  • Andi

    I’m using Evernote to plan my wedding!!! 9-28-13 … That bike would help me to get in shape! #EvernoteBicycle

  • Jenni O'Connor

    In 2013, I’m using Evernote to organize all of my notes and story points for my novels and short stories.

  • Andrew Lockhart

    I’ll be using Evernote Clearly to easily format and clip long form articles to read later on the on the train on my iPad. #EvernoteBicycle

  • keith polizzotto

    Going to use Evernote to keep track of all my little snippets articles reminders across my iOS devices and also my Mac, and also any of my other daily chores you guys rock!

  • Mark

    I’ll use Evernote in East Africa to record field notes where keeping pens & paper is impractical. The bicycle give-away is a great idea no matter who wins it! Way to go! #EvernoteBicycle

  • Rusty Winter

    #EvernoteBicycle I’ll use Evernote to keep and organize important websites and articles, organize all the documents and notes for each business client, and keep track of daily workouts!

  • Bob Butterworth

    #EvernoteBicycle I will use Evernote to keep track of all my projects and project support material so I can get more done with less effort in 2013!!!

  • Nathan Robertson

    I use evernote to keep all my notes accessible from all my devices, less to carry around! #EvernoteBicycle

  • Olga

    I use evernote everyday working on my new project which is blog about life, home and work organization. I collect there all materials and ideas for new posts and keep interesting articles and information about hot to work on blogging. Without Evernote I would lost myself in all that information I research and want to store and find easily later. #EvernoteBicycle

  • Athenee Mastrangelo

    In 2013 one of my notebooks in Evernote will be about my love affair with my new Green Republic bike! I will keep track of all the places we will be visiting together – taking/posting pictures, recipes, and so much more…LOL. Seriously, I love Evernote and this year I plan on doing more Evernote training for my clients to increase their productivity and paperless office #EvernoteBicycle

  • Robin Smothers

    #EvernoteBicycle I will use Evernote to keep track of my entire life: kids, work, freelance projects, exercise, receipts, to-dos – the whole shebang!

  • Wendy L

    #EvernoteBicycle I’m feeling the New Year motiviation to get more organized and Evernote is definitely a big part of that.

  • David Bayendor

    I’ll be using a shared notebook to stay in touch w/friends & family while deployed in Afghanistan. #EvernoteBicycle

  • kosodesign

    I want a new #EvernoteBicycle to start the new year.

  • Pallasch

    As in 2012 Evernote will be the third part of my brain. #EvernoteBicycle

  • scdrecipe

    I would like to introduce Evernote to more people at my workplace in order to assist with collaboration. In the meantime, I use it to organize my own work projects as well as a book (side project). If the latter part is finished by Feb., I would buy a bike for someone at Evernote:)

  • Sylvia Hollingworth Reichle

    I love Evernote! I use it almost every day, I use it for notes, errands, to do list, reminders, photos, and just to stay organized. I have it on multiple devices and synchronize it. I could not live without it! I look forward to continue using it in 2013

  • Mark

    I’ll use Evernote in East Africa to record field notes where paper gets soaked & pens don’t work on the wet paper.. The #EvernoteBicycle give away is an awesome idea regardless of who wins it! Way to go EVERNOTE!

  • Tom Jenkins

    I’ll continue to use it like a always do. Meeting notes, saved web pages, family history, client records… #EvernoteBicycle

  • Hermi Pastor Pina

    Evernote is my new tool for my lessons. In 2013, I will introduce my students in the use of it. I think they will love it as their teacher does, that is, me #EvernoteBicycle

  • P. Kougar-Melton


    Evernote is a New Year’s blessing for the organizationally challenged! As a graphic designer I like the fact that the bike fits the note!

  • smartt

    I’ll be using Evernote in 2013 to keep track of my #EvernoteBicycle! And to organize, draft, research, and write my blogs and book draft 🙂

  • David

    #EvernoteBicycle I plan on using Evernote every day for business receipts and other daily task lists.

  • Walt

    #EvernoteBicycle. I am using Evernote to record all of my 2013 golf scores. Now if I can only find a way for Evernote to carry my clubs then I can ride the bicycle to and from the golf course!

  • Melissa Schreiner Piette

    I will continue to use Evernote to be completely in sync wherever my Evernote Bicycle takes me! #EvernoteBicycle

  • RichEdwards

    #EvernoteBicycle I plan on expanding my use of Evernote to get to make the final leap a paperless state of being this year.

  • S.A. Thomas

    #EvernoteBicycle I’ll continue to use Evernote to consolidate/archive the parts of the web I find interesting, consolidate/archive all of my work notes, of which there are many, and to keep track of where I locked up my bicycle.

  • Bruce Graham

    2013 – Looking forward to eliminating more paper notes and relying on Evernote to organize info. #EvernoteBicycle

  • Shonda Baggett

    Though I’ve only been an EN user for a few months, I have BIG PAPERLESS PLANS for 2013! I’ve began with scanning all current papers/documents as needed and will continue to do so in an effort to be entirely paperless by year-end. Of, course, my hope is to reach that goal much sooner, but definitely by the end of 2013! #EvernoteBicycle

  • Mark Dressler

    I like how Evernote syncs across all my devices seamlessly. I can see us using this to share info between offices. #EvernoteBicycle

  • Tyler Murphy

    #EvernoteBicycle – I am going to use Evernote in 2013 to organize my freelance business. It’s a great way to help me track what I need to do and what I’ve done. I can put all my notes in one place rather than in various notebooks and post-its!

  • Lorrie Gauthier

    #EvernoteBicycle I’ll keep using Evernote to hold my entire life. How did I exist before it?

  • Paulo Henrique Borba

    I will use Evernote to not let any idea be lost and chase my dreams in 2013

  • David B

    I plan to implement The Secret Weapon ( approach to using Evernote in 2013. In preparation I purchased the outstanding Evernote Essentials ( guidebook written by Brett Kelly

  • Russ Estes

    #EvernoteBicycle As currently, I’ll continue using Evernote to coordinate my client projects, maintain notes across my phone, pad, laptop and desk pc. Grab quick pictures of documents and “physical” job info such as mechanical info plates and wiring diagrams in commercial machine which I’m responsible for and/or working on.

  • Rachael

    #EvernoteBicycle can’t wait to get organized and sync with my iPhone to capture notes while biking!

  • Chris Lane

    #EvernoteBicycle I plan on using Evernote to start my personal chef business, so I can keep track of client’s needs and preferences as well as shopping lists, and recipes!

  • Rob van Vliet

    In 2013 I will find the stuff I put in Evernote throughout 2012, which is everything. #Evernotebicycle

  • Don Gentry

    #EvernoteBicycle i will use evernote in 2013 to share things from my life with family and friends that don’t use a computer or have3 one at home !

  • Beau Harbin

    #EvernoteBicycle – looking to store the documents from a family genealogy project in 2013.

  • Ralph Mercer 

    Evernote represent my change in how I engage in my work, the bike represents the change in my life..

  • Tresha Ervin

    #EvernoteBicycle. My 16 year old daughter and I are starting a mother/daughter business (Fashion Boutique) in January of 2013. Using Evernote will not only help us keep our business organized, but will also teach my daughter how to navigate and use one of the coolest tools of this decade.

  • Kevin Brewer

    #EvernoteBicycle I will be using my new Evernote Moleskine I received at Christmas to keep and organize my sketches and random doodles!

  • Buddro Man

    #EvernoteBicycle I will use Evernote to keep all kinds of information and have it available on all my electronic devices, very convenient and easy to use!.

  • Badrul

    I will use Evernote to track my finances. #EvernoteBicycle

  • Jacquie Mardell

    I want to explore new ways to use Evernote for my classes and clients #EvernoteBicycle

  • Sandy Patterson Frye

    #EvernoteBicycle I will encourage my middle school students to use evernote daily when working on collaborative and independent projects. Evernote is a great tool for teachers to use in the classroom.

  • Thomas

    #EvernoteBicycle I will continue to use it at work to keep track of my projects, to prepare my lessons and in my starting web consulting business.

  • Theresa Peele Smith

    I use it for lesson planning.

  • Jimmy Baum

    #EvernoteBicycle I’ll be using Evernote to organize my personal finance documents. I’d also like to photograph and tag my paper notebooks to easily search them.

  • Simona

    #EvernoteBicycle I will continue using Evernote to archive interesting articles, store ideas for my writing projects, draft my art projects and organize recipes for a book project.

  • Simon Lee

    I hope to get on an #EvernoteBicycle to research stories written in EN.

  • Paul Silvan

    I will use Evernote in conjunction with Skitch on my new Nexus 7 tablet to create a logo for my pet photography business. Then I will continue to make notes about clients and scheduling.

  • rebecca

    I want to get in shape.#evernotebicycle

  • Sarah Castleberry

    #evernotebicycle I will use evernote to go paperless in 2013 🙂

  • Ele Barraza

    #EvernoteBicycle I will be using Evernote to keep a log of my dissertation research.

