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Spring Made Simple: Springing into Home Decor Action with Evernote

Spring Made Simple: Springing into Home Decor Action with Evernote

Posted by Stefanie Fazzio on 04 Apr 2013

Posted by Stefanie Fazzio on 04 Apr 2013

Erin Souder, Evernote Design Ambassador

Erin Souder, Evernote Design Ambassador

Contributed post by Erin Souder

I just love decorating for spring. Around this time of year, I always find myself craving those little updates around the house that make it feel light, fresh, and lively. Making your own space look special for springtime doesn’t have to be a production – adding even a few pops of color here and there can make a huge difference in the mood of your house.

Here are a few of my favorite time-saving tips for making your spring decorating quick, simple, and attractive with the help of Evernote!

Evernote for Capturing Ideas

All winter long, I file away pretty floral brights or light, drapey warm-weather fabrics into my Evernote “Home Decor” notebook. I do this by adding photos of items I see in other homes that I adore, or, when I’m looking around online, I clip images from the web straight into my account with the Evernote Web Clipper.  If you want to learn more about the organization system I use once I clip and add all this content to Evernote, check out this post I wrote a little while back.


By going through this process of saving things I like when I see them, I don’t need to dedicate time to actively searching for ideas when I feel like doing a refresh – they’re all waiting for me in my Evernote account. When the first warm days start to approach, I browse through all of that inspiration to pick out the perfect mix of textures and colors that shout out spring!

Erin’s Spring Style Tips

Here are some of my go-to methods for bringing a little bit of the spring spirit indoors:

Vibrant, Breezy Brights. Trade those heavy afghans and fluffy sherpa pillows for light and silky throws and vivid, bright prints! Pick an item you love with a color that pops, and start adding complementary accessories and textures from there. I usually like to offset my colorful items with some earth tones to avoid that Easter-egg, bright-on-bright look. Hand towels, shower curtains, sheets, and bathroom rugs all get the switch for a crisp look throughout the house.

Evernote - Spring Decor 2

Lively Blooms. The last thing to signify that spring really is coming to life in your home is the addition of flowers – they give your home a fresh, inviting feel unlike any other accessory. I pick up tulips and other spring flowers from my local supermarket, then break down the bouquets into a few small and one large arrangement and place them in simple vases all over the house. This way, no matter what room you are in you can catch a whiff of the delicious scents of spring.

Evernote - Spring Decor diptcyh

Evernote - Spring Decor 1

There, now isn’t that better? I hope your spring is full of beautiful brights and sweet smells!

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