Evernote Pick: Pocket

Evernote Pick: Pocket

Posted by Mie Yaginuma on 22 Feb 2013

Posted by Mie Yaginuma on 22 Feb 2013

Today’s Evernote Pick from the Evernote Trunk is Pocket. Use Pocket to quickly save articles, videos, and web pages with your smartphone or tablet to read later. With Pocket, you can also tag, favorite, and comment on your saved content to organize it. Anything you save in Pocket can then be sent to your Evernote account, where it will be saved forever, and accessible everywhere you have Evernote installed.

Download Pocket now in the Evernote Trunk!

Have you tried Pocket? Let us know what you think in the comments, and check out these other recent Evernote Picks:

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  • Julie Gomoll

    Sweet! I’ve been waiting for something like this! My morning newspaper & coffee routine was long ago replaced by morning blog reading & coffee. Used to be on a laptop, but it’s much more often on my iPad. The most frustrating thing about that is having to email myself posts I want to clip to Evernote. So… yay!

  • Eugene Eric Kim

    I love both Evernote and Pocket, but I’ve found the integration lacking. Pocket does a beautiful job of cleaning up the article for viewing, but when I save to Evernote from Pocket, all I get is a text version with a link to Pocket. Do you know if there are plans for tighter integration, so that the pretty-formatted articles get shared to Evernote?

    • Shapath Neupane

      Use this IFFTT Recipe ( to make your integration better.

    • Edoardo

      Agree with you!!! have you found any workaround? IFTTT is ok but, to my knowledge, even if you use a pdf action it ‘prints’ a pdf from the original webpage, not the tiny-formatted pocket page….

  • OIK2

    What I want is a good way to send a note from Evernote to Pocket. I make a study guide, and then want pocket for android to read it to me, but when I point pocket to the shared URL for the note, it only gets some text saying I can share the URL to give people access to the note.

    Or make it so that Evernote for android can read me my notes while I drive, and I would have no need for Pocket at all, other than the text to speech it is just a glorified web clipper, and that is what Clearly is for.

  • Bob Jones

    How do you sync Pocket articles with Evernote?

  • MieYaginuma

    Hi Bob, to save articles from Pocket to Evernote, select the share button. You’ll see that Evernote is one of the integrated options.

    • Geoffrey Allan Plauché

      Even better: automate the process with an recipe that sends read/archived items in Pocket to an Evernote notebook.

    • Jeff

      Arg ! evernote does not show up on the share button on its own and I have yet to figure out how to sort through all the apps to find evernote. could this be harder?

  • Barron

    I use the Evernote/Pocket integration daily and for the most part find it good. My only issue is when I send an article to Evernote and turn the “Include Full Text” option OFF, the Full article is _still_ saved in Evernote. Not a big deal, but sometimes I just want the link archived.

  • dalydose

    I’d try it if it supported my Nokia Lumia 920. Alas, no Windows Phone.

    • Nick7er

      There’s a third-party app called WiPhocket in the Windows Phone Market.

    • Nick7er

      There’s a third-party app called WiPhocket in the Windows Phone Market.

  • Tippald Quagmire

    Why does Pocket need to have access to RETRIEVE all your Evernotes?

  • Trina Lea Grant

    I have been trying unsuccessfully to share articles in Pocket to Evernote. So far, I have had no luck. When I click the link to that IFFTT recipe, I get a blank page. Any help would be appreciated.

    • Taylor Pipes

      Maybe you can try updating with this recipe:

      Also, you have the option to capture and save articles to Evernote with our Web Clipper:

  • Don DeMaio

    Integration between Pocket and Evernote would be a fantastic addition to both of these essential services. Right now, each is lacking in that respect and this makes it hard to keep up with the information flow on the web.