  • Taojourney

    #EvernoteBicycle I will use Evernote to keep lists of restaurants I want to try and make notes and store pictures for Yelp tips and reviews

  • Will Johnson

    #EvernoteBicycle Been using Evernote for 3 years now, use it everyday now to keep my recipes, work stuff, travel ideas, projects I want to work on… I love being able to keep it organized and easy to access anywhere.

  • editvdo

    #EvernoteBicycle I use Evernote to track everything I ever want to remember. I use it most for my business. I track my blog post topic ideas and anything related to them; I then write my blog posts in it to copy and paste to my website; I keep ebooks and infographics that i want to refer to. Tracking movies or books I want to read/see, memorable quotes, equipment dreams and outlining presentations and my enewsletter are just a few more ways I use Evernote. I love the audio recording feature for recording client meetings; the fact that it’s then automatically accessible from wherever I am is awesome!!

  • Del

    #EvernoteBicycle 2012 was the beginning of the paperless process for me. I’ll see how close I can come to completing that goal in 2013!

  • ingo1492

    #Evernote is my best App ever on iPhone, Mac and my Windows-PC. I hope I will use in 2013, for store of knowledge in my company! Then I’ll also bike to the company – in Good Old Germany 😉 #EvernoteBicycle (sry for my bad English)

  • Tiffany B

    #EvernoteBicycle I will use evernote this year to help me keep my fitness goals organized and on track

  • Yahu Palacios-Gonzalez

    #EvernoteBicycle I am planning to take my business to the next level thanks to Evernote! I recently started using it and the potential is incredible. I am a bookkeeper / personal assistant for several small businesses and individuals, so the more I integrate all my data, to do list, pending items and projects for each of my clients in Evernote, I will be more organized, will be able to look at my pending in one place only, and all at the time while syncing with my computer, my ipad, my laptop and iphone!!!! and I can add my clients or associates to specific notebooks for their collaboration and ideas in Projects. simply amazing!!! I used to keep a huge notebook with me at all times to write down all my ideas and to do list, ….not anymore…. simply amazing. I love Evernote!!!! and! it would be very awesome if when doing my rounds visiting my clients to pick up their projects, mail etc, I can go in a new bicycle instead of a car…. saving a planet as well, less paper with evernote, and less pollution by using a bike instead!

  • ugur_ozk

    #EvernoteBicycle I’m a prep school student. I will use Evernote for note-taking in the class hours. Furthermore, since I will have a tablet in new year, I will also make Evernote my personal e-book database!

  • Angela Petersen

    #EvernoteBicycle In 2013, I’ll use Evernote to hold pics of my favorite clothing and accessories that need to be matched or paired. Easy access via iPhone while shopping! Along with plenty of others things, especially destinations to visit by country for travel!

  • Boris

    I like Evernote. I can sort my note, idea, food recipe and all of thing I want to do by using the Evernote. Thanks you so much for your valuable software.

  • wen mcnally

    #EvernoteBicycle I am currently writing a book and using Evernote to write and organize each chapter. Hoping to finish by January. I am also starting a new business partnership and Evernote allows us to collaborate on our project together without meeting face to face. We also photograph our handwritten notes so we can each access them. Just LOVE it.

  • Rooney R

    #EvernoteBicycle I’ll take notes on the bicycle…AND USE THE BICYCLE AS A NOTEBOOK.

  • Rich Close

    I will use less paper and inspire others to utilize Evernote and do the same.

  • Doug C

    #EvernoteBicycle In 2013, Evernote will continue to be my main iPhone, iPad and desktop app used for much of my work and personal notekeeping, to-do listing, clipping, etc. As 2012 transitions to 2013, I am using Evernote to help look back at the past year, and to plan for the coming year.

  • Sonya Sigler

    I use evernote every day for work, my blog, and home stuff. I love the new Mac version. I’m trying to use email less and evernote more! #EvernoteBicycle

  • Florian Chaperon

    #EvernoteBicycle j’utiliserai davantage Evernote grâce à mon nouveau moleskine By Evernote pour organiser mon travail mais aussi pour me rappeler les bons millésimes que je bois 😉

  • Carl Axel Franzon

    #EvernoteBicycle I will be using Evernote to store notes and organize as I finish my doctoral dissertation.

  • Shaun Newman

    #EvernoteBicycle in 2013 I plan to use ever note to keep track of all my photography equipment .from all the manuals to pictures of the gear and tracking serial numbers.
    I already keep all my key documents in digital form secured away and accessible from anywhere at any time so it makes sense to do the same for my photo gear.

  • Rajesh Vartak

    #EvernoteBicycle – I will use Evernote across my personal MacBook at home, my iOs devices and my office Notebook combined with Evernote on the web to keep the repository central and super synced..

  • Richard Seago

    #EvernoteBicycle I’ll be using Evernote to: file important emails at work, track expenses, compose mini-reports, save children’s art work that we don’t have space for, keep recipes, plan travel and most excitingly to store notes from my new Evernote Moleskin!

  • roschler

    Count me in! Does it sync to the cloud? 🙂

    Actually it would be awesome to have a bicycle with a smart phone perch on the handlebars with Evernote loaded on it. Then every time I wanted to take a snap shot of my “ride” I could just press a button on the phone and send an image note to Evernote!

  • Liza

    I track food and fashion with Evernote, plus all the things I was supposed to get done yesterday #EvernoteBicycle

  • Nick Campbell

    Once Page Camera is released for Android, I hope to use the Evernote Moleskine I got for Christmas to organize the comics, scripts, and prose I write throughout the year. It’s also the home to all my to-do and shopping lists but, mainly, I’m looking forward to smart stickers. #EvernoteBicycle

  • skunamuffin

    I plan to use Evernote to organize supplies and customer orders

  • Drew Hawkins

    I am continuing on planning to use Evernote for more household planning and home-buying organizing of ideas for this next year (in addition to how I already use it for work). This next year I’m pumped about using my new Evernote Moleskin to start taking hand-written notes again but still be able to store all my thoughts into my folders. An #EvernoteBicycle would be a great addition to my Evernote gear.

  • Holly Oberle

    #EvernoteBicycle New Years Resolution: keep better track of my finances and get on top of my frequent flier miles, using Evernote!

  • Suzanne Fioravanti

    I use Evernote for many things but I especially like it to track my projects at work. I have two notebooks Current and Completed. I love that everything associated with the project (notes, docs, files, pictures, emails, etc) are all accessible from any one of my devices. It’s awesome! #EvernoteBicycle

  • Jon Jones

    #EvernoteBicycle I already use Evernote to organize content and topics for a community Q & A video series I produce. But in 2013, I will be starting up a new personal vlog series as well, and I’ll be using Evernote to catalogue topics and images to be used in the new series.

  • Sharon Hindson Katovich

    #EvernoteBicycle – Evernote is the last app I would give up. It is my ever present file cabinet that includes just about any piece of paper that passes through our door. It is especially useful for keeping track of my child’s special education plan.

  • Chuck Erickson

    I’ll be using Evernote in 2013 to help streamline the processes at work, keep task lists up to date on a number of devices, and use less paper. #EvernoteBicycle

  • Terri Febuary

    As a Senior Citizen, EVERNOTE is a huge blessing for reading so much clearer and easier.
    In 2013, EVERNOTE will aid me as I write and edit my plays for the theatre. Playwrights have a very sedentary job and the #EvernoteBicycle will finally force me to get out and exercise with my husband. I expect the New Year will be more productive with EVERNOTE and the #EvernoteBicycle.

  • Steve Parks

    #EvernoteBicycle Evernote has practically replaced my brain, and I expect that it will continue to do so in 2013. Happy new year everybody! I hope I win the bike. Yep.

  • John Russell

    #EvernoteBicycle I use Evernote to take notes on video tutorials that I watch while learning new technology – – Photoshop Elements, LiveCode, etc. Then those notes are available wherever I might be.

  • Dennis

    #EvernoteBicycle – I just started using Evernote and absolutely love it! 2013 will allow me to save time, money & sanity by just being more organized and being able to find stuff. I am also sharing what I’ve learned with several colleagues to help them do the same. Of coarse, cruisin’ on a new Evernote Republic Bike would be wayyy cool, but it’s nothing compared to what a great program Evernote is for both work and personal business. Thanx EN team !!!

  • Luis Gaitan

    Since I’ll be leaving for Afghanistan in March with the army, I’m using ever note as my daily diary, blog, picture album, and video keeper. Just hoping there’s internet to keep friends and family updated.

  • Brian Miller

    #EvernoteBicycle I plan to expand my evernote usage by creating folders for each client. I can post photos, documents, anything and everything about the project in the folder assigned to them. Once the project is complete, I can place the folder in a notebook called “completed 2013”

  • DuncanStewart

    Groceries, weekend edition Sunday puzzle , and cool stuff i haven’t thought of yet! Like pictures of my new bike!

