Evernote Business Goes To Australia

Evernote Business Goes To Australia

Posted by Ken Gullicksen on 25 Feb 2013

Posted by Ken Gullicksen on 25 Feb 2013

Two weeks ago, we launched Evernote Business in Australia and New Zealand. To mark the occasion, several of us traveled from California to Melbourne and Sydney, where we hosted our users and fans at a couple Evernote Business-focused meetups. The turnout was amazing, and as is always the case when we meet our users, we came away with great stories and ideas.

Take Flight with Evernote

Paul Gibbs, co-owner of PictureThis Ballooning, contacted us and offered to host a mini Evernote meetup in the basket of one of his balloons. How could we turn down a ride? Paul is a four-time national champion balloon racer who now spends his mornings piloting balloons over beautiful Melbourne. Running his business isn’t all flying though. Most of his days are spent managing the business. He needs to maintain agreements with landowners and sponsors, track daily flight logs, and plan out his future flights. Paul uses Evernote to organize it all. If you’re in Melbourne, book a trip with Paul and ask him to share Evernote power tips along the way.

Building a Winning Team

Australia has its own version of football, and boy do they love it. Ben Groom is the head of strategy for the Melbourne Football Club, which plays at the Australia Cricket Grounds to 100,000 fans. It takes a staff of 80, a team of 45 players and a large group of volunteers to field the team. Ben thinks about how to run the organization effectively, how to build the best team, and how to engage with the fans. Like most professionals, he has to do a lot of research, organize information, and synthesize everything into a strategy that the team can follow. Evernote is the perfect tool for him. Many of the coaches even use Evernote to monitor player performance and give them feedback.


Evernote Business is Here

Over the course of our several days in Australia, we heard story after story from business owners and executives about how Evernote was already an important part of running their workplace. And now, they can start using Evernote Business to connect the knowledge of the individuals within their teams to get more done.

Evernote Business was built to address the needs of people like Paul and Ben. Their challenges are the same challenges that we at Evernote face as our company grows: building knowledge, sharing ideas and keeping everything organized and on track. Evernote Business makes this possible by allowing individuals to use the same Evernote they love, but with additional features that help with sharing and discovery of what others in your company know. Business Notebooks and the Business Library encourage your teams to collect and share with each other. Related Notes magically show you what others know related to the work you’re doing. As an Evernote Business Admin, you also receive top-priority support from our Customer Success team to ensure your deployment runs smoothly.

Speaking of the Customer Success team, they have one of my favorite internal examples of using the Business Library. They publish questions and issues that they hear from customers into a Business Notebook that is available to the whole company. Product managers quickly respond to new feedback as it appears, so all members of our global Customer Success team have the best available information. This also gives our team great insight into what our customers want and the ways we can improve Evernote.

We’re really excited about all the ways that people around the world are using Evernote and Evernote Business to make their companies more productive.

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  • Michael E Harrison

    When will you have a telephone support in Australia.
    I joined evernote premium recently and have had some troubles with notes being transferred to trash?