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Quick Tip: Sync All of Your Recipes to Evernote Food

Quick Tip: Sync All of Your Recipes to Evernote Food

Posted by Kristina Hjelsand on 22 Mar 2013

Posted by Kristina Hjelsand on 22 Mar 2013

The latest update to Evernote Food for iOS is rich with tools for cooks who want to get serious about curating their digital cookbooks. One feature we’re really excited about shows the power of Evernote’s ability to sync with Evernote Food to allow you to truly customize your recipe collection.

Many seasoned Evernote users have been saving recipes to their Evernote accounts for a while. If you’re like us and you’re more than a little obsessed with collecting recipes, then your food-related notebooks may include recipes in various formats, from JPEGs to web clips to scanned and hand-typed ones.

With Evernote Food 2.1, you can now import designated notebooks with all of these recipes into My Cookbook in Evernote Food. You can also do this with tags if that’s how you organize the notes.


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Let’s review how this feature works.

1. First, launch the app and tap the elephant icon at the top left corner of the screen.


2. Scroll down to Recipe Settings. Tap ‘Include Recipes from Account.’


3. To select Notebooks, tap ‘Include notebooks.’ To select tags, tap ‘Include tags.’


4. On the Notebooks screen, choose the Evernote Notebooks that contain the recipes you want to see in Evernote Food. You can select as many as you want. Don’t worry, you can change your selections whenever you like.

Bonus Tip: make sure to edit your recipe notebooks in Evernote before getting to this step, so only the recipes you want to import show up in Evernote Food. If recipes show up in the app that you don’t want there, you can hide them by tapping the edit tool at the bottom of the recipe screen and then tapping ‘Hide.’


The steps are exactly the same to select tags assigned to recipes you want to see in Evernote Food.


5. Once you’ve made all of your Notebook and tag selections, exit from Settings and open the My Cookbook section in the app. Et voila! You’ll now see all of your recipes in one place within Evernote Food. Give this feature a spin and let us know how it works for you.


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For more information on using Evernote Food, check out our Evernote Food user guide and also stop by our Evernote Food Facebook page for regular tips.


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  • amuramoto

    This will just make those notes accessible in Evernote Food. It will not affect how the notes appear in Evernote.

  • amuramoto

    I apologize for the confusion. There is a limit on the total number of notebooks that can be added to Evernote Food due to a technical limitation. The limit is based on the total number of characters in the names of the notebooks. Once your Food notebooks reach a combined 1024 title characters, the limit is reached.

  • amuramoto

    This will not affect the availability of your recipes in Evernote, including formatting. It will simply make them also appear in Evernote Food.

  • Bubba Jones

    Horizontal mode would be welcomed.

  • Lee O'Reilly

    Love the app – especially the explore recipes section. Is there any way I can add searchable blogs to the list already in the app?

  • Cliff Leonard

    Don’t have an iPad — does anyone have detailed instructions on how to scan into Ever so I can turn 100’s of paper clipped recipes into a searchable “database” or folder?