  • Jean Wuenschel

    #EvernoteBicycle I will use Evernote to keep everything I need to remember at my fingertips on all my devices! I am also planning on starting a diary with pictures.

  • Oswaldo

    #EvernoteBicycle no pensaba yo que lo iba a gastar para tantas cosas cotidianas.

  • Ben Flanagan

    So i can get to work quicker as i wont have to take any files with me anymore as i have them on evernote and can get tem at work.

  • Inn on Poplar Hill

    #evernoteBicycle I save all my favorite recipes in evernote…. no more messy scraps of paper and then I have the recipe when at the store. I also enter the grocery list and my dear husband then has it when he gets to the store. no more forgotten lists!

  • Jonathan Frei

    I want to win the #EvernoteBicycle. I’ll be using Evernote in 2013 to snap photos of those bits of paper that inevitably start cluttering up my desk. 2013 will be a paper free (light) year.

  • Kelly Frohnauer

    #EvernoteBicycle I have an Ipod and just got a portable keypad for it so now I can write anywhere. Evernote will help me keep my writing organized.

  • KL

    Evernote will get a lot of use this year: lesson planning for two new courses, including creating a database for my students to access PDF; organizing for a move into a new apartment; and planning spring and summer trips! (And I wouldn’t mind commuting to work via the #EvernoteBicycle )

  • Audrey

    #EvernoteBicycle I will use Evernote to keep track of class and teaching notes across my electronic devices.

  • disqus_yM8Nh454ui

    thanks for the bike sweeps–love the bright green tires

  • jakob k

    #EvernoteBicycle i will replace hundreds of paper notes and other paper with evernote

  • Katie Soule

    I’ll be using Evernote to help in my goal of getting rid of paper clutter!

  • Alfred Weil

    I will continue to use Evernote across multiple platforms (iPhone, iPad, Mac and PC), as the container for all my notes, clippings, recipes, GTD lists, receipts, letters and ideas!

  • John A Taylor

    #EvernoteBicycle Evernote contains all the important things in my life. I use it across devices for work, home, poetry I write, paper I scan, lists, book notes, daily notes, gift ideas, recipes, and more.

  • Barb Groth

    I asked Santa for a brand new bike for Christmas .. but I didn’t get it 🙁 I’ll make a note to myself on my Evernote to ask again next year, after I’ve been better 🙂

  • RobTwitt

    In 2013, I will continue to use Evernote to track my triathlon training, organize all of the interesting content the web has to offer, create shopping lists for me and my wife, jot
    down gift ideas, and have the opportunity to win a bitchin’ bike! #EvernoteBicycle

  • oliver b.

    #EvernoteBicycle So looking forward to Page Camera for Android. I already have the Evernote moleskin Book and use it daily for my notes at work. I upload snapshots to Evernote already, but without the added features of the Page Camera. I also use Evernote in my private daily life – for example planning our House at the moment. I store all the things people tell me that they have done in their home and storing all the cool ideas directly onto evernote with my Android Phone. I love the Labeling, that way I quickly find what I need to. Evernote is the one tool I was looking for to keep my To-Dos, Shopping Lists, Ideas and occasional Doodles in one place. Keep it up! (and hurry up with Page Camera for Android please). 2013 Evernote will be my central Hub of Information in my ever transforming life.

  • Suzanne Jackson

    I’d love an #Evernote Bicycle! I hope to become a better blogger in 2013. Evernote can certainly help me toward that end by organizing helpful articles, tips, and ideas. Thanks!

  • St. Heather

    I’m hitting the recording studio in early 2013, and I’m going to start using Evernote to keep up with the music I’m writing and recording. Since I’m working on two projects (an acoustic duo and a full-on rock band), Evernote is going to keep everything organized, tagged, and at my fingertips – whether I’m at home on my desktop, at the studio on my laptop, or on-the-go on my iPhone.

    xx St. Heather

    PS – If I win, I’ll use the Evernote bicycle to ride to the studio… My entire musical life will be influenced by my favorite green elephant!


  • Kyle Wade Sheppard

    This year I’ll use Evernote to sync all my lesson notes between my computer and my iPad for teaching. I will also use clip to Evernote to continue to build my library of photography and videography articles as well as use Evernote Hello to keep tract of photography and videography clients and projects. I’ll use Evernote shared notes to coordinate with the rest of my video team as we think tank over new video ideas. #EvernoteBicycle

  • Isaac Haber

    im going to use it to run my 8th grade school life.

  • martymankins

    For 2013, my Evernote usage will be including audio clips, which should prove valuable for my new podcast venture. Would love to win the #EvernoteBicycle

  • Jason Barthelemy

    #evernotebicycle As a youth pastor, I have a goal in 2013 to use Evernote to catalog all of my talks from over the years. I look forward to using my brand new Moleskine for Evernote journal to catalogue the things that I have written by hand. The more I use Evernote, the more useful it is!

  • Jeff Pease

    I am working on getting my office to use Evernote company wide. I think it will greatly increase our communication and workflow. Things are looking good for our Evernote office makeover 2013. 🙂

  • Julie Rigby

    #EvernoteBicycle I’m using Evernote for the dog agility classes that I’m teaching. Course maps, notes, videos, instructions. I love being able to email the notes directly from my account. My friends tease me for how addicted to Evernote I am…

  • Lars Christoffersen

    ahhh dam it, only in the US. Anayway, give it to the senate, congress or whoever is driving over the fiscal cliff 🙂 And I use evernote for, ehhhh, everything.

  • David Weidman

    I’ll use this bike as a reminder of the great customer service I received while recently trouble shooting an issue I had. All my notes disappeared and they helped me recover.

  • nfil

    I’m starting my own web development business, which requires a lot of research and learning. Since I need to use several OS platforms/devices I can share and access all my notes whether I’m on Mac, Windows or Android. Genius!

  • G. Green

    I plan to continue to use Evernote in 2013 to digitize my reference files and search & destroy paper! #EvernoteBicycle

  • Joel Neely

    Organize articles and links for reference/research purposes.

  • Ted Hobgood

    I plan on using Evernote to help me manage notes and planning details for a weekly webcomic I’m doing over the course of the next year. #EvernoteBicycle

  • Todd Schriver

    #EvernoteBicycle I use Evernote to help run my Organic Vegetable farm. A bicycle would be nice for running out to get few bunches of basil to fill out the farmstand in the morning.

  • Dan

    I’m going to use Evernote to post draft pics of my notes before I pick out the good ones to put on my handwritten blog- #EvernoteBicycle

  • Glen Bray

    #EvernoteBicycle I’ll use Evernote for keeping track of ideas for my screenplay.

  • Carrie Baker

    #evernotebicycle: I will use evermore to keep myself organized!

  • todddoubleu

    Will use Evernote to capture all the great moments from the upcoming playoff run by the Seattle Seahawks! … #EvernoteBicycle

  • Rick Mons

    I’m going to continue to use Evernote as my electronic “junk drawer” where I put recipes, clippings on items of interest for blogging, lists for shopping (groceries, Target, gifts, Amazon, etc).

    I’ll also use it to log trips I make on my new # EvernoteBicycle! ;-p

  • Aaron

    I will use Evernote to store all those ideas that pop into my head at random times (and keep them organized!). #EvernoteBicycle

  • Pam

    #EvernoteBicycle I will start using Evernote for genealogy research. It is a FANTASTIC product.

  • Michael Gallagher PT OCS

    #EvernoteBicycle – I just got a ScanSnap printer at home so that I can get rid of our big, messy metal filing cabinet. My wife now has a Premium account, too, and the rule for paper stuff is if it needs to be saved, it goes in Evernote and then in the recycling bin. We’re also now using Shared notebooks in our healthcare practice to store journal articles, receipts, insurance contracts, and policies. Soon to follow the home file cabinet conversion will be the ones in our office.

  • Iprinss

    Use for staff meeting planning, todos, and collecting computer tips that I know will be useful some time in the future

  • Ruthie Wright


    I will use it for recipes, homeschooling organization, on and on!

  • Melissa Jane Weiler

    #EvernoteBicycle I plan to use Evernote to make 2013 the year my stacks and stacks of everything wedding-related go digital! Love having all my inspiration photos, receipts, customer files and ideas accessible wherever I am!

  • Mark Gustav

    I’m going to continue using Evernote for team collaboration, software development, brain dumps, and general tomfoolery. #EvernoteBicycle

  • Katharine Albon

    #EvernoteBicycle I’ll be using Evernote to keep track of things across all my devices, which will really come in handy since they seem to multiply all the time.

