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Evernote World: Our First Tokyo Hackathon

Evernote World: Our First Tokyo Hackathon

Posted by Mie Yaginuma on 21 Feb 2013

Posted by Mie Yaginuma on 21 Feb 2013

This past January we held our first Evernote Hackathon in Tokyo. There are already many Japanese developers using the Evernote API to create great integrations, so it felt like the right time to bring the community together to think creatively about Evernote and meet other extraordinary people.


Hosted at Media Technology Labs in Ginza, 50 engineers, designers, and product managers gathered to create apps that work on the Evernote platform. The Hackathon was attended by 20 teams that took their ideas from concept to planning to a finished product in just 24 hours. For this hackathon, we had an automotive theme: create an application or service related to cars that enriches everyday life.


Sponsors included Toyota Info. Technolgy Center, Gurunavi (a restaurant search site), and Mashup Awards. Entries were judged based on the technical difficulty involved in creating the app, as well as a final presentation by each team.

The Winners

The Best Hack Prize went to Infinite Route by Shuhei Iizuka and Naofumi Wakabayashi. Instead of showing the quickest car route to a destination, like standard car navigation systems do, Infinite Route focuses on the most enjoyable route, suggesting fun detours based on the users’ taste. That route is then saved to Evernote, making it easy to relive your trip inside of Evernote.

The Best Concept Prize went to Kobito Note by Eruma Maruhashi, Noriaki Saito, and Taku Fukada. When a user creates a note in Evernote, Kobito finds related information from other websites, and adds it to the note. Kobito guesses what would be useful, and makes it available to the user.

The Toyota ITC Prize went to Memory Ever, by Kunshiro Murayama, Yusuke Yasuo, and Tomoaki Hosomi. Their app documents events inside and outside of a car simultaneously while traveling. The idea is to mount your smartphone in the car, then the app will automatically take images using both the primary and secondary camera so you get two perspectives on any given moment. Particularly useful for family excursions, users can save and remember the fun inside the car and the scenery outside in Evernote, providing a more complete picture of the experience.


Participants told us that the Hackathon inspired everyone to push their technical skills to come up with some truly unique final products. On the judging side, the sponsors were impressed with the high quality Hackathon apps that were created.


We look forward to hosting more hackathons and developer events in the new year. If you are a developer or designer who is interested in building apps and features that work with Evernote, make sure to check out our Evernote developer website to get started, and visit the Evernote Trunk to browse our entire collection of apps and products that help you do more with Evernote.


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