Evernote Talks: iHealth and The Measured Self

Evernote Talks: iHealth and The Measured Self

Posted by Rafe Needleman on 14 May 2013

Posted by Rafe Needleman on 14 May 2013

Would you change your behaviors if you had a dashboard that told you how healthy you were moment by moment? Or if you had a collection of data that showed you what about yourself was improving and what was in decline? Fitness and health enthusiasts have been tracking themselves for a long time, but the idea of body monitoring is moving to the mainstream. Fitness trackers like the Nike Fuelband and the Fitbit Flex are affordable and easy to use. There are even free, always-recording apps like Moves that rely on the sensors in your smartphone to track your activity and health.

The medical device company iHealth is one of a few that’s bringing ease of measurement and data collection to smartphone users. iHealth, an Evernote partner, makes wireless blood pressure monitors, scales, and fitness tracking devices. The company is at the very interesting intersection between what we think of as fitness and medicine, and its president, Adam Lin, has a unique perspective on the future of body monitoring and self-improvement.

Lin is my guest on this episode of Evernote Talks. Check it out to learn about the current state of the art in body monitoring, and where it’s going in the future, too. (iHealth products are available in the Evernote Trunk and elsewhere.)

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