Evernote Pick: Beesy

Evernote Pick: Beesy

Posted by Mie Yaginuma on 08 Apr 2013

Posted by Mie Yaginuma on 08 Apr 2013

First introduced during Evernote’s 2012 Devcup, Beesy gives you a single tool for capturing meeting notes, generating to-do lists from them, and managing tasks for multiple projects. Notes and tasks in Beesy can also be connected with events and meetings from your calendar, and saved in Evernote where they can be shared with your team.

Download Beesy now in the Evernote Trunk!

Giveaway: Leave a comment below including the hashtags #Evernote and #Beesy for a change to win 1 of 5 free Beesy codes. We’ll randomly choose winners on April 15, 2013.

Have you tried Beesy? Let us know what you think in the comments, and check out our other recent Evernote Picks: ScalarPopClipPocketIFTTT, Drafts, and StudyBlue.

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  • Les Shigley

    I would like a copy of #beesy from #Evernote – I use evernote to capture all of my meeting notes

  • Nick

    The missing link?

    I’ve been using #Evernote to take minutes in meetings for years. The biggest challenge is easily capturing todos and tasks. Sounds like #Beesy helps solve that? Does it also integrate with the Moleskine smart notebooks?

  • Bret Linford

    can’t wait to try it! #Evernote #Beesy

  • yamile

    This would be a cool app to try! #Evernote #Beesy

  • S.R.

    I have #Evernote Pro and now I really want #Beesy !

  • Rich C.

    So excited to check out #Beesy. Yet another great #Evernote Truck App! Love Evernote and have made so many other people in my office Evernote converts.

  • Herb Hernandez

    Sounds good! Will need to check it out.

  • Ericka Hawkins


  • Robert Schwabe

    Looks like a nice app! #Beesy

  • WT

    I want to win #Beesy to use with #Evernote

  • Philip Davis

    #Beesy and #Evernote might be a useful tool for capturing our user group meeting notes. I’m anxious to give Beesy a try.

  • Khalid Nawaz

    I haven’t tried Beesy yet but I’d love to. #Evernote #Beesy

  • Roman Melzer

    looking forward to test #Evernote and #Beesy on my new iPad Mini

  • Patrick Bayer

    Would love to try #Beesy to enhance the #Evernote experience. Looking for a new way to create an d manage to do items.

  • Jorge Ferreira

    So wanting to try out #Beesy and play with #Evernote =) teehe

  • Aidan Clancy


  • Rena Luce

    I would love to try #Beesy! I’m already an #Evernote user, and would like to start taking and storing my meeting notes there.

  • Steve Mitchell

    I am easily a potential buyer but I hate the fact that I can’t try before I buy. I have too many paid for apps that I simply don’t use. #Evernote #Beesy

  • Michael Ruslander

    Looks promising!

  • Michael Van Itallie

    This one time, I got my #Beesy stuck in my #Evernote…and it was awesome.

  • Sandy Plumlee Risberg

    Just had a conversation with one of my education students about how he could be better organized with calendar, to-do lists etc. #Beesy sounds like it might be the perfect answer. I already have them using #Evernote to collect resources, lesson plans and collaborate on projects.

  • Isaac Murchie

    I would be interested in checking out #Beesy, connected to my ever-present #Evernote. Sounds promising!

  • Don Kurre

    I do use #Evernote and would like to try #Beesy. Thank for this opportunity.

  • Lydia

    I’m a busy executive level assistant–my job requires me to keep everyone organized and to capture every detail. #Evernote makes my life easier, as would #Breesy

  • Gopa Green

    I looked at this app #Beesy in detail, would love to try it for meeting notes, love the sync to #Evernote

  • Barb Groth

    I love making To Do lists … I even add things I’ve already done so I can check them off! #Beesy sounds like something I could use 🙂

  • Terry Carnes

    #Beesy sounds like a good way to keep software projects organized with its #Evernote integration.

  • Barb Groth

    Opps … forgot to mention I Love #Evernote. Currently use it to keep all the things that won’t stay in my head as long as I’d like..
    Plus I love to make TO-DO lists .. makes me feel very accomplished when I can check off everything that’s completed so #Beesy would be very useful!!

  • Brian Pope

    More ways to get organized, nice.
    #Evernote #Beesy

  • Frances Gertsch

    Can’t wait to give #Beesy a try….I use #Evernote all the time and this could be just the addition I’ve been looking for!

