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Quick Tip: Chronicle Your Culinary Adventures with Evernote Food

Quick Tip: Chronicle Your Culinary Adventures with Evernote Food

Posted by Kristina Hjelsand on 24 Jan 2013

Posted by Kristina Hjelsand on 24 Jan 2013

One of our favorite ways to use Evernote Food is for capturing food moments from our culinary travels, whether near or far from home. Using Food’s My Meals feature as a travel journal of sorts is a great way to preserve and share the small but memorable details that make your food adventures special.

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The following is a quick overview of how to use Evernote Food to create a photo essay from your dining out experiences.

  1. To create a new meal using the My Meals feature, tap the plus sign on the home screen or within the My Meals section of the app.
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  3. Next, capture all of the details about the meal you want to remember: title, location, cuisine type, tags, and a summary description of the experience. Write your accompanying captions to personalize the note and bring the experience to life for family and friends.
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  5. One of the great things about Evernote Food is how much control you have over when and how you create new meal notes. You can capture your photos using  the app’s built-in camera or pull them from your camera roll – or both. You can create a meal in the moment or after the fact. The app also lets you set your location during your meal, or after you return home. Additionally, you can create new meals when you are offline – you just need a network connection to sync and share.
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  7. Once your meal looks and reads the way you want it to, you have multiple ways to share it: Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, or via a link.
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  9. Customize your message before you share your meal note on Facebook or Twitter.
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  11. Meal notes you create using My Meals automatically show up in the Restaurants section of the app.
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  13. Bonus: All of the culinary adventures you chronicle from your travels automatically sync to your Evernote account.
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For more information on using Evernote Food, check out our Evernote Food user guide and also stop by our Evernote Food Facebook page for regular tips.


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  • gmtom1

    Great – now how about getting this update onto Android?

  • khjelsand

    It’s in the works – look for it soon!

  • Matt Cawley

    I love Evernote Food!

  • jordan palmer

    if i want to clip a recipe from my Chrome browser, how do i get it into evernote food without going into my iphone/ipad?

  • Kristina Hjelsand

    Thanks, Matt!

  • khjelsand

    When you clip a recipe, it will save to your Evernote account and then push to the My Cookbook section in Evernote Food. Hope that helps.

    • jordan palmer

      what about taking a picture of a recipe from the evernote app (not the food app) – is there an easy way to get it in My Cookbook? tags, etc?