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Evernote World: How a Wedding Planner Uses Evernote

Evernote World: How a Wedding Planner Uses Evernote

Posted by Rosie Walkinton on 29 Jan 2013

Posted by Rosie Walkinton on 29 Jan 2013


I am a serial multi-tasker with the chronic inability to do only one thing at a time. For this reason, it is common that a sudden (and useful) idea hits me while I am in full swing working on something completely different. Over time I learned that the only way to transform this handicap into a resource is to have a way to capture these ideas quickly and at any time. In 2009, I started working on my own in online and offline content, advertising and design strategies, and wedding planning from A to Z with my company fatamadrina (fairy godmother).

I use Evernote, everywhere

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I use Evernote to…

I use Evernote for three distinct purposes: to capture ideas related to my personal life, my work life, and my family life. I have a separate notebook for each of these, where I archive notes freely by content and function, including a dedicated Shared Notebook that I use to exchange advice regarding book, movie and television recommendations with my brother.

For me, the beauty of Evernote is that it can be used to organize every facet of my work and personal life in as simple or complex of a manner as needed. It is precisely for this reason that I recommend it to all the future brides I work with who are grappling with the huge task of organizing their own wedding. It is the only productivity app that manages to meet my convenience and immediacy needs.

Evernote for Organizing My Work Life

Organizing blog posts and editorial projects. I create a note for each blog post idea, as well as for any  editorial projects I plan to propose to customers, and text for promotional materials for my business.


Wedding planning. Every wedding that I organize involves an ad hoc creative project. I create a note for each of these, where I save inspirations and ideas.


Tracking tasks and reminders. I use check-lists to keep track of some of the services I provide to newlyweds, including to remind myself of all the tasks I need to accomplish, and any administrative actions I need to take care of.


Capturing Ideas. I have a ‘personal’ notebook, where I upload everything, including random web links and ideas that I come across or that come to mind, which are not associated with a specific project. I can then reference this notebook later to find inspiration that is relevant to new projects. I also keep a note for each project I’m currently working on, and load it full of ideas and related images I find in magazines, books, the web, and even things I see on the street or on television.

Evernote for Organizing My Daily Life

Creating to-do lists. In my ‘personal’ notebook, I keep a set of notes with a checklists that help ensure I never forget what needs to get done. From travel packing reminders to shopping lists of items I regularly need to pick up to daily cleaning tasks, I can keep track of it all with Evernote.

Remembering important family information. I have a note in which I list all the medicines that we use frequently or that we have used, so that we can easily coordinate any new prescriptions with the family doctor and pediatrician. Evernote makes it fast and easy to look up a wealth of our family’s important medical information, as well as any information and tips the doctor has given us. For convenience, I also started to record the relevant details of our children’s health (such as growth statistics, illnesses, particular care) to have them at-hand in case they are needed, or during visits to the pediatrician.

How do you use Evernote to keep your daily life organized? Share you stories in the comments!


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