  • Chris Federico

    I’m in the tech field and Evernote is very valuable to me in keeping all my IT related things in order . I plan on using it often. #EvernoteBicycle

  • c. wess daniels

    I’ll be using Evernote even more than in 2012 now that I have a premium account. I use it for my work as a pastor, my academic research, and things going on at home. #EvernoteBicycle

  • Adan Garcia

    #EvernoteBicycle I’ll put my daughter in that basket up front to ride around town

  • Daniel Stark

    I’m using Evernote to go paperless. Just got a new scan snap. #EvernoteBicycle

  • Harvey Johnson

    I wouldn’t sell this bike for all the money in the world. Not for a hundred million, trillion, billion dollars!

  • Terri Hamilton

    #EvernoteBicycle I’ll keep on using Evernote for my GTD tasks, and my recipes, and my knitting patterns, and pix of my baby nephew, etc….

  • Rick Fink

    I plan on using Evernote in the new year to keep track of the volunteers and their duties for @TEDxBozeman and better organize myself for my @StartupBozeman projects! Evernote will definitely keep me on track and on task, and with any luck, it will put me on the #EvernoteBicycle 🙂

  • Scott Mullin

    Evernote is a wonderful tool for collecting information in multiple formats and having it available all the time and anywhere . . . voila!

  • mp3sdusa

    Picked up a Livescribe Sky pen gonna see how well it integrates with Evernote


  • devin_s

    In 2013 I’ll use Evernote to remember what happened in 2012. #EvernoteBicycle

  • shelxxin

    Having just got a kindle fire and evernote I am looking forward to keeping little notes and pictures on the funny things my two children do and milestones they reach so i can use them in a little memory book or file for when they are older. #EvernoteBicycle

  • Preben Carlsen

    “Due to shipping restrictions, the winner must reside within the continental United States only”.

    This is simply not acceptable for a company of the size like Evernote. With your financial strength, it would be no deal to expand this competition to the hole world.

    Remember – you have Evernote customers everywhere. But it would seem, that not all customers are equally valued…

  • John Loughlin

    Pedal Power to the #EvernoteBicycle People!

  • topgold

    I’d use the bike to park right up front where I work, saving me at least 250 steps a day. FTW! #EvernoteBicycle

  • Paul Powici

    Gosh – how I need a bike!

  • MaureenMcCabe

    I am going to use Evernote to organize my real estate business. #EvernoteBicycle

  • Jennifer Bendewish

    #EvernoteBicycle – I have been using Evernote since 2008. I am wife, mother of two kids under age of 4, a full time data analyst, couponer, blogger, triathlete, runner, cook, and love to shoot photos; I thrive on lists, goal setting, and by writing everything down. I plan to use Evernote in 2013 to help streamline organization of our life, and to incorporate the use of Evernote with Outlook, OneNote, and Cozi! Ihave already gotten everyone in my office at work to use Evernote. Syncing Evernote to both computers, smart phone, and iPad are key to helping me use Evernote more!

  • Daniel Seltzer

    I’m already using and proselytizing for Evernote just because it’s been so useful for me. But I’m inspired by TSW to explore using Tags more and will see what that can add. And I certainly would not object to a lovely green #EvernoteBicycle for my commute.

  • Steven

    I’m new to evernote so I plan to use it to remember everything I can and need to remember for the new year. Can’t wait!

  • slwojcik

    #EvernoteBicycle – I am so excited to start using Evernote. I am a foodie for my family, plus I have a child with special dietary needs. So this app should make all my recipe research a snap! Thanks!!

  • Don Glenn

    I have moved all my automobile records to Evernote. I keep track of when I had service, the mileage, who performed the service and the cost. I created a tag for each car so I can sort by automobile. Using my scanner, I will be storing all the paper receipts in Evernote.

  • Don Glenn

    Gave my daughter, son-in-law, son, daughter-in-law a great Christmas present — a lesson on Evernote. They had not heard of it, but fell in love with it and downloaded it.

  • Barbara Beavers

    i will use #EvernoteBicycle to walk my dogs!

  • Nathan Moore

    I’d keep my camera gear in the basket and travel all around taking digital memories, then archive them in Evernote! #EvernoteBicycle

  • Joe C.

    Save all my research for writing an ebook.

  • Loni Recker

    I am going to use it to organize my personal, work and home life. Can’t wait! Thank you Evernote.

  • Richard Herron

    I just got turned on to Evernote and love it! I’ll be using Evernote to organize all my research and teaching ideas. I’ll be sing my #EvernoteBicycle to take a break from said research and teaching. Before Evernote I had emails, scraps of paper, note cards, and bookmarks everywhere. Now I have them in one place that syncs across all my devices. Thanks!

  • Dana Ludeking

    I am gonna use it to make lists and story boards for my new songs, and ebooks, and other reminders.. ..and to study..

  • Robert Prol

    Evernote will continue to be an extension of my brain.

  • Robert Prol

    #evernotebiycle – Evernote will continue to be an extension of my brain.

  • Lynn Carlson

    Evernote is going to help me keep track of important notes and techniques as I study for a recertification exam and develop a portfolio of my work. I would love to win this #EvernoteBicycle for some relaxing activity in between studies and work!

  • Marcello Viti

    I use evernote for… Uhm ooops I forgot … let’s me check Evernote

  • Jon Mueller

    #EvernoteBicycle I use Evernote to make my brain relax. Trying to keep up with all that information makes me tired. Every year I use it I find better things to use it for.

  • Marcia Fasy

    #EvernoteBicycle. I love Evernote, can’t live without it. It is the best recipe app I have ever used. Now I can keep all my recipes, notes and tutorials in a way that I can always find them.

  • Diane McCarthy

    #EvernoteBicycle: I love Evernote and every year I learn more ways to make my life easier by using it. I am moving today and look forward to starting my new life more organized. Santa Rosa is a great town for bike riding so having the bike would be awesome.

  • Keith Forbes


    This is my first time using Evernote. I plan to be using it to get organized at work and to follow my personal goals for the new year.

  • Kate Pritchard

    I’m going to teach other teachers at my school how to use it, so that they can use it with their students who will all have iPads next school year.

  • David

    #EvernoteBicycle – I plan to use Evernote for my daily ToDo lists, organize my thoughts for home/work projects, and share information with others in my family.

  • Melissa Cirtain

    For 2013 I’m going to use Evernote (across my PCs, tablet, and phone) to coordinate instpirations with my husband. Dinner & entertaining ideas, home improvement ideas, etc. And if I stick to my New Years Resolutions, I’ll start saving receipts and important docs in Evernote, not on the table!

  • Cindy Dadabo

    I’m going to use Evernote to organize my life — 2nd grade artwork, who has practice when, and my favorite recipes (along with a ton of other stuff, I’m sure!)

  • Candice

    I already use Evernote for recipes, web clippings, home and pet stuff, shopping and to-do lists. In 2013 I’m going to try and get my husband to use it to track his bicycle rides & events. I’d love to win an #EvernoteBicycle so I could ride with my husband.

  • Dani Long

    #EvernoteBicycle Use of Evernote in 2013 would include being more thorough in maintaining receipts for my new business venture and making it formally part of our business and sales processes. 🙂 I sure do like saying “my new business venture”!

  • Josh Ide

    I plan to use evernote in 2013 to organize my customer information, and to share and enable collaboration on technical procedures with my team.

  • Ronald BELLET

    What’s a pity you don’t deliver it in France 🙁

  • sherryrich

    #EvernoteBicycle – I am a premium Evernote user. For work and personal I LOVE it! Just received the Evernote Moleskin for Christmas so now I will capture more handwritten notes and sketches. Just gets better and better!

  • RopeMedia

    #EvernoteBicycle I use my evernote to store receipts when traveling, notes of meeting and photos of important information 2013 is already shaping up to be a busy busy year

  • Kyle D.

    One thing that I plan to do in 2013 is use Evernote to organize various recipes that are on notecards, scraps of paper torn out of magazines, websites, etc. #EvernoteBicycle

  • steve hearst

    I’ve loaded the #Evernote on every Macs and PCs I use. Already dwnld the app on my two iPads and iPhone. Siri will remind me every AM next 2 weeks to start app 1st thing in AM. #EvernoteBicycle

  • Jeff Kurzner

    ore reasons than ever to be an Evernote insider

  • Kevin Key

    #EvernoteBicycle I am going to use Evernote in 2013 to organize all my disparate thoughts and ideas–what a great way to keep all my various “lives” unified!! Great

  • Derek J

    After years of keeping my notes in dozens of txt files, hundreds of emails to myself, and thousands of bookmarks on any of the three browsers that are usually open on my computer, in 2013 I’m going to use Evernote to keep everything together. So far, it’s the big winner from this year’s MacHeist. #EvernoteBicycle

  • Laura Dean

    I am going to use Evernote to finally organize my online and email recipes all in one convenient place!

  • Monica

    #EvernoteBicycle One of my new year’s goals is to learn to more effectively use evernote. And I’m already pretty attached to it! But I want to become more efficient in using it for research, replacing most of my paper files, and even importing many of my computer files.

