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3 Tips for Using Evernote Food to Celebrate Father’s Day

3 Tips for Using Evernote Food to Celebrate Father's Day

Posted by Kristina Hjelsand on 10 Jun 2013

Posted by Kristina Hjelsand on 10 Jun 2013

It feels like we just finished planning the perfect Mother’s Day brunch, and now Father’s Day is right around the corner. The proximity of the holidays can mean that Dad takes short shift when it comes to planning something special. But, whether he built us our first tree house or taught us that a proper martini is made with gin and not vodka (and is stirred, not shaken), Dad deserves to be celebrated with a little flair.

This year, Evernote Food has three simple ideas for celebrating the dads in our lives by honoring the food they love.

1. Cook His Signature Recipe
Your recipe collection may include lots of 3×5 recipe cards from your mom, but if you’re like many of us, your dad has a few good recipes up sleeve, too. If he’s written them down, bring them into your digital cookbook in Evernote Food by snapping a photo or scanning them into your recipe notebook in Evernote.


Once they’re saved in Evernote, all recipes will automatically show up in your beautiful digital cookbook in Evernote Food, so you’ll be ready to start cooking his famous linguine with clams or Boeuf Bourguignon. The beauty of Evernote and Evernote Food is that whether you choose to save eight or 80 of your dad’s recipes in your cookbook, they’re all easily searchable and accessible from any device.

2.  Mix His Favorite Drink
If your dad is a thoroughly modern sort, he may be as apt to name a green smoothie as his drink of choice as he is a Manhattan. If you don’t already know, find out what he loves to drink, perfect it (check out Evernote Food’s Explore Recipes section for a plethora of drink recipe options to try), and serve it up as part of the Father’s Day festivities.


Alternatively, if he has a tried-and-true method for making a drink, spend some quality time in the kitchen with him learning the steps, and document it all with Evernote Food’s My Meals feature so you’ll never forget his tips and tricks — or your time together.

3. Take Him Out on the Town
If your dad is a food lover, think beyond the ballpark and take him to explore one of your town’s coolest food neighborhoods. In San Francisco, we might take him to the Dogpatch for brunch at Just for You Cafe, followed by ice cream sundaes at Mr. and Mrs. Miscellaneous, with a chocolate stop at Recchiuti Confections in between. Check out the Restaurants feature in Evernote Food to plan a culinary outing with dad in your city.


These are just a few points of inspiration for making your dad’s Father’s Day a special one. We’d love to hear about how your dad inspired your love of food and cooking; just leave a comment to share your food memories.

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