Skitch for Android Update: Smarter Tools, Tips, and More!


Skitch for Android Update: Smarter Tools, Tips, and More!

Posted by Stefanie Fazzio on 03 Jan 2013

Posted by Stefanie Fazzio on 03 Jan 2013

Skitch for Android has the honor of being our first product update of 2013. The newest version (2.0.5) is loaded with improvements that make the app easier to use, more stable, and more responsive. Let’s explore some of the highlights in this update.

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Better, Smarter Tools

In this update, we made all the tools look and work better than ever. We improved content scaling so that your annotations perfectly fit your images and we made the tools more intelligent. Let’s take a look.

Pen Tool

In this update, the Pen tool is faster, smoother, and more responsive. If you’ve been using the Wet Ink setting, which groups pen strokes together so that you can easily move complex shapes, you’ll notice that the pen strokes are now grouped much more quickly.

Move/Pan Tool

The Move/Pan tool also got a clever new behavior to enhance your Skitch experience. It becomes active when you select an object, but then immediately reverts back to the previous tool when you delete, deselect, or swipe your finger elsewhere on the canvas.

Hold and Lock Feature

The Hold and Lock feature is a handy new setting that you can enable to prevent the app from auto-switching tools. This can be really helpful if you use one tool for a number of annotations in a row—for instance, when drawing characters with the Pen tool or when placing arrows or shapes that overlap with one another. To enable it, just tap and hold the tool you would like to lock. When the tool is locked, you’ll see a small padlock appear next to it. Tap on any other tool to unlock it again.



Helpful Additions

We’ve included several improvements that make navigating the app and exploring features more simple.

New Settings Icon

The new Settings icon makes it simple to access the Settings menu right from the home screen, which means fewer taps to adjust the app settings to exactly the way you want them.


Tool Tips

Want to learn how to use Skitch better? The new Tool Tips popups help you discover helpful features you may not have known about. The tips appear on your first launch and when you interact with parts of the app for the first time. You can also access them again later by tapping the Options button in the upper right corner and selecting “Tips”. You’ll be a Skitch pro in no time!

Tool Tips

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And Even More

Skitch for Android has a ton of other improvements, including some important SD card fixes, that make it faster, more stable, and easier to use. We hope you love this new version. It’s available now in the Google Play Store. Let us know what you think!




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  • vitriolix

    Nice update. Would love to see S Pen support on my Galaxy Note II… essentially always use the pen tip for drawing and a finger for moving… that would be amazing

    • Michael

      My thought exactly

    • Dave Crenshaw

      I agree with vitriolix. I got the Note II with the hope of using evernote with the pen.

  • Marcel Rosskamp

    Good thing: Evernote now keeps every tool active by default. In the last every tool had deactivated itself after one use.

  • Marcel Rosskamp

    How can I leave a comment here with my Evernote-account?

  • evernoted

    Unless I’m missing something, Skitch still does not integrate its captures directly into Evernote, so Android still does not have a true Evernote web clipper. This is a major drawback.

  • acex

    BeenCould you consider add function to sync notes from account to local sdcard on android. Because internet’s not available all the time, i think. Thanks for great apps!

  • Space Marine Tiff

    Nice, but we’d like these things actually IN Evernote, not in a separate app. 🙁

  • Pepper Head

    So glad I no longer have to keep re-selecting the drawing tool each time I make a line or two as it kept deactivating! It was maddening!!! I love Evernote and Skitch dearly.