  • Paula Krueger

    I use it to keep everything together in Evernote!

  • Sandy McIntyre

    I’m planning on using Evernote in 2013 to share resources with colleagues at work and to find fun places to go on my new Evernote bicycle!

  • Elijah P. Wood

    #EvernoteBicycle – like the product line, just need to figure out how to integrate it into my personal/professional work.

  • yan

    In 2012, I started use evernote, it is a wonderful product. As a premium member, I can get even more function. Thanks EVERNOTE, you make my life easily.


  • mistergadgett

    #EvernoteBicycle I will use Evernote to keep track of my 2013 USAC Cycling Race training, schedule, and racing, of course! 🙂 Rubber Side Down!

  • Leonard Ghazarian

    Will use Evernote to become more organized in 2013! #EvernoteBicycle

  • garyburkhardt

    In 2013 I’m going to use Evernote to help me remember everything. #EvernoteBicycle

  • Connie

    #EvernoteBicycle I going to use Evernote to get my clipped recipes scanned and organized! My son got Evernote set up for me at Christmas and showed me how to use it…I am excited!!!

  • Rick Fink

    In the new year, I am going to use Evernote to keep the volunteers and their duties for @TEDxBozeman vastly more organized, as well as organizing and indexing my tasks and thoughts for my new endeavors with @startupbozeman and the startup community. I know this will keep me more organized and on task, and hopefully on a new #EvernoteBicycle

  • Soccer Mom

    #EvernoteBicycle Evernote looks like the kind of tool that will help me stay organized across my devices. I will use it for building and storing ideas and concepts. My children used it today during a desert hike, narrating their observations and photographing interesting geological formations and plants along the way. They’ll share their multimedia story with their classmates in school.

  • Ed Rego

    I use Evernote to save small bits of information (like a photo of my dentist’s business card)

  • Carminia Muñoz

    in 2013 i’ll be using evernote to keep more recipes and research that i can access from anywhere, no matter where i’m traveling to. #evernotebicycle

  • JVWilliams

    i will continue to use Evernote to capture notes & vital details on the development of Identity Management drivers that I work on as an engineer in Information Security for the largest private hospital owner ( Healthcare) in the US. I have any/all current technology one could have at my disposal & yet , I still revert to pen and Moleskin ( yes, the new Evernote Moleskin is going to be my next purchase) during seminars or design meetings for I still write faster than my fingers can keep up on a keyboard! I have volumes of writings thus far and transfer these ( presently , via GeniusScan for iOS; soon to be via Moleskin-Evernote version!) to my digital archive weekly; I plan to continue this as we deploy another solution for automating our hospitals staff’s logins to their applications and systems throughout 2013. I would enjoy winning this bicycle, very much! Happy New Year!

  • PJ Cotter

    I’m going to use my scanner (Christmas present) to make my school work as paperless as possible.

  • Michael Dansie

    I am going to use the new Moleskine pad and Evernote to keep track of _EVERYTHING_! #EvernoteBicycle

  • Jana

    #EvernoteBicycle I am going to use Evernote to go paperless in 2013! Save trees, save time by getting organized and be more productive both personally & professionally. Doesn’t get better than that!

  • Derrick Etheridge

    #EvernoteBicycle I will use Evernote Business Library to build a legal research library.

  • Leocadio Garza

    #EvernoteBicycle I am going to use it for everything that I want to keep notes. At work all my countless projects and deadlines.At home to keep track of my bills and kids appointments. At play to build (research with web clipper) my future computers. Eventually go paperless.

  • JD

    #EvernoteBicycle Just generally planning to get my crap together this year, with Evernote.

  • Steve Kellam

    #EvernoteBicycle I plan to use Evernote for Getting Things Done!

  • Lauren

    In 2013 I will be using evernote to get my life back on track. Keeping track of my fitness, going back to college, and many more things.

  • Phil Yanov

    Should I win, I promise to learn how to ride a bike and then to use my new found ability to further the cause of good in the world.

  • Dawn Ippolito

    I’m new to Evernote, so in the beginning of 2013, I’ll be checking out its features and finding out how it will be useful for work or for fun. #EvernoteBicycle

  • Melissa Girardot


    in 2013, I plan to use Evernote to sync my life from my phone to my desktop computer. I’m a bit of a fossil so I’m still discovering what Evernote can do.

  • Dinca Oana

    #EvernoteBicycle i use evernote for everything. I already have my new year rezolutions in, i save my e-mail, contacts, ideas and documents in it, work and personal…hopefuly i’ll also get a bike out of it!

  • Jason

    I am using Evernote as my brain in 2013! With ADD Evernote is truly a BLESSING!

  • Laura Santos

    #EvernoteBicycle I will use Evernote for my to do list, my daily food log, my exercise log, and for projects that I am working on.

  • Lori Schwartzberg

    #EvernoteBicycle As a CrossFit gym owner, I Use Evernote for bookkeeping, research notes, photo logs, storing member waivers – well just about everything. The biggest thing we like is the ability to photograph every day’s whiteboard, which I’ve been doing for 3 years now, and share the records with members to track progress. I love being able to pull out my phone and find someone’s last score on a benchmark workout. With the new year I’ll be using it for tracking food logs in our nutrition challenge.

  • Michelle

    #EvernoteBicycle I am going to use Evernote to simplify my life…starting with a notebook for my 2013 goals and action plan.

  • Angelo Directo

    #EvernoteBicycle – in 2013 I’d like to blog weekly on professional topics, and I will use Evernote to set up and prepare my posts. As I generate more and more posts, seeing the corresponding notes that I create in Evernote is the perfect way to review common tags, topics and references so that I can better understand patterns in my writing. This way I can be more strategic about what I’m saying over time.

  • John Schneyer

    #EvernoteBicycle I am using Evernote to keep track of all sorts of things. For 2013, I will use it to consolidate all my medical records, test results, etc. to one place.

  • garyz93

    I will use Evernote to track my resolutions #EvernoteBicycle

  • Judi G

    #evernote bicycle In 2013 Evernote will 1) replace my password vault and 2) replace OneNote as the tool for taking /tracking all meeting notes at work.

  • John Rotolo

    #EvernoteBicycle I would love to own this bike so my family and I can use it around town to run errands and not have to use our cars!

  • Robert Ragland

    #EvernoteBicycle I will be using Evernote to collect all of my tax info together in one place for easy reference.

  • Doug Smith

    #EvernoteBicycle — I’m new to this app. I’ll probably use Evernote to keep reminders and transfer files

  • Eddie Tabata

    With my job I plan to use Evernote and Skitch in 2013 to keep track of notes and images related to projects. I will evangelize the use of Evernote with my family and friends as a way to keep their work, hobbies, ideas, and life synced and organized. #EvernoteBicycle

  • Tricia Havas

    My New Year’s Resolution is to get more organized and I plan on leaning heavily on Evernote to help accomplish this!

  • Jason Hale

    #EvernoteBicycle I will do a better job of using Evernote as a bug tracking system for my code.

  • Wendell Robinson

    #EvernoteBicycle I’m transitioning my work and research notes to Evernote in 2013

  • djschwartz

    I’d probably mount my iPhone on that Evernote bike, and record my rides with Endomondo. Then I’ll use ITTT to eventually get my rides into Evernote! #EvernoteBicycle

    Of course I’d continue to use Evernote for all the awesome stuff it already does for me! #EvernoteRocks

  • Burt Polson

    I use Evernote for all aspects of my life and my company so that is why I have over 4 GB in my database folder. I keep notes, snip articles for my business, snip websites for parenting teens (there is a lot there), personal growth, recipes, physical fitness, workout routines, nutrition, etc. Plus, I keep all my important documents for business and personal – I have gone paperless and Evernote has helped make that possible.

  • Thomas Willingham

    I’m use and will continue to use Evernote to for school and to manage my business.

  • Jan Schulz

    #EvernoteBicycle I’m going to organize all of my recipes and manage my kitchen remodel project.

  • Linus Parr

    #EvernoteBicycle One of my major goals of 2013 is to go paper free as much as I can in both my professional and personal life. Tools I’ve started using and making it a point to teach myself on are: Evernote, Evernote Food, Evernote Web Clip, Moleskine, Stitch just to name a few. A bike like that will only help me in leaving less of a carbon footprint as I go through 2013, Happy New Year Evernote!

  • Robert Rowe

    I’m currently working on a dream of mine which revolves around the bicycle and it’s use in disaster relief and emergency preparedness, keeping all of my notes, resources, photos, and contacts in Evernote and Hello. 2013 is when I start acting based on those notes! #EvernoteBicycle

  • Vickie

    #EvernoteBicycle I plan to use Evernote with my new Evernote moleskine to keep all of my personal and business ideas together. I love that I can use the journal and take pictures that become a part of my notebooks. Thanks for your great products.

