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How To: Get Ready to Go Back to School with Evernote

How To: Get Ready to Go Back to School with Evernote

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 12 Aug 2013

Posted by Kasey Fleisher Hickey on 12 Aug 2013

Are you or your child getting ready to go back to school this Fall? Whether you’re headed to high school or college, Evernote can help you prepare. Check out our list of tips to get you ahead of the class.

Save important school-related information in Evernote. Make sure to save information such as school phone numbers, team practice schedules, etc. so you have it all at your fingertips.

Quick Tip: Shared Notebooks in Evernote

Create a back-to-school shopping list. Make sure your child is prepared. Moving a child to college? Create a moving list in Evernote. [Learn how to create a checklist]

Get Evernote on your new devices. Sporting new back to school devices? Be sure to install Evernote on all of them so you have access to your notes in class, at home, at the library, and everywhere else.

Get organized. Set up a notebook for each class/subject and activity before the start of the year and start by scanning in any handouts, reading lists, and more to each notebook. [How to organize your notebooks in Evernote]

Get more done with Reminders. Stay on top of your to-dos and deadlines with Reminders. Add reminders to important notes, such as class notes and scanned study guides, so everything you need to prep for the next test or exam is in one place.


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    Now if you update Evernote Windows 5 beta,Reminders is there~

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    Nice article. I have just written a blog post around apps that young people and adults alike can use in their daily lives to be more productive. Evernote is obviously top of said list!

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