Evernote Partners that Help with Tax Season: Taking Control of Papers and Receipts

Evernote Partners that Help with Tax Season: Taking Control of Papers and Receipts

Posted by Mie Yaginuma on 26 Mar 2013

Posted by Mie Yaginuma on 26 Mar 2013

Tax season is here. It’s the time for collecting receipts, compiling statements, and organizing a lot of minute details. For many of us, this is a painful process, but Evernote can help make it manageable. The key is to save everything to Evernote so you won’t lose a thing, then use search to quickly retrieve what you need at any time.

In addition, using our partner services with Evernote for specific tasks will automate some steps, and make your tasks easier.

Save your documents in Evernote

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Fujitsu ScanSnap
The first step in organizing for tax season is to get all your documents into Evernote where you can organize them, search them, and easily send them to your accountant, if needed. Fujitsu’s ScanSnap works perfectly for multiple documents, quickly and accurately scanning them into a specified Evernote notebook. ScanSnap detects and corrects skew, and shows images in their proper orientation with blank pages removed. Learn more about ScanSnap in the Evernote Trunk →
docscanner copy
If you need to scan a receipt, but don’t have a scanner handy, then use DocScanner on your iPhone. Take a picture of your receipt, and DocScanner will automatically correct for shadows and sharpen the image to make text clearer. It then saves the image as a PDF and sends it to your Evernote account. You’ll never lose another receipt. Download DocScanner from the Evernote Trunk →
Shoeboxed is a service that will scan your documents for you, and place them in your Evernote account. If you don’t have the time to scan, or just don’t want to deal with the process, use the Shoeboxed-Evernote Plan. All you need to do is stuff their prepaid envelope with your receipts and any other documents you will need to do your taxes, drop it in a mailbox, and wait for the documents to appear in your Evernote account. Stapled or clipped documents will be saved in one note so everything stays organized. Learn more about Shoeboxed from the Evernote Trunk →
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FileThis Fetch
Automating makes tax time more manageable. FileThis Fetch automatically retrieves online bank statements, credit card bills, and utility bills, then files them in your Evernote account where they are accessible and searchable. You won’t need to log into each vendor site, and you will always have the documents even if you close your account. Learn more about FileThis Fetch from the Evernote Trunk →


Once documents are in Evernote

A major part of taxes for many of us includes the dreaded expense reports. Expensify makes it easy to import your digitized receipts from Evernote and create reports for reimbursements. Just scan your receipts into a preset Expensify notebook in your Evernote account, and they’ll be automatically copied into Expensify. Once there, you can add notes and create reports with the receipts to submit to your company or accountant. You can also export reports back to Evernote. Download Expensify from the Evernote Trunk →
DocuSign Ink
DocuSign Ink lets you sign your digital documents or get signatures right on your iPad or iPhone, wherever you are. Import documents from Evernote into DocuSign Ink, sign, and send to your accountant. A copy is automatically saved back into your Evernote account. DocuSign signatures are legally-binding. This app is great if you are on the road while trying to get your taxes done. Download DocuSign Ink from the Evernote Trunk →
Sometimes, you may need to fax a document or receive a fax. With HelloFax, you can fax any document saved in Evernote without printing. Sign it before sending and, once sent, a record is saved in Evernote so you can keep track of what was faxed. Any fax you receive will be saved as a PDF in Evernote. Download HelloFax from the Evernote Trunk →
Many digital documents are saved as PDFs. PDFpen lets you add text, signatures, make edits, and fill out PDF forms. Once done, save the modified PDFs directly to Evernote. Going paperless has never been easier. Download PDFpen from the Evernote Trunk →

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