  • Emily Nave

    I can’t wait to use Evernote in 2013 to plan another great vacation. Already crossed off Kauai and British Columbia… where to next? #EvernoteBicycle

  • Judy Myers

    #EvernoteBicycle. In 2013 I would like to expand how I use Evernote with my college students–I want to increase my use with the audio clips to respond to their essays and to collect portfolios from them. Plus I am determined to become paperless with household receipts; I’ll be using Evernote to accomplish that as well.

  • Matsya

    I will use my Evernote account in order to save news, informations, some tasks lists, some gifts lists, etc.

    And I will put some scans made by my ScanSnap.


  • Ronald Felton

    #EvernoteBicycle Will collect meatless recipes I plan to prepare this year.

  • Trinh Wong

    Using it to jot down all of my 2013 Goals/Plans. Hopefully it will include riding an #EvernoteBicycle 😀

  • Helen Benet-Goodman

    #EvernoteBicycle. Using Evernote for 6 weeks now with iPhone, MacBook Pro, & new iPad mini, and for the first time in DECADES, getting on top on my ADHD mess of a life! (Thanks, Evernote.) once the Matterhorn of paper on my desk is gone, I’ll be tracking everything on Evernote: freelance work, design projects, medical records, home & auto maintenance & repair schedules, family holidays, reading lists, sub-contractors, etc, etc.

  • P_ages

    #EvernoteBicycle Getting my life organized in 2013… I set this goal every year, but at least with Evernote, I’ll actually be able to accomplish it!

  • Allison Foil

    #EvernoteBicycle Oh you are so pretty! I am using you on my Mac, iPad and iPhone to organize an upcoming trip and share with my travel buddy. #awesome!

  • Katie Fochs

    I am new to Evernote and plan to use it as a way to keep all of notes from classes and to study! Using Evernote will help me to do better in my classes and to manage work,college and my hobbies.

    Not to mention I love bicycling and a new bike would be so helpful for next fall!

  • Tom Henderson

    I’m not going to use #EvernoteBicycle because I live in UK 🙁

  • Maryvonne Grieco

    #EvernoteBicycle- I’m going to use my Evernote to collect day by day pictures, quotes from kids, online clothing pictures and everything else my elderly mom would like to talk about when I visit. I’ll have a daily scrapbook of things of interest to my mom and will be able to teach her to use her PC to get around at the same time

  • Jade Pangilinan

    #EvernoteBicycle I’m really glad I found Evernote because I feel like this is the app I’ve been waiting for. I’m currently creating a full length ballet. With Evernote I will be able to keep inspiring photos/ vids, historical research/ references, and all of my music choices all together; plus notes. Then I can store my actual work in a separate notebook. I am also planning on using the same process for the costumes. Keeping everything together like this will be easy to share with someone my concept and/ or prepare for a presentation. I also have Skitch, which I am using to make a storyboard of key scenes with note on them. I just want you to know, Evernote, I appreciate you tons 😀

  • Donnah Moore

    I am going to use Evernote in both my home life (managing my children) and my professional life (managing my boss).

  • Brian Witt

    I’m already a heavy user of Evernote. This year, 2 main goals. Move my ebook collection into Evernote, and get my wife hooked on Evernote. #EvernoteBicycle

  • tdc

    #EvernoteBicycle – I am going to plan, manage, and document our upcoming house remodel. I’ll ride the #EvernoteBicycle from room to room to supervise the progress. Having the #EvernoteBicycle will allow me to catch contractor errors before they are set and I have to live with them.

  • Alex Barron

    Just downloaded Evernote and I’m excited to keep all my task lists digitally

  • Julie Horn

    #EvernoteBicycle I hope it will help me keep documentation of all my children’s activities.

  • Teresa Nauman

    #evernotebicycle I will use evernote to take down notes at photoshoots and am going to try it for a daily diary of sorts.

  • Kristina Jacob

    I will be using Evernote for pretty much everything, from my personal life to my photography life. I will use Evernote to keep track of where/what I will photograph, blog posts, editorial articles, receipts. I am excited to use Evernote more in 2013!

  • Rebeca

    I already use Evernote for almost everything, and this coming year, I’ll be adding Evernote as a tool for my video making projects. If random chance is on my side, an #EvernoteBicycle might make an appearance on one of my upcoming videos.

  • Parker Golden

    I use evernote for everything! and I will want to use it mostly to get organized in my school life in 2013 #Evernotebicycle

  • milehighsoapbox

    I’m going to use Evernote to assist me in moving to a paperless filing system. Evernote is extremely helpful for my family to keep our filing systems electronic and easily accessible, whether at work or at home. #EvernoteBicycle

  • Kwame Som-Pimpong

    I will use Evernote to manage all content generation for the Georgia Municipal Association’s Legislative Policy Council during the upcoming legislative session at the Georgia State General Assembly.

  • Rebecca Cioni

    In 2013, I’ll continue to use Evernote to track goals and to organize recipes. #evernotebicycle!

  • Victoria Feng

    #evernotebicycle I’ll be using Evernote to organize my research and misc. findings for my senior thesis due in April!

  • Gretchen Murchison

    #EvernoteBicycle I’m using Evernote (and Evernote Food, WebClips, and DejaVu) to plan my 2013 garden.

  • Donna Whitlinger

    #EvernoteBicycle I’m going to use Evernote to track my exercise and diet program. In addition to the collection of the notes of my life that it already does.

  • Bärbel Sauerbier Comb

    #EvernoteBicycle I need Evernote to keep things organized during a move to Florida and I would love the bike to help exercise my Springer Spaniel.

  • Brian Turner

    I will use Evernote to take better notes at meetings. And to keep track of where I parked my #EvernoteBicycle

  • Jerry Goar

    I’m going to use it to go shopping

  • gringo_locodc

    I’ll use it on my iPhone to keep my life straight, and also to remember books I want to read, music I want to check out, and movies I want to watch. #EvernoteBicycle

  • NancyM

    # EvernoteBicycle I will use Evernote to organize my recipes & photos & many of the other bits of miscellaneous information

  • NancyM

    # EvernoteBicycle I will use Evernote to organize my recipes and photos and many of the other bits of miscellaneous information that I would like to manage better in my life.

  • NancyM

    #EvernoteBicycle I will use Evernote to organize my recipes and photos and many of the other bits of miscellaneous information in my life that I would like to better control.

  • Ruel Nolledo

    I am going back to school and will use Evernote for all my notes. I even got the awesome Moleskine notebook as a Christmas gift!

  • Ruel Nolledo

    I am going back to school and will use Evernote for all my notes. I even got the awesome Moleskine notebook as a Christmas gift! #EvernoteBicycle

  • Gabriel

    in 2013 I’m using Evernote to relax – with Evernote as my only repository for notes and ideas I’ll be able to be more efficient and not have any lingering stress about where I may have the records I need. #EvernoteBicycle

  • Kerri Edwards

    I am going to use Evernote for keeping all my facts straight. I use it for recipes, bible scripture and preaching notes. I love evernote! #EvernoteBicycle

  • Bruce Olsen

    We’re already using Evernote to remodel our home. We share info on bargain-priced appliances and furniture that we find in stores or online, and design inspiration as well.

  • Dennis Ashendorf

    I need the bicycle. I’ve crashed my 125 scooter twice in the last month. Slowing down is vital to keep what’s left of me working in the future! Nah, I’m not that messed up, but my wife says no to two-wheel, motorized transportation now! #EvernoteBicycle

  • Jenny White

    #EvernoteBicycle I would gift the bicycle to my college freshman daughter. It would be so helpful to her getting to and from class on campus, especially now that the weather is so frightful 🙂 Thank you for your consideration.

  • Marshall Wilen

    #EvernoteBicycle I just discovered that Evernote and Penultimate work together. I write for a living, and this will enable me to handwrite notes and ideas on an iPad and have them sync to my Evernote notebooks. No more paper pads and retyping of my handwritten brainstorming notes. For me, that’s a game changer!

  • Sophia Sanders

    #evernotebicycle. I’m new to Evernote but will use it for my me sterling silver jewelry business as well as church ministry notes! Thank you Evernote!

  • Julian Barnes

    #EvernoteBicycle I am saving and sorting all my Livescribe notebooks with Evernote

  • Larry Elfman

    Resolve to learn how to use effectively

  • Ash Shepherd

    In 2013 I will be looking for ways to improve our team workflow and getting to know Evernote Hello better to improve my contact management. Would also love to be able to captures notes about my favorite places I ride on my new #EvernoteBicycle

  • Marco

    I intend to use Evernote to keep track of my ideas that I apply to my websites. I will also use it to keep track of the truck maintenance schedules at work.

  • William Dyette

    Evernote is a great way to organize!

  • Mike Schmidt

    #EvernoteBicycle – Beats walking…..

  • Charles

    Use it to promote my home business.

