The Best from Devcup 2012

The Best from Devcup 2012

Posted by Mie Yaginuma on 20 Feb 2013

Posted by Mie Yaginuma on 20 Feb 2013

It’s hard to believe that it has been almost a year since we kicked off Devcup 2012. Hundreds of developers built creative new ways to use Evernote. Since then, many have worked hard to polish their products into amazing apps. Check them out.

This is why we’re really looking forward to Devcup 2013!

Anchornote is a travel-planning tool. The app enables you to ‘anchor’ Evernote notes to physical places on a map, and provides a logical way of organizing information about places you have visited or want to visit. You can import saved places from your Foursquare account, and organize all the locations you care about in Evernote.
Download Anchornote from the Evernote Trunk →
bubble browser
Bubble Browser
Bubble Browser provides a visual way to explore your Evernote notes, and find things in a snap. Tags, notebooks and dates are presented as colorful bubbles to show what’s most important in the topic you are looking for. You can see how often particular tags are used, or easily navigate back through the history of your notes.
Download Bubble Browser from the Evernote Trunk →
Clarify lets you export images from your Evernote account into a document that has editing tools to easily create a step-by-step guide or process document. Once your document is created in Clarify, you can save it with multiple images into your Evernote account for saving and sharing. The original file attaches, so if you need to change an image, just update the Clarify file, and the Evernote note content will automatically update too. Download Clarify from the Evernote Trunk →
A Devcup 2012 Bronze Winner, EV lets you link your mobile phone to your Evernote account via SMS, enabling feature phone users to use Evernote even from a platform not directly served by Evernote. Using EV, you can create new notes, search your existing notes and set reminders on your phone, and do it all via SMS. Download EV from the Evernote Trunk →
The Devcup 2012 Gold Winner, EverClip is like a web clipper for iOS, letting you save websites, texts, and images from any app on your iPhone or iPad into your Evernote account. Just copy items to the clipboard, organize and add your own notes if you wish, and with a click, save all to Evernote. Download EverClip from the Evernote Trunk →
kustom note
A Devcup 2012 Silver Winner, KustomNote lets you create custom templates or choose from an assortment of included templates that structure notes, and bring consistency to the information you save in Evernote. Notes can be nicely styled to look designed. Use KustomNote when documenting movies you watch, music you are collecting, or when researching places to travel to, and more. Download KustomNote from the Evernote Trunk →
Placeme remembers the places you visit and for how long, and creates a note in your Evernote account with your day’s activities. Placeme auto-detects places by name without any check-ins from you. The data stays private so you can keep track of the memorable things you did on a given day. You’ll never forget the names and locations of the restaurants you eat at, or interesting new shops you discover. Download PlaceMe from the Evernote Trunk →
LiveMinutes is real-time note editing and collaboration for groups. Create an online meeting where you can video chat and easily share notes from Evernote to edit or annotate together. Once done, the updated version will be saved back to Evernote. Edit a school paper, collaborate on art sketches, or finalize a group travel itinerary all together. Download LiveMinutes from the Evernote Trunk →
Snappi is the quickest way to share screenshots with your friends and automatically save them to your Evernote account. Once you take a screenshot, a unique, shareable link will be copied to your clipboard. Just click paste to share. The screenshot will get uploaded to a specified Evernote notebook, so you can save the screenshots, and access anytime.Download Snappi from the Evernote Trunk →
UberConference is a visual conference call service that makes it easy to see who is attending or talking. No more wasted time trying to figure out if all attendees are on the call or guessing who’s voice is who’s. Use UberConference with Evernote to share notes with everyone on the call. Use for any collaborative project where you want to share details from an Evernote note as you chat together. Read our blog post on UberConference. Download UberConference from the Evernote Trunk →


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