Evernote for Windows Phone Update: New Camera, Speech-to-Text, Smart Titles, and More

Evernote for Windows Phone Update: New Camera, Speech-to-Text, Smart Titles, and More

Posted by on 27 Aug 2013

Posted by on 27 Aug 2013

Evernote for Windows Phone keeps getting better. Today, we’re excited to unveil a collection of new features including a new multi-shot camera, improved image viewing inside notes, speech-to-text capabilities, smart note titling, and support for Windows Phone 8. Let’s take a look.

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Multi-shot Camera

Whether you’re out at dinner or photographing a whiteboard at the office, sometimes you want more than one snapshot per note. Today’s update introduced the new multi-shot camera that lets you take as many photos as you want without exiting camera mode. Take one photo, then tap the screen to take another. You’ll see a number appear in the top right corner, which shows you the number of images you’ve taken so far. Tap the number to review and delete any that you don’t want. When you’re done, tap the save icon.


Image Slideshows

Now that we’ve added the multi-shot camera, your notes are about to get packed with photos. To make viewing these images a great experience, we’ve added slideshows. To enable slideshows, tap on a photo while viewing a note. The image will pop out and take over the screen. Swipe to view other images in that note. This feature works with any note in your account that contains images.


Sometimes it’s easier to just say what you want rather than type it. That’s why we’re introducing speech-to-text. Open a note and tap the speech bubble icon, then start talking. Evernote will process what you said and transcribe it. You’ll then get the text along with the original audio. You’ll not only save time, but your words will become searchable, making these notes easy to find. This feature is great for hands-free note taking, lectures and interviews.



This feature feels pretty magical when you see it in action. To avoid having untitled notes, Evernote will do what it can to intelligently assign a title. The app will use your location, the content of your note, and even a calendar event to give your note a useful title. For example, if you’re taking a note during a meeting, the meeting name will become the title of the note. If Evernote doesn’t have a meeting to go off of, the app will use the city that you’re in. Of course, you’re free to change the title, but now you won’t have a heap of untitled notes to scan through.

More to Come

We’re big fans of the Windows Phone platform. You’ll notice that in addition to all the great updates detailed above, the app is significantly faster and easier to navigate. Plus, it now supports Windows Phone 8. We have lots more in store. Try it out and let us know what you think.


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  • xmarkwe

    Evernote is quite brilliant … a game changer.

  • xmarkwe

    Evernote is quite brilliant … a game changer.

  • uberlaff

    Nice work! Thanks for the update.

  • casaout

    Great work guys, thank you so much!

  • Andy C

    Great new features. Can’t wait to try them!

  • Farrisflaske

    Thank you for supporting Windows Phone 🙂

  • Maecius

    What about Moleskine Smartbook Support for Windows Phone? I it coming anytime soon?

  • theowoo

    Finally an update for Windows:) Good job!
    Still looking forward to Skitch PDF annotation support for Windows Desktop. That will be the best back to school gift!

  • upeksha

    Thank you! When are you think about launching skitch for WM8?

  • Tyler Neufeld

    BlackBerry 10??

  • Tyler Neufeld

    BlackBerry 10??

  • SweSwirl

    Awesome job, guys! Thanks for doing WP8. Keep it up 🙂

  • Isha Singh

    what about a Notebook view in windows 8 mobile app..? I miss it..

  • ESQ.

    when will evernote food come to windows phone?? been waiting!!!!!!!!!!

  • isaac muganda

    evernote just stays on the load screen, it doesnot start. am using wp8

  • Martin Lorenz

    Great update. I love the Evernote app for Windows Phone. Please can you make a Live Tile with the list of notes with reminders. Like a ToDo List. That would be awesome.

  • Durishin

    Will we ever get the smart cam for Windows Phone?

  • Hassan

    that’s a great touch, i had bad experince with windows phone 8 but since i update to windows phone 8.1 a lot of new touch show up. thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Lindsey

    please bring back speech to text PLEASE

  • mike

    Just upgraded now that Verizon is finally offering a premier WP. really like the new features!

  • Jeff

    The Speech-to-Text function works great for sort notes! Would be great if there was text recognition for an image that could be directly added to a note.

  • vetpeter

    Hey there, I just installed the Evernote App on my new Windows Phone 8. But there is no speech-to-text icon (no bubble icon, only three icons: camera, mic, reminder). Do you have any idea, why this happens? Thanks for your support

  • Tom Henderson

    Evernote on my work Windows phone will not open shared notes. All I get is a message telling me to log in to a PC, iOS or Android device. Pretty useless so far!