Spring Made Simple: With Evernote Partners

Spring Made Simple: With Evernote Partners

Posted by Mie Yaginuma on 04 Apr 2013

Posted by Mie Yaginuma on 04 Apr 2013

We’ve been sharing various stories and tips as part of our Spring Made Simple campaign, and today we’re introducing a few Evernote partners that are great for spring cleaning and getting organized for the season. With the weather warming up, now is the time to tackle those projects you’ve been thinking about, get your house in order, and incorporate new habits that will help you stay organized.

art-my-kid-made 150
Art My Kid Made
As any parent knows, children create lots of wonderful art. Over the years, this can turn into trunks of precious piles of paper. Use Art My Kid Made to capture and crop images of all the art, keep it organized by which child made it, then save to Evernote. You can also easily share with your family via social networks. But most importantly, you’ll always have your child’s art safe in Evernote. Download Art My Kid Made from the Evernote Trunk →
snapshop 150
SnapShop Showroom
Thinking of rearranging your living room but find it daunting to start? Use SnapShop Showroom’s augmented reality. Take an image of your space, pick sample furniture from their catalog, and virtually place it to see how it fits. You can move things around until you figure out the best setup, then save the visualization to Evernote, along with the furniture information so you can create a plan to make your new living room happen. Download SnapShop Showroomo from the Evernote Trunk →
piikki 150
If you need to manage a lot of receipts on a regular basis, use Piikki. With your smartphone camera, take an image of your receipt, and Piikki will process it, then save to your Evernote account. Once in Evernote, you can comment, tag, and share or email everything to your accountant. Piikki also has helpful features such as auto-naming based on your location, password protection, and useful pre-defined categories. Download Piikki from the Evernote Trunk →
Canon P215 Scanner
We cannot talk enough about scanners, whether they are small and portable, or built for quantity and speed. Whatever your choice, scanning documents into Evernote is a great first step for getting organized this spring. Scan everything and organize it with notebooks so that you’ll always have your documents everywhere you have Evernote. Plus, no more piles of paper. Learn more about Canon in the Evernote Trunk →

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