  • Austin Gohn

    #EvernoteBicycle I’ll be using Evernote to plan out sermons. And for writing/organizing/planning blogposts for The Vue.

  • Robert Ragland

    I am going to continue to collect my research into a new job…. #EvernoteBicycle

  • Matt Hedinger

    I would use it meet my fitness goals this year that I am keeping track of with Evernote!

  • Larry Ohlmann

    Now on Premium so will digitize my home office and get rid of 3 filing cabinets

  • LaLine

    Recently discovered the Evernote Ambassador pages. Will be using Evernote to organize the amazing tips I’m getting from my favorite ambassadors!

  • Deepu Mukundan

    #EvernoteBicycle Evernote is already my second brain. I plan to use it a lot more this year, using GTD concepts to organize my life better. Now that I am a premium user sync limits are a thing of the past.

  • Lekshmi Ravindranath

    #EvernoteBicycle I use Evernote a lot. My recipes are all clipped in Evernote and shared with a few of my friends. Evernote helps me find forgotten recipes super fast. Love Evernote!!!

  • Sam Botstein

    #EvernoteBicycle I’d ride it everyday to the studio, all year round.

  • Nikki Landrum

    #Evernote Bicycle
    I have set a goal for 2013 to use Evernote to keep track of all my notes for school, sales at work, appointments, pictures and everything in between so I will be able to access everything easily across my multiple devices. Thank you Evernote!

  • David Collard

    #Evernote bicycle – I will be using Ever note to take notes at school department head meetings at the school where I teach.

  • peterrauh

    Evernote continues in 2013 to be my every-receptacle, my paper remover and my cabinet in my hand. More to the point – it’s the brain alongside my regular one > my personal wiki / the bicycle is so ever-awesome

  • dangossett

    I plan on using it everyday, all day. It stays open on my Mac and ipad all day long. I use it to stay on track with a few daily checklists, to keep track of different design projects I’m working on, and to organize information with a few teams I lead. I also use it to keep track of milestones in my kids life by snapping pictures of them, events, or crafts/projects they completed during the year.

    It’s become the center of my digital life!

  • David E. Katz



    Scrapbook: I keep a scrapbook of family fun and memories pics.

    RecieptsWarranties: After buying something, I ask the store owner if they will respect a digital reciept. If yes, I make a photo note and tag it reciepts…

    Wallet: Med card, drivers licence, degrees, air miles cards, voided check, car reg, printer ink refill card, bike tire siz (pic of innertube box)…

    Holiday: menu archive, shopping lists – with pics!

    Kids: glasses script, school locker combo, class lists, nursery project that I want to remember but not keep!

    Musings: Voice record of random insights, thoughts, ideas

    Misc: Household measurments, meter readings, kids reading contests, “saw something cool”, parking garage pic or section where 1 parked, storage boxes – what is in what box?!, Brochure picture and toss!

    Lovin’ this app!
    Evernote account: moishekatz

  • fulltext

    Mount a large basket on it and use it to collect low hanging ripe manoes and coconuts from trees in the neighborhood before the wild iguanas and boas get to them

  • josh mccofferty

    I have been ill and have memory problems i have lost things forgotten important stuff. I just lost my job because of it. I will use evernote to help me keep sane and organized. And track my symtoms so when i get some medical help, I can help them help me.

  • Karen Metschuleit

    I’m a bookbinder, and my plan is to begin using Evernote to document the restoration process for books in the bindery. Every old book is different, and the more information I have in photos, comments, notes and tags helps to build a knowledge base of possible solutions for future reference. #EvernoteBicycle

  • Elaine Boyd

    I am going to organize all my recipes with Evernote

  • Bob Hazlett

    I’m too fat, a bike could help

  • Victoria Hirschland Hess

    I will organize my recipes first, then my life. #EvernoteBicycle

  • Betty Neale

    #EvernoteBicycle to keep all of my notes and reduce my paper consumption

  • Allan Coukell

    I am thinking of organizing files with Evernote.

  • Ian Schroeder

    #EvernoteBicycle I plan to take photos o business cards with notes at the many trade shows I’ll attend in 2014.

  • Mike Meeker

    #EvernoteBicycle that bike will simplify my life as much as evernote does 🙂

  • Jennifer Meyers

    #EvernoteBicycle I use Evernote to keep all of the piece of info at work available to me everywhere I go. Most projects interconnect and #Evernote links all the info so it’s where I can find it.

  • Brenda Chirinos

    I’ve used evernote to organize scholarship applications, but for the new year, I’m planning to use it to organize my notes for classes. #EvernoteBicycle

  • Christopher Mazura

    As a HS English teacher, and as a PhD student / researcher, I need to keep track of a lot of information — particularly in the new age of strict accountability for educators. I’ll be logging all of my interventions with students in notes, taking photographs of documents to tag as evidence to support claims about my teaching practice, and start up a PDF library of articles relating to my dissertation topic.

  • cnuland

    I will use Evernote in 2013 to plan the projects I will work on – including deadlines. I also will use it to save articles I hope to read “later” – and read them on my vacation. #EvernoteBicycle

  • Ness

    I just got a Vitamix so I would use Evernote & Evernote Food to store all my new Vitamix recipes. Also I would use Evernote to manage my daily workouts and keep track of my progress. Thanks 🙂 #EvernoteBicycle

  • Brad Sieve

    #evernotebicycle. Plan to record my teaching to reuse in the future

  • Ksenija kraic

    #EvernoteBicycle. I am using Evernote for my ‘1 line per day diary’, and for my school notes. As Grad student without car I could use bike to get around San Antonio.

  • Linda Markee

    I can’t wait to start using ever note with my business and to plan trips. #evernotebicycle

  • Christopher Sol

    #EvernoteBicycle I will keep refining my use of it to keep me paperless, allow me to find important personal and work documents wherever I am, and generally to promote order over chaos as much as the law of entropy will allow.

  • Brenda Wallace

    Recording all those pictures my 2 year old draws and the photos she takes, on her android tablet while I pull her in the bike trailer.

  • Cathy von Hassel-Davies

    This bike is cute, thanks for the #EvernoteBicycle contest. I am trying to go paperless this year, I’ll be putting all my lists, notes, and receipts in Evernote

  • Cathy von Hassel-Davies

    Thanks for the #EvernoteBicycle contest. I am going paperless this year and I will be using Evernote for my lists, receipts, contacts and whatever else I can think of to put in and stay organized.

  • PSurana

    #EvernoteBicycle – I am starting the new year creating a journal of my life that I plan to read with my love several years in the future.

  • Grey Crow

    Am planning to finally organize my video game collection. #EvernoteBicycle

  • Bob Marsh

    #EvernoteBicycle How will you use Evernote in 2013? I plan on discovering more ways to make my life even more productive since finding Evernote!

  • Neal

    I am transitioning to using Evernote as my GTD to do list. I also use it for academic research.

  • Leslie Grano de Oro

    I plan to use Evernote to document my transition to natural hair from relaxed. I will keep a weekly diary (52 weeks) with photos, product reviews, homemade recipes for hair care, related blog links and inspirational quotes/images that help me throughout the journey. I’m currently on week 6 and I love how helpful evernote has been in helping document the change – which I plan to share in a blog to help other women looking to do the same. Using Evernote Since April 2010! #EvernoteBicycle

  • CDv Ille

    redunancy! I lose so much, and Evernote helps me keep what I have to find.

  • Peter Mead

    #EvernoteBicycle. I have 50 stories and screenplays in various stages of completion and I will use EVERNOTE to organize all this alphabetic mess into channels I can think with.

  • Pradip Malde

    #EvernoteBicycle I am going to read a book a week and track and stash all quotes and comments in evernote

  • Gregory Ridout

    Had Evernote for a while but really “got it” over Xmas and transferred my mashed brain into it. Just in time for 2013, 13 being my lucky number, funny!!

  • Jim Perlewitz

    #Evernotebicycle – How will I use Evernote? Good question. You see, I’m just starting with it. As I push buttons, drag “stuff” and experiment with it, I just don’t know exactly what all I’ll be doing with it. But be assured I’ll be doing something, and already have. Seems like a neat app. jim

  • Catherine Castillo

    #EvernoteBicycle I am an instructional math coach. I will be using Evernote for meeting notes, reflection, organizing and marking up digital resources, sharing information with teachers, etc. I also use it in my personal life for organizing resources and favorites and graduate coursework.

  • Karon Deneice Vance

    #EvernoteBicycle I am going to start using web clipper and Evernote Food so I can organize bits of info and access them rather than just taking photos of web pages and storing them randomly in my photo file.

  • agrarian

    #EvernoteBicycle I plan on using Evernote in 2013 to clean out my 4-drawer filing cabinet. One I get my printer/copier/scanner properly set up, I will start scanning papers directly into Evernote.

  • Marc T Hollander MBA

    #GTD of course! #EvernoteBicycle

  • Jake Seamans

    #EvernoteBicycle I’m new to Evernote, but people have been raving about it for months!

