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Quick Tip: Business Card Scanning with Evernote Hello 2.0

Quick Tip: Business Card Scanning with Evernote Hello 2.0

Posted by Alex Muramoto on 08 Feb 2013

Posted by Alex Muramoto on 08 Feb 2013

Last week, we launched a feature-packed update to Evernote Hello for iPhone and iPod Touch. One of the most popular features of this update was the ability to create new Hello Contacts simply by scanning their business card with Evernote Hello.

Once you scan a business card, Evernote Hello automatically detects key information on the card, including phone and fax numbers, email address, name and more, and adds it all to the new Hello Contact, making it faster and easier than ever to remember everything about the people you meet than ever before. If you have connected your Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, Evernote Hello will also look the person up by their email address and import even more information from their online profiles.


The following tips will help you get the best results out of this feature:

  1. Place a light business card on a dark surface. Place a dark business card on a light surface. A contrasting background helps Evernote recognize the edges of the business card and improves text recognition.
  2. Tilt the phone slightly so the flash bounces away from the card. The card should look a little tilted in your display, but Evernote will automatically correct for this.
  3. Business cards with complicated designs are difficult to recognize properly. If you are not successful capturing a certain card, move on and enter details manually.

Have you tried the new business card scanning feature in Evernote Hello for iPhone and iPod Touch? Let us know what you think in the comments.


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  • Matt Conover

    Works great! hopefully can add the option to import existing photos of business cards somehow — as I have been using Evernote (the base app) as a business card file for some time.

  • Martin Packer

    I found it was not so good at picking up addresses – on a(n admittedly small) sample of two – but was fine with other details. Will keep trying, though.

  • ccostan

    Love the Scanning feature. Would love to have the added ability to scan 2 sided cards. Also would like the ability to use the scan business card to add a business card to an EXISTING contact and not just a new one.

    Great job overall though! Another awesome premium feature.

  • Marcus Jenal

    Same here, I have tons of scanned business cards in my Evernote and would love to import them to Hello. If Hello would do this automatically, like Food with the recipes, that would be awesome!

  • Marcus Boswell

    I have limited criticism considering what this is actually doing, but I have to say that having gone through lots of my old business cards in an attempt to catalogue the meetings and the people involved the most frustrating thing is trying to assign a date older than today quickly. This needs attention. Of course at some point I would’ve caught up on my own, but I think it would be good features include nonetheless.

  • Dan Miller

    Awesome. I wish it would capture addresses as well in the future.

  • David

    Could you make the additional “notes” field searchable within Hello? That would be very helpful. thanks!

  • amuramoto

    We are working on this. Stay tuned!

  • Bart Breeschoten

    I’ve tried the scanning feature on many different cards. The recognition and resulting data were nice, but in most cases I ended up with only a partial image of the business card. I’ve reverted to putting the cards through the ScanSnap scanner and relying on the Evernote OCR features and a few tags.

  • ronaldtoledo

    Thanks for the feedback.

  • Russ

    When I try to scan cards now, it tells me that unlimited scanning is no longer supported with the free app and to install the latest update of hello. But when I go to the app store, it says I have the latest version. I see nowhere where I can purchase Hello.

    • amuramoto

      Business Card scanning is free trial for Free Evernote users. To get unlimited access to business card scanning, please upgrade to Evernote Premium, which will also give you access to great Premium features across all our apps.

  • amuramoto

    A number of features for Evernote Hello for Android are in the works. Stay tuned to the blog for future updates.

  • AndrewSinkov

    Please upgrade to the latest version to get a free trial.

  • Charlie Groves

    Did work great but do we have to pay for this on top of Evernote now?

    • amuramoto

      Business Card scanning is available for unlimited use if you are an Evernote Premium subscriber. Evernote Premium also gives you access to a lot of great features across all of our apps.

  • amuramoto

    Business card scanning is not currently supported in Evernote Hello for Android, but stay tuned to our blog for future announcements and product updates.

    • Lisa Barker

      Just wondering if we are any closer to having full capability for Android users… Any idea of release date?

  • Ian F Buchanan

    Let me know if you ever get the android app up to par. Until then its wasting my time. You guys do know that there is a far larger market for android apps?

  • Kurt Vanderwater

    would be REALLY great if I didn’t have to take photos of 600+ jpegs that I previously scanned. Any ‘IMPORT’ feature being contemplated? smartphone photos are great for one-off. Sucks big time if I already have a library.


    • Shane Phillips

      get a scanner and scan them in

  • iCoco_de

    I often receive double sided business cards. But I don’t see how to scan both sides in Hello?

  • Shane Phillips

    are u guys going to have the ability to take pic of the business cards. i used to have an iphone and u could take a pic of the business card and have the info extracted from it

  • tomf80

    Seems this feature, like many Evernote features and products, isn’t available on Android. Why treat Android users as second class citizens? Android has the largest market share on smartphones, but gets ignored by Evernote. I have a free year of Evernote premium, and unless things change I can’t imagine that I’ll be renewing it.

  • Sara

    Does it matter whether the business card is the traditional horizontal print or if it is vertical?

  • Jim

    Downloaded today. Broken on iphone 4s (latest OS). Takes picture but only shows an empty black screen as the saved image. No information is collected.

  • V.M.

    Is it possible to scan Business Cards directly into Outlook Contacts? If is possible to import into Outlook Contracts from Hello Contacts?

  • Steve Tull

    When will this feature be available on Android?

    • Aaron

      I would also like to know when this will work with the Android app?

  • Diana

    There isn’t a field for “company”? is that possible? am I missing a setting? Also on iphone the keyboard only goes horizontal and covers the field I’m typing so can’t see if entry is correct without going back and forth.

  • Sue G

    The iPhone app crashes EVERY time I try to add a business card (not other notes) and the iPad app got such FEW details correct, I gave up after card 7. Will be FAR faster to type everyone on into my contacts by hand…truly – just not worth the time fixing all the things it got incorrect. And yes, I put it on contrasting background, with tilt, (it wasn’t just format because of logos, but actual email addresses with ALMOST all the letters correct, but with an email address if it’s not 100% it’s useless. – just didn’t work for me.