  • Hugh Smith

    Don’t know much about Beesy and barely know about Evernote, I just began using it about an hour ago and LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!! I should have used it a long time ago. Thanks for an amazing product that is already changing the way I work!!

  • mtape

    Always looking for more reasons to use #evernote, will need to check out #Beesy once i get my iPad mini 2

  • jeff

    always looking to enhance #Evernote experience, #Beesy could become my new note take and productivity improver

  • James Triguero

    I would love to try out #Beesy and integrate it with #Evernote as way to make my meeting notes searchable.

  • Amy

    I love #Evernote to keep myself organized. Sounds like #Beesy will help me do that even more and increase my productivity ~ can’t wait to try it out!

  • Joe Mazza

    I love taking meeting notes with #evernote. #Beesy seems like a great way to keep it all in order.

  • jjsegota

    I am frequently attending meetings outside the office, and #Evernote is an essential tool to keep myself organized. It looks like #Beesy would be a great asset to keep my notes in order; I’d love to get a copy.

  • Pia Ferrari

    See it to believe it. Sounds great but I’ve downloaded at least 20 other to do apps and i couldn’t follow up with any of them. it’s the setting up what is very complicated and requires big commitment. I wish there was a trial version.

  • petekachu

    I’m an avid Basecamp user, but many of my clients don’t want to pay for it themselves. I’d love to try this out to see if it would work for them.

  • Lisa Olinger-Appelhof

    I am always looking for ways to increase my productivity. #Beesy sounds like something I would like to try

  • Teresa O

    I’m always looking for new ways to use #Evernote, and #Beesy sounds great!

  • Mohammad Patrick Ročka

    still looking for a great Task/project manager that will assist me in GTD and that works as great and reliably as #Evernote, maybe #Beesy will be the one. The name sounds like a good beginning

  • René Baron

    One of the more expensive ways to take notes…

  • Eric McGuire

    Love: #Evernote
    Want: #Beesy

  • Styles Plenty

    I take notes with #evernote but I need to keep them organized and #Beesy looks that is what I need.

  • Daniel Walters

    Already use #Evernote for everything. #Beesy might be a nice addition!

  • Lyuda

    I use #Evernote for keeping my meeting notes captured by SimpleNote. #Beesy seems like an improvement to that process since it is connected to the calendar and automaticaly syncs to #Evernote.

  • Aaron

    #Evernote #Beesy

  • Drew Myklegard

    I love that “evernote keeps bringing great apps like #bessy to its user community. If I don’t win I am sure I will buy it.

  • Stephen Roebuck

    I have to admit that #Evernote is my number one app, I use it all the time. #Beesy could be a fine companion but will have to be good to live up to other 3rd party apps such Cloud Outliner

  • Grace Lee

    I’ve used #Evernote to manage many projects. I’d love to be able to use a project management tool like #Beesy to manage projects for the various aspects of my life as librarian, musician and board member.

  • Chris Wiegman

    I’m thinking of trying #Beesy but I find taking notes in #Evernote works just fine. I need more info!

  • Steve

    #Evernote is helping me get organized. Hopefully #Beesy will too!

  • loftconversionslondon

    Evernote is really my partner apps in listing all my stuff and now they have now beesy. It will be great.

  • Paul Powici

    Sounds a great app and just what I need

  • Mike Olness

    #Beesy looks like a good way to organize and prioritize the daily collection of meeting notes you typically take and then lose on your desk. I’ve used #Evernote for years and just recently started using Penultimate. That combination works great. We’ll have to see if #Beesy can add to that combination. I’ll have to check this out when I get back to my iPad.

  • Aleksik

    I love #Evernote and I really want to try #Beesy !

  • Geoffrey

    #Evernote and #Beesymight be the perfect combination for my meetings.

  • Lucas Shrek

    Beesy is a great app to use so, certainly going to use it for storing my important notes.

  • Gary Matson

    Glad to see that #Evernote and #Beesy get along so well!

  • phertiker

    #Evernote #Beesy …. Since nothing can make meetings more tolerable, I’ve settled on finding a tool that makes meetings more effective. Excited to check Beesy out.

  • Angie Gamble

    I love #Evernote and use it daily. I can’t wait to try #Beesy!

  • Ruta Benjamin

    If #beesy is half as good as #evernote I’ll like it

  • Glenn Robinson

    I love #evernote and hope to love #beesy!!