Trunk Spotlight: Dolphin for iPad Integrates the Evernote Web Clipper

Trunk Spotlight: Dolphin for iPad Integrates the Evernote Web Clipper

Posted by Mie Yaginuma on 08 Feb 2013

Posted by Mie Yaginuma on 08 Feb 2013

  • App/developer name: Dolphin
  • Platform: iPad
  • Price: Free
  • Type: Mobile Browsing

Dolphin, the popular mobile browser, recently released a new version for iPad that integrates Evernote’s Web Clipper technology. This means, for the first time, you can seamlessly clip web pages to Evernote from your iPad, and get the same quality experience as when you use the Evernote Web Clipper on desktop browsers. Add that to Dolphin’s other features, such as tabbed browsing, bookmarks, and customizable gesture-based navigation, and you have a great browsing experience on your iPad.

Download Dolphin now in the Evernote Trunk.

Clip on the Go

Whether waiting for your plane at the airport or sitting in a coffee shop, you can look up whatever is on your mind, and clip it to Evernote to reference later. Anything from travel information to discounts you discover to information for a research project can be clipped, and Dolphin will format it properly in Evernote where it will be searchable and accessible. Just as with the Evernote Web Clipper, you can specify the destination notebook, and add tags or comments. Additionally, taking advantage of the iPad’s touchscreen, you can annotate your Web Clips to note anything you don’t want to forget.

dolphin screenshot

Working Closely Together

This is the first time a partner has integrated Evernote’s Web Clipper technology to provide the best clipping experience on iPad. Previously, Dolphin had an Evernote plugin available only on Android, but Dolphin heard from the Evernote community that they wanted the full Evernote Web Clipper experience on iPad. “We listened to their feedback, and worked closely with Evernote’s Dev Team to make it happen, and we are very happy with the result,” said  Edith Yeung, Head of Corporate Strategy at Dolphin. Working together with our partners to create the features and experiences that our users really want is the kind of integration we strive for, and the Dolphin Browser for iPad is a great example.

Enter Our Swag Giveaway!

To celebrate the integration, we’re giving away two gift packs that include Evernote and Dolphin t-shirts, a Dolphin notebook, and Evernote stickers. We’ll randomly select one person from our community of beta testers who helped polish the integration, and one from those who comment on this blog post. For a chance to win on the blog, please leave a comment by noon February 15th, with the hashtag #Dolphin, and let us know why you like Dolphin.

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  • Lukas Fauset

    Can we get this for Chrome iOS, please and thank you?

  • Sue Peterson

    Very excited about this! I love my Evernote Web Clipper on my computer and really missed it when I was on my iPad. Now I can have it there too! Going to get #Dolphin ASAP!

  • Huang Darien

    Thank you for #Dolphin I can’t believe I’ll have a web browser on iPad that is from Evernote! I use Web Clipper + Clearly so often, and I use Evernote everyday on my iPad. I can’t wait!

  • L Holmgren

    Dolphin has an attractive interface #Dolphin

  • Gopa Green

    Loved #Dolphin on my old rooted Nook. Now I have a new iPad, looking forward to Evernote integration (Safari really lacking in that), thanks!

  • stephanie buckridan

    #Dolphin looks great, can’t wait to start using it

  • Charnita Fance

    #Dolphin has been my default iPad browser for months, and I was extremely happy to see the Evernote clipper integration!

  • ThatGuyKC

    This is awesome! I’ve often been using Safari on my iPad mini and clipping stuff to Evernote to reference later is a drag. I just downloaded #Dolphin and can’t wait to try it out!

  • Andy Smothers

    Great interface and set of features, #Dolphin ! Really like Evernote integration and the simple but more complete interface than Safari!

  • Dave McD

    Use #dolphin on ipad, galaxy s3, and my PC (chrome extension) and it works amazing on all three. Love it for clipping Evernote and sending pages between browsers. Love the ability to change the notebook and tags easily in the browser.

  • Cyn Fantastico

    #Dolphin is a really sweet browser. Thanks for sharing this because you just made taking notes for work even easier!

  • RobK

    I downloaded Dolphin for the first time and then looked at the functionality in addition to Evernote web clipping. Decided to delete Google chrome as I can’t see anything compeling about it over Dolphin.

  • Glenda Carl

    I *love* how easy it is to clip and save things to Evernote in #Dolphin! No other browser for iPad (that I’ve found, anyway) makes it that easy. And you can annotate your clipping! This is why #Dolphin is now my go-to iPad browser. The other thing I most love about it is the Speed Dial feature that makes it super easy to go to my most-visited sites, web pages I need at work as well as the fun stuff. The cherry on top is that I have an Android phone, so with #Dolphin both my mobile browsers can talk to each other.

  • Quidnog

    This new feature for Dolphin completely converts me to a full time Dolphin user over Chrome on my iPad! Great job!

  • Wendy Gunderson

    Super fast Dolphin is a winner and makes me love Evernote and my iPad even more. #Dolphin

  • Caleb Zierke

    I use Dolphin browser on my iPad extensively for researching new ideas for our business. Very useful! #Dolphin

  • Don Reilly

    I use Web Clipper all the time on my home computer, but not on my iPad. I’m definitely going to start using #Dolphin now that the functionality is built into the browser. Great job!

  • Edvarcl Heng

    It takes a lot to convert from chrome, but #dolphin, you have almost nailed it. Say is there a #dolphin desktop browser coming soon? 🙂

  • Colin Warren

    With Evernote as my default note-taking app and using webclipping on my laptop, I was really happy to see the clip to #evernote functionality become available in the latest version of the #Dolphin browser for iPad. Excellent! Helps take Evernote use to the next level and makes clipping practice seamless across devices. I also really like the #Dolphin gesture/symbol based functionality for browsing/navigation. FTW!

  • Llamaphish

    Gotta love the animal vibe as elephants and a #Dolphin work together to make work easier.

  • Carmen

    I wish I would have known about this a week ago! I was on vacation with just my iPad and would have loved to use the web clipper to save notes to Evernote. Instead I ended up doing round-about techniques, saving to Pocket or my Dropbox until I could get back home to my laptop and save directly to Evernote.#Dolphin

  • bioadam

    OMG, a web clipper on the iPad is just what the iPad needed. Major kudos to the #Dolphin folks for adding this.

  • Joseph Diosana

    Love your contributions! please keep them coming!

  • JB Chappell

    The gestures feature in #Dolphin is awesome – love how it takes advantage of the touch screen.

  • Brittany Ferreira

    I just got an iPad and now I know which browser to get! This is great!

  • Antecesor Dospuntocero

    Great addition for those who are still in 5.X.X