  • gp luft

    #EvernoteBicycle Evernote & Skitch for keeping track as my Building Journal of the outdoor smoker monolith, the boat treehouse, and the attic library projects of 2013.

  • Joseph La

    #EvernoteBicycle will be using evernote to go paperless while riding on my new bike to school that wan’t weigh a fifty more pounds thanks to evernote

  • Jeffrey W. Cox

    I’m going to use it to stay proactive and keep all my projects moving forward in the New Year! #EvernoteBicycle

  • Marc Seigel

    #EvernoteBicycle I use Evernote to collect all of my educational links and tips, but in 2013 I want to use it to help organize my personal life. My wife keeps notes for organizing the family in a simple planner, but I plan to purchase the Evernote Moleskin so that we can access all of the information using the app on our Android phones.

  • Lena Wetherbee Buford

    I want an #EvernoteBicycle! I will use Evernote to get rid of all the paper in my overcrowded office.

  • Kristie

    Vote got me to win the #EvernoteBicycle I love the design just as much as I love the app. Keeps me in line and gets me where I need to go. Thanks #EvernoteBicycle!!

  • C Lee

    #EvernoteBicycle Evernote for searchable notes during 2013.

  • John Mason

    Planning a trip to NOLA!

  • Jenna Yeager

    I’m going to use it to make sure that I reach my goals this year, and also organize my thoughts and set priorities! Never forgetting anything again! #EvernoteBicycle

  • Patti Stirk

    LOVE the idea of a specially designed corporate bike!

    And I’m going to use Evernote on all my devices to capture all my startup ideas & collaboration ideas IMMEDIATELY when I get the idea. Not wait until later.

  • mglier

    #EvernoteBicycle Gonna learn some new recipes using Evernote Food!

  • Charles Hodge

    I’m going to use it to find and save healthier recipes in 2013 #EvernoteBicycle

  • Jordan Bush

    I use evernote daily for drafting blog entries, organizing business ideas and information, to do lists, recipes!


  • Coral Sheldon-Hess

    I’m going to use it to do taxes–it’s my first year trying to itemize.
    I’ll also keep using it for recipes, note-taking for work, keeping track of medical stuff, and keeping owner’s manuals where I can get to them easily.

  • Lillianne Scott

    I’m going to use Evernote so I can jot down all the inspirations that I forget and to organize my goals for the new year #evernotebicycle

  • Joe McKenna

    #EvernoteBicycle First, I am going to use Evernote a lot. My use has been sporatic, at best, and therefore, not very helpful. My main new year’s resolution has to do with deepening existing relationships. I have my thoughts, but Evernote will help me collect ideas from the web, track to dos and progress and more. This year – 2013 – is my Evernote year.

  • Christie Duncan-Tessmer

    I’m using Evernote to feed my family well! I’m keeping recipes, weekly menus and shopping lists in a notebook so I can keep track of what I’m cooking each night and what I need to pick up at the market.

  • Christopher Muzar

    If you let me win your #EvernoteBicycle I will be able to use it as my
    everyday transportation to success. It would help stay fit as well when
    going to work and other pit stops along the way. Also on the weekends I
    will bike around the neighborhood and get fresh insight on a new blog
    that will guide me through the wind. Let me be the caretaker to this
    bike and I will assure you that you left it in the right hands.

  • Economie

    #Evernotebicycle I’m going to use it to store papers for school and to as a filing system.

  • Steven Bell

    I intend on using Evernote with my Evernote Moleskine to outline, draft and plan a new young adult steam punk novel.

  • Jim Hensley

    #EvernoteBicycle – I plan to use Evernote to help me write ebooks for Amazon Kindle.

  • Joanna Sisk-Purvis

    I already use Evernote for, well, nearly everything! But a specific use for the New Year is better organizing my family as baby number 3 arrives this Spring. I’ve just added Evernote Food to my toolkit and am loving it. I would use my #EvernoteBicycle to get back in shape after the baby is born. 🙂

  • Mark Romero

    Master GTD using Evernote

  • Mark Romero

    I’m going to master GTD using Evernote. #EvernoteBicycle

  • cheryl

    #evernotebicycle. Woo hoo!

  • treyjackson

    I’m going to use Evernote to manage illustration and comic book projects. #EvernoteBicycle

  • Anders Hooge

    #EvernoteBicycle: I’ve started using Evernote to take notes at all meetings, making it a lot easier for me to find my notes using tags and seperate notebooks.

  • Kevin Mix

    As a current Evernote in my personal life I intend to use Evernote Business to increase my efficiency!

  • Juliana Tabata

    As a stay-at-home mom I will use Evernote to organize my children’s schedule and keep dinner ideas in one place. #EvernoteBicycle

  • Elissa Folk

    I plan to organize my recipes and just organize my life in general. Things get hectic working full time and taking care of two toddlers. I am so happy to have discovered Evernote!

  • Christine Iannicelli

    I will use Evernote to organize my notes and ideas in all areas of my life.

  • Sherry Cattrell Williamson

    #EvernoteBicycle ~ plan on using the Republic bike for errands and exercise. Just discovered Evermore & c great value !

  • Amanda Sweetman

    I just downloaded Evernote to help me organize and implement my grand idea of creating a place-based education non-profit that will connect schools with the local food movement. #EvernoteBicycle

  • abraham verghese

    I am using Evernote to keep track of the threads of a new novel I am writing. Am finding the tag and sort function so helpful! Also using it as a calendar to remember these days as they whiz past!

  • John

    This year I plan to go completely paperless thanks to Evernote! #EvernoteBicycle

  • Sarah Temple

    #EvernoteBicycle – I’m an MBA student, and Evernote is key for managing lists, notes, and ideas across my electronic devices – and keeping them safe in the cloud when any of those devices has an unfortunate accident. In 2013, I’m going to be so organized I’ll be at the top of my class, get an interview for my dream job, and ace it!

  • ramblingj

    I’m going to use Evernote to keep track of all of my projects at home and at work. First up is creating an inventory of all of my tools. #EvernoteBicycle

  • Wes Guity

    I will continue to organize my personal life and business with the paperless power of Evernote, with the exception of the Smart notebook, of course. In 2013, I really want to use Evernote to plan all aspects all my travels in the next few months. Being able to commute in an #EvernoteBicycle will make it only better. Here’s a Notebook idea… I can log all of my adventures with the Evernote camera!

  • Georges Skookumchuck Popham

    #EvernoteBicycle My new teaching job is close enough to bike to… So that’s what I’d do.

  • Robert Manahan

    its 2013, but i like long shots…i’m using it to expand, achieve my aircraft mechanics cert, track my daughter’s gymnastics, everyday groceries, work-from-home-to-work notes, scripts, and other “ideas”, the list goes on, til 2014 +:).

  • 2~Kewl

    I have been mostly paper free since September and over Christmas break I read the Evernote Bible. Hoping that the *** tagged note I set up will replace Post-It notes – my last crutch to the paper world! #EvernoteBicycle

  • Jasmine

    I recently found some old journals in my room from when I was seven and loved reading about what my 7-year-old self was writing about. I will use Evernote to keep a daily journal with sketches and pictures everyday, so that when I am older I can look back at my personal challenges and growth through my college years!

  • Lori Ann

    #EvernoteBicycle – I am planning to use Evernote to keep my paperwork organized & especially for teaching resources. I am new to Evernote – but excited about the possibilities.

  • Carmel Ciantar

    I need Evernote to remember my study notes

  • Edmond Puckett

    I plan to use Evernote to help me manage and organize all the material I get from volunteer work. The church board, Cub Scouts and other activities generate a lot of paper. Instead of printing everything out and placing it the appropriate binder, I will save (or scan paper copy to save) to a desktop or goolge drive folder, then use folder importing to move all material to Evernote folders. Now I won’t have to remember if that file was on my work computer, home computer or Google Drive. Plus, I’ll have two copies should something happen to the source file.

  • Scot Bailey

    #EvernoteBicycle : Using Evernote to run and manage my LIFE!

  • Sato Daisuke

    I used to collect and organize materials used in class. #EvernoteBicycle

  • rick

    i want one

  • Charlie Choi

    #EvernoteBicycle I will be using Evernote to keep up with my college classes, appointments, gas usage, etc. and sync the information between my Computer, and smartphone.

  • Toni Stathopoulos

    #EvernoteBicycle I will use Evernote to keep work notes and will use it across multiple devices

  • Joanne Taylor

    #EvernoteBicycle I plan to use the new Evernote Food Ap to keep my recipes organized.

  • Pharns Genece

    #EvernoteBicycle -I’m using Evernote to launch 2 new businesses and a blog this year. I’m also using the Evernote API to integrate into music software I’m developing as well… 🙂 It’s gonna be a busy 2013. Oh yeah, and to run the rest of my life….