Intelligentsy Episode

Intelligentsy Episode

Posted by Andrew Sinkov on 18 Jan 2013

Posted by Andrew Sinkov on 18 Jan 2013

In this episode we discuss our focus on design, the ways that Evernote is getting smarter, Evernote Business, and we have an interview with the Evernote Paperless Ambassador.

Audio feed | Length: 60mins

Podcast #35 topics

Fun with Photoshop

One of my faves from the office Photoshop free-for-all (original image).

Call me!

We’ve set up a voicemail box just for you. Call us and tell us how you use Evernote-–don’t forget to tell us your name and where you’re from. We’ll choose the best ones and play them in our podcast. Call +1 (347) 497-3572 and leave a message.

Any questions?

Have a question you’d like us to cover in a future podcast? Leave it in the comments section or send a tweet with the hashtag #EvernotePodcast.


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  • anshuchatterjee

    Great! Are you going to discus. Penultimate any time soon?

    • AndrewSinkov

      Yes, we’re going to have Ben from Penultimate on an upcoming podcast. Stay tuned.

  • JamesDevlin

    Great episode, I learned some good tips from Jamie Todd Rubins piece, but where are the pics of Andrews head?

  • Mark Shropshire

    This podcast was worth the wait. So, I would like to know if you guys are considering a model similar to github.com, where you can self-host. As much as we would like Evernote for Business, my company’s security requirements will not allow it. How about Evernote for Business (you host it all)? Thanks for a great product and podcast! Been a satisfied premium user for years.

  • Andy Cortwright

    I agree – the podcast was worth the wait. I listened to podcast on the way to work this morning. I drove by Evernote headquaters on the way and saw the new signage — very cool! If you find yourself driving on US 101 in Redwood City, Calif, look for the familiar elephant logo!