Skitch and Evernote for Simplifying Insurance Claims

Skitch and Evernote for Simplifying Insurance Claims

Posted by Stefanie Fazzio on 28 Mar 2013

Posted by Stefanie Fazzio on 28 Mar 2013

Filing insurance claims is often a frustrating process, with a multitude of steps to keep track of and zero room for error. While we hope you never have to do so, Skitch and Evernote can help you set yourself right again as quickly as possible by creating simple, clear resources for insurance claims. We’ve shared some handy tips below:

Document any damage

Document Damage

One of the best ways to cover all your bases is with photographic evidence. Snap a photo in Skitch, then mark it up to point out exactly what you’d like the insurance company to notice about the scene.

Keep track of important information

Insurance Info

Getting all the information in order surrounding an insurance claim is critical to getting a fair appraisal. Make sure you never lose any important documents by keeping them all in Evernote. Even if you’ve handwritten notes about the incident in a hurry, you can snap a photo and sync it to Evernote so you’ll always have it available.

Map it out


Skitch can help you make a simple, clear map to show where the incident occurred and describe what happened. Just capture the map with Skitch on your mobile device, mark it up, then sync it with Evernote.

Skitch and Evernote are a great team for making sense out of complicated processes. How are you using Skitch and Evernote to capture and keep everything organized? Share your story in the comments below!


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  • Sarah

    These are good tips. Unfortunately, I’ve had a couple minor fend benders recently and doing a small bit of work up front helps. If you have any minor incidents and want to avoid insurance, there are some interesting services out there that I found. Haven’t used them yet… Dent Betty, Body Shop Bidz, Repair jungle and Repair Pal.