Skitch 2.6 is Here for iOS Too!

Skitch 2.6 is Here for iOS Too!

Posted by Stefanie Fazzio on 01 Jul 2013

Posted by Stefanie Fazzio on 01 Jul 2013

Last Tuesday we launched Skitch 2.6 for Mac, and today we’re happy to announce that some of the biggest features are now available for iOS as well. Skitch 2.6 for iOS is here with a number of updates to make visually communicating your ideas simpler and more efficient.

Get Skitch 2.6 for iPhone and iPad

Now, with Skitch 2.6 it’s easier than ever to snap a photo or screenshot on your iPhone, iPad and Mac, mark it up, and send it. It’s the fastest way to communicate quick instructions, inspiration, design feedback, or just to point something out.

Blueprint_phones copy

Adjustable Canvas

Adjustable Canvas lets you add room at the edges of your image, map, or screenshot so you can point out what matters without obscuring your content. If you annotate beyond the edge of your image, the canvas will automatically expand to give you more space to work, making it much easier to write in the margins and communicate exactly what you need.

image (8)

Improvements to Shapes

Shapes have a much smaller minimum size in this version so you can point out areas of your image with greater detail. When you’re circling a tiny bit of text on a label or drawing a box around an icon in a PDF, for example, this level of precision makes it easier to highlight only the information you want to change or clarify.


Get Skitch 2.6 for iPhone and iPad

In addition to these features Skitch’s 2.6 for iOS is packed with improvements and bug fixes, with a particular focus on making PDF annotation smoother and more stable. It’s available for download from iTunes today – let us know what you think!


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  • Adi Goldstein

    i love it !

  • E. C. Chang

    I eagerly await the day when this update (and the last major Skitch update, and especially EN Reminders) can go live in the *Windows* versions.

    • Paul Singleton

      Agreed/ As a PC user, it is somewhat frustrating to see the updates roll out for Mac, while Windows appears to be an afterthought.

    • Nicholas

      believes the only thing that I have concluded about Evernote is that the iPhone format will be the first thing that it will work on. I like Evernote. The one thing that doesn’t make me love it, is that the Windows and Android formats are the LAST they develop.

  • pzaffo

    Another case where Apple gets the major amount of attention.

  • Rebeca

    I like the improvements, but there are a few things that I hope will change soon:

    1. Better responsiveness and more accuracy when drawing shapes.
    2. Being able to edit tags (just like in the Evernote app).
    3. Better workflow when saving to the camera roll. Having to click on “OK” on the “Saved to camera roll” message takes too much time. In an email to your support team, I previously suggested showing a notification that goes away on its own, a bit like the one used by Reeder after saving something to Evernote.