Evernote for Mac Update: Save Time with Quick Note

Evernote for Mac Update: Save Time with Quick Note

Posted by on 12 Mar 2013

Posted by on 12 Mar 2013

Sometimes it’s the small features that can make all the difference. Today, Evernote for Mac gets one of these little things that we think you’ll really enjoy: a completely redesigned Menu Bar Helper that includes our new Quick Note functionality.

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Create a note, any time

The new Quick Note feature lets you create a note at any time, no matter what you’re doing on your computer, by clicking the elephant in the menu bar at the top of your screen or using the keyboard shortcut Control-Command-N.


Quickest text notes ever
The simplest thing you can do is pop open Quick Note and start typing. Once you’re done with your thought, click Save to Evernote or Command-Return, then continue doing what you were doing. If you don’t save to Evernote, then your content will stay in the Quick Note window waiting for you to add more stuff.

Images, audio, attachments, and screenshots
Create audio notes and screenshots by clicking on the relevant icons in the Helper. You can also add images or attachments by simply dragging them onto the elephant icon in the menu bar. Every new item will be added to the same note until you save it to Evernote.


We love the Helper’s new functionality. It’s the perfect on-the-go complement to your normal Evernote use, and once you get the hang of the keyboard shortcuts, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it. Let us know what you think.


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  • Todd Mendez

    I ove it. Was waiting for something like this. So easy to access and use. Keep it up!

  • Jake Hardy

    YES! So good thanks!

  • Sean

    I’ve been using this for a few days, and I really like it. One thing I find missing is the ability to easily add tags.

    • Henriette

      I really like the Quick Note function but totally support the request for tag adding! Would be great if that was added with the next update.

  • Karl

    A neat feature would be if there was also a “share and copy url” button besides the save button. For me that would give evernote a whole new quality as a super quick sharing app.

  • Bryan Lee


    Great work evernote!

  • Bojan Djordjevic

    Will wait for the App Store version!

  • neohunter

    Yesterday I lost a lot of important information because I thought this feature has auto save.

  • amuramoto

    The Quick Note feature does not support tagging. The best solution is to save to your Evernote account and then add tags to the note in the Evernote app.

  • amuramoto

    Please contact our support team. They will be able to help you restore your account.

    • ed

      Thanks, did that – just after I re-booted etc. At least I have a trusty old PC I can dust off while I wait……….

  • Emile Burgess

    You guys rock! I love Evernote!

  • amuramoto

    The note will be saved to your default notebook. To view or change which notebook is set as your default, open the app preferences and click the General tab in Evernote for Mac or Evernote for Windows Desktop.

  • Ngan Tengyuen

    awesome, love the new design

  • amuramoto

    That is correct. As a possible solution, you can drag and drop the clipped content from the Quick Note viewer on to Evernote to create a new note in-app that can be tagged.

  • Scott Lunt

    please please please add the ability to tag. thx

  • amuramoto

    You can open a new note in-app using the following keyboard shortcut: command-control-option-N

  • amuramoto

    Quick Note is a fast way to create new notes to your Evernote account. You can use it to quickly capture images, text and more.

  • susy noah hensel

    I removed the Quick Note shortcut, and changed the clip shortcut to CTRL+S, but when I clip, the Quick Note box comes up. I want the old New Note. How did you manage that?

    • amuramoto

      To open a new note directly in Evernote, use Command+Control+Option+N

  • amuramoto

    You can still create a note in a new window using control+option+command+N

  • amuramoto

    We are working on a fix for this. Please be sure to download future updates of the app to get the fix when it becomes available.

  • Suleiman Leadbitter

    This is great but I would love to see some form of tagging by adding hashtags akin to Day One journal.

  • xian

    I’ve been using the Quick Note function for weeks and just when I’m trying to look for my notes to refer back to, and they weren’t in any of my notebooks! Way to annoy users! How can I retrieve my meeting notes now. Sheesh.

  • matteocassese

    Am I the only one missing the invaluable and time saving “Paste to Evernote”? I can’t live with this Quick note as it:
    – messes with formatting if you paste stuff in
    – requires you to click to open, then use keyboard shortcuts to paste and then click to save. Crazy! Instead before you just needed to just click and select “Paste to evernote” and you were done. That is 2 more interactions (keyboard + mouse). Crazy!

  • Christa Rensel

    Maybe I missed something, but Quick Note isn’t in my menu bar and I can’t find the option to turn it on. I’d really like to check it out. Could someone point me in the right direction?

    (using Evernote version 5.2.1 on Mac osx 10.8.4)

  • plainclothes

    I’m wondering why this works on one Mac (10.6) and not the other (10.7)? Both are updating on the beta channel.

    Personally, I don’t mind the new Quick Note, but I prefer jumping straight to EN for most things due the inability to set a notebook or tags (kinda critical to EN’s usefulness).

  • dpivideo

    index of rectangular capture is off… what I highlight is 1 inch above what I copy…strange!

  • Mat

    Hey guys – I wanted to say I LOVE the quick note feature. Glad you added it. I would really love one addition.

    If the field isn’t empty, the keyboard shortcut that activates the quick note should also be the save option (as command-enter is now).

    Thanks all!

  • Toby

    Would be nice if quick notes has some keywords like “@tag” to insert tag “tag” to a note or #NameOfNotebook# to tell Evernote in what notebook a new note will be saved.

    • Toby

      or #tag:tagname, @notebook:ntbname

      • morningsider

        +1 for tag adding in the Quick Note. Using #tag could be reasonable. This could be an option in the Preferences.

        • morningsider

          I just found that I can add a tag by typing tag: “theTag” (

    • Gerrie

      Why not simply introduce the syntax already in place for specifying notebooks and tags in email subjects. E.g. type ‘@’ to pop-up an auto-complete list of your notebooks that narrows down as you type (same for tags ‘#’).

  • Manny

    For some reason this features does not work for me. Is it supposed to work while you’re in the app? or in other apps? because in both cases it isn’t working. I tried to add the Evernote icon to my Mac menu bar but nothing in the preferences seem to add it. Any suggestions?

  • Mario

    It would be fantastic with “Set reminder” feature.

  • Karim Elkasrawy

    The latest theme design of the Mac evernote update late November 2014 is a major disappointment for me. The design of the “Slide List View” makes it very uncomfortable for the eye! The fixed top row on the list where it reads “note title”, “Date Created”, ..etc is now transparent! It gets superimposed on the lists of notes underneath it as you scroll up and down resulting in unreadable scribbling at the top row of the list, why did anyone think this is a nice design to add.

    Also, they introduced the alternative background shadow (blue/plain) for notes in the list rather than the uniform plain shadow for notes we had in the previous versions. The different background shadow for notes in the list now given some notes different visual significance or meaning compared to plain background notes, this is done for no reason that the user has ever decided. I like the previous layout 10 times more! Please change it!!!!

  • Rick

    Wondering why there’s no option to launch/switch to Evernote in the Helper menu. It would seem a natural place to have that, rather than my usual method of Command-Spacebar/type Evernote.

  • kumar

    Can you please add a hotkey capability?

  • Felipe

    Let us set reminders this way too, please.

  • Bill

    Awesome idea, but . . . .
    I actually found this after scanning the App Store to find something similar to SnapEntry, but for my Mac. I really need to be able to choose which notebook it goes into. I’m surprised this functionality wasn’t built in. Am I missing something?

    Other than that, I love it.