Skitch for Mac Update: New Features for Faster Annotations

Skitch for Mac Update: New Features for Faster Annotations

Posted by Stefanie Fazzio on 25 Jun 2013

Posted by Stefanie Fazzio on 25 Jun 2013

Skitch is all about making visual communication quick and effortless. Our latest version for Mac has some exciting new updates that make Skitch even better at achieving this goal. Let’s take a closer look at at Skitch 2.6.

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Adjustable Canvas

Sometimes you need a little more space at the edges of your image. Adjustable Canvas lets you add as much room as you need to easily point out what’s important, and it’s incredibly simple to use.

bike tire

To add extra room in the margins, just hit the plus sign on any edge. Or even better – if you annotate beyond the edge of your image, the canvas will automatically expand to give you more space. The Crop/Resize tool can also be used to add a specific amount of margin – just stretch the guides to the dimensions you need and click Apply. Please note that Adjustable Canvas is only available for images and screenshots in this release.

More Precise Shapes

Annotating your images with shapes is great for drawing attention to an area within your image, but sometimes you need finer control.  In this release, shapes have a much smaller minimum size, allowing you to use them with greater precision. As you circle a link on a web page or draw a rectangle where you would like your new logo placed, you can be sure to include only the information you intended in your shape.Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 3.35.37 PM copy copy copy

Neater Annotations

You can now hold down the Shift key while drawing shapes to create perfect squares and circles, and also while drawing arrows and lines to make them snap to 45 degree rotations. It’s a great feature for communicating design changes – when straight lines are always straight and arrows are all at the same angle, annotations are cleaner and easier to read.

Tic Tac Toe

Speedier Screensnap 

Our team is always looking for ways to make Skitch even faster to use, and this time we’ve added an option to make Screen Snaps more streamlined. In the app’s preferences, you can hide the advanced screenshot options panel by unchecking Show advanced options after a screen snap. This results in a screen snap that takes only one click – so you can get right to annotating it in an instant.


Skitch PNGs

Skitch now creates a special type of re-editable PNG file. While it will appear as a normal image in an email or document, it can be opened and edited in Skitch. With Skitch PNGs the people you’re working with can quickly adjust annotations to add their two cents’ worth, or directly copy text annotations to incorporate your changes.

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Fixes and Polish

Skitch 2.6 for Mac  is full of improvements across the app that result in a smoother, more stable experience. We’re proud to bring you this latest version of Skitch, and we hope you love using it as much as we do. Let us know what you think!


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  • M. Nease

    Fantastic set of new features! It’s like you read my mind!

  • durangoodyear

    Has anyone used Skitch 2.x recently? I’m still on 1.x… Wondering if its gotten any closer to the older version in functionality?


    • hp

      Me too, I’m still on 1.0.12 and wondering whether to update to 2.x or not.

  • KraigWalker

    Nice one guys, love the new annotation improvements 😀

  • poiuytman

    Pretty sure that’s a Schrader valve in the first picture 🙂

  • fantasysportsorg

    Awesome! The Skitch Tool is something that I can’t do without.

  • Sebastian Katz

    Seriously great update! The adjustable canvas is a terrific new feature.

    Can I make one sharing feature-request? The sharing to a custom server is great. Would you consider adding a feature for custom syntax/shortcode generation. For instance, I often have to take a screenshot, do annotation, then upload and share in PHPBB, WordPress, etc. If the extra shortcode syntax could be put in automatically it would make the process even easier! Usually would just need to wrap the URL in some other code – as I’m sure you guys know. Ideally all with a keyboard shortcut.

    One other thing I hope you won’t mind me mentioning… can something be done about the Skitch icon? It’s a weird thing to complain about… but it’s truly dreadful IMO. It’s odd to say, but it actually puts me off using the app.

    • Patrick Peej

      Totally agree re: Skitch icon – baby Barbie doll blech!

  • ahmad


  • Teller Jacks

    where’s the windows love? not even PDF annotation yet

  • anders gullander

    great update 🙂

  • Amir Masoud Abdol

    I’m still waiting to have the PDF annotation in Windows, please 🙂

  • E. C. Chang

    Another update for Skitch, how nice! Any word on when Skitch for Windows is going to get the LAST update, if ever?

  • spongefile

    Glad this is approaching the 1.0 version. I’m still sorely missing the paint bucket tool, and wishing the size slider were always in the sidebar and not hidden under the color selector. I use the size slider all the time and it’s a pain to get to under the colors. Also miss the old way of resizing an image–the new way takes me four clicks instead of one click-and-drag.

    • Stella Pearl

      I enthusiastically agree!

  • Danny Kastner

    Skitch comes out with an update every few days, and nothing interesting for Windows. Sometimes ALT-Print screen works sometimes capture with Skitch keys or something.
    The windows version is nice, but a complete afterthought and it shows.

  • John

    Any old skool Skitchers here before Evernote fkd it up) and care to say if the update is anything near as good as the original? I can’t even be arsed looking as past form says very unlikely. What a bunch of nonses.
    Making do with MonoSnap and Jing (ok). Still hoping Skitch original can rise from the ashes Evernote insisted on burning it to.

  • Bruce Simmerok

    A tool to create a variety of edges around the clip would be a good feature. It is a nice visual to let others see that they are looking at a clip of a window.

  • Steve Webb

    How about any snow leopard love?

  • Shannon Ayers

    Used a Mac for six years…went back to Windows b/c of issues with Mac not wanting to play nicely with other software I had to use for work. Changed out the iPhone for Android. Really frustrated with Evernote due to lack of updates for non-Apple platforms.
    EN is a good program, but seems development is really slanted towards Mac…

  • Michael

    Great update. More than anything we need the ability to add multiple photos to a single Skitch. At least two!

  • Thomas

    I’m just wondering: how many people miss the ‘infinte’ canvas size in skitch 1? I’m still using the old version because of this. For me, being able to jot down my thoughts without a boundary or box is indispensable. Idea’s need space to grow, right :-)?

  • Gariesh

    The only good thing about the Microsoft snipping tool is that after you take a snip, if you press Ctrl V, it pastes into another document. With Skitch, you have to edit, copy and then Ctrl V. But 99% of the time I take a Skitch, I want to paste it somewhere else – so why not automaticaly make it available in the clip board?

  • DrPeril

    All I want is the ability to sync via Evernote — for travel and searchability — and be able to hide Skitch’s default noteboot from search results or All Notes. Seriously guys, I take a lot of web screenshots, so I get a lot of text. My Evernote searches look like a Skitch greatest hits barfed all over my results… 🙁