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Creating a Menu from Taste to Table

Creating a Menu from Taste to Table

Posted by Stefanie Fazzio on 22 Aug 2013

Posted by Stefanie Fazzio on 22 Aug 2013

Name: Chandon Clenard
Location: San Francisco, CA
Profession: Executive Chef, Pacific Catch Restaurant Group

Chandon Clenard is the Executive Chef at Pacific Catch Restaurant Group, where he is responsible for curating an exciting and well-thought-out menu that showcases fresh fish with inventive preparations from across the Pacific Rim.

Evernote and its family of apps play a central role in how Chandon runs Pacific Catch, from organizing culinary expeditions to giving feedback on the way food is translated to the table.

Today, he shares some of the ways that he uses Evernote Food and Skitch to update his menu.

Evernote Food for Exploring New Cuisine

As a chef, it’s my job to try new foods all the time. Expanding my understanding of ingredients and cuisine by actually tasting them is an important part of creating well-executed dishes.

We recently added a new poke bar to several of our locations and before we launched it, we took a trip to Hawaii to research the many different styles of making this popular dish. During our poke tour, we visited 18 different restaurants, cafes, and fish markets and tried 4-5 different poke preparations at each one.



Evernote Food was with us every step of the way as we explored. The app allowed us to easily capture multiple photos of each poke we sampled, take note of its location, and jot down our thoughts on each variety. With Evernote Food, it was so much easier to stay organized and remember the specifics of what we liked when we got home, so we could make better informed decisions about how to structure the menu for our poke bar.

Perfecting the Menu with Skitch

Once we settled on the different types of poke we wanted to introduce at our restaurants, we needed to teach our chefs how to make them. Our menu is fairly consistent across locations, and we try to ensure that our food is equally delicious no matter which Pacific Catch restaurant you visit. This takes an extreme attention to detail that’s hard to convey in a recipe alone.

Lomi Lomi

Skitch helps us get the details across as we communicate with our chefs about how we want each dish prepared. As we worked through the execution of the poke internally, I snapped photos with Skitch in the kitchen. Then, I was able use arrows and text to point out what was successful or unsuccessful and give my chefs instant feedback.

I also created training materials for the chefs, comparing a couple of different cuts of fish side by side and pointing to the cut that’s appropriate for each specific dish. Since I can’t be in multiple places at once, Skitch gives me the tools I need to make sure we are all on the same page and are maintaining our standard of expertly prepared food.

Get Skitch to start giving fast, simple, and straightforward feedback on the projects you are passionate about. Don’t forget to download Evernote Food for your mobile device to start exploring and cataloging your own food adventures. 


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  • Tom Koegel

    As a Chef in a private school, I use Enote, EFood and Skitch for event planning. I am just venturing into using it in the kitchen. Thanks for layout out the details.

  • Ryan K. Parker

    What a great way to stay organized and share direct communication to your staff

  • larkin

    Is it possible to restore a deleted note?

  • larkin

    Is it possible to